Kawhia Hot Springs (Te Puia)

Kawhia Hot Springs (Te Puia)

Ocean Beach


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Walk along the beach to the Te Puia hot springs


Just walk over the sand dunes....

Kawhia, a super relaxed small beach side town that has natural hot springs along the main beach. Two hours either side of low tide, geothermally heated water bubbles up through the black sand – you can dig your own bath. To find the springs, walk around the beach from the boat ramp or drive to the end of Te Puia Road and walk over the dunes. There is a camping ground close by as well as a general store.


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Annika S. @drummerwife's avatar

Annika S. @drummerwife

Ranking: 8/10

Wir hatten super gutes Wetter und es war recht ruhig vor Ort. Andere haben gegraben und wir konnten die Temperatur testen, es war warm aber nicht heiß. Trotzdem wärmer als von Meer. Wir fanden es trotzdem wunderschön dort.

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Flatlanders's avatar


Ranking: 10/10

So cool! And a real mindblower for us foreigners. Dig your feet into the sand at lowtide. Find heat, start digging. Bring or borrow a shovel. Within no time you have a hotpool for two. Very romantic ;) Make sure you find the right spot (straight forward from the walk down to the beach, only low-tide and as far to the sea a you can go without filling up with seawater there are the hottest spots).
! The black sand is magnetic. Cool to bring a magnet.

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Takeru Yonahr's avatar

Takeru Yonahr


Ranking: 9/10

Build you own hot pools on the beach Was much less popular that the hot beach in Coromandel and we enjoyed the beach on our own. Fantastic view during the early morning!

Reviewed over 4 years ago

Pierre Landenne's avatar

Pierre Landenne


Ranking: 10/10

Probably the best spot I have found. Far from civilisation, away from the noise, in a natural hot pool with amazing view, and all that for free!! Such good memories.

Reviewed about 5 years ago and experienced in November 2016

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Eline-Jessica van der Hoeven's avatar

Eline-Jessica van der Hoeven

Ranking: 10/10

Remote hot water beach, Poke your toes in the sand until you find a hot spot and start digging. I have been there several times, not many people know about it.

Reviewed about 5 years ago and experienced in November 2016

Marka Okrutny's avatar

Marka Okrutny


Ranking: 9/10

Empty beach! Make sure you know the tide schedule before visiting, we came a little late and the tide had almost swallowed the beach.

Reviewed about 6 years ago and experienced in March 2016

S Black's avatar

S Black


Ranking: 3/10

We drove for ages to get here but missed the springs due to the tide. If you're going to bother going all the way here, be early! 2 hours before low tide and not much later than low tide itself. You will get hot water 1 hour before and 1 hour after. You also need to walk over a large sand dune before you get to the beach. It's at the end of ocean beach road, 5 -10 minutes past the town (nothing was open at 4pm by the way). It's meant to be good, just be on time!

Reviewed over 6 years ago

Pauline Chailand's avatar

Pauline Chailand


Ranking: 10/10

Find this beautiful place in the little village of Kawhia. Really big beach and nobody there compared to Hot Water Beach in Coromandel.

Reviewed over 6 years ago

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Melvin Spear's avatar

Melvin Spear

Ranking: 10/10

Just..... awesome!!!

Reviewed over 7 years ago

Boneschova Jarka's avatar

Boneschova Jarka

Czech Republic

Ranking: 10/10

Hot Water Beach without people, awesome.

Reviewed almost 8 years ago and experienced in April 2014

Beate Godsk's avatar

Beate Godsk


Ranking: 8/10

Nice quiet beach with fine space to dig a hot water hole, not too many tourists.

Reviewed over 11 years ago

qofd's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

Only a short walk over the dunes to get to the beach but don't forget to check the tides before you go...much less crowded than hot water beach at Coromandel. Don't wear your good clothes they may always smell of sulphur afterwards!

Reviewed over 11 years ago and experienced in December 2009

Emily and Alex's avatar

Emily and Alex

United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

Black sand beach - take a spade and dig your own hot (and I mean hot!) pool, right on the beach with a great view. Was fantastic!

Reviewed over 12 years ago and experienced in November 2009