Keeleys Landing

Keeleys Landing

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Brigit Pratt 's avatar

Brigit Pratt

Ranking: 5/10

Had a very similar experience to KB below in June 21. Got quite uncomfortable there as we were the only ones parked up there.
Same scenario with a guy in a car just doing odd stuff.

Reviewed 8 months ago and experienced in June 2021

KB's avatar


Ranking: 3/10

2 points for surviving the night and 1 point for having a toilet. Left the van as a couple (1 male, 1 female around 10.30pm) turned on our torches so we see the way and were heading to the toilet. Turning on the torches seemed to startle a car which had parked very close to the camping area but had tucked itself away right where the campers would have to enter the area. The person in the car immediately turned on the car and seemed to be driving away out of the camping area. However, by the time we got out of the toilets the same car was doing a drive by of the toilet and came uncomfortably close to us... Clearly checking who we were or worse sizing us up? As it seemed like they were aiming the car for us but we stopped and back off from the road. The road does a loop back up to the camping area and that road leads to another dead end but its completely out of sight to the campers. We charged back to our van, locked the doors and waited for them to drive back as they would have to because the road leads to no where. When they eventually drove back they pulled into the same hidden spot they first drove away from and seemed to park up and wait again. After this there seemed to be multiple cars come in drive the same road park up in a similar area and drive off again but constantly going down the loop road and back again, like they were looking for someone or maybe just doing dodgy deals. There was even a vehicle that pulled in right next to us (around 11.30/midnight) and just seemed to wait in the vehicle with the car on for ages would get out, walk around opening and closing doors etc walk close to our van and then away again... It was so dark though we could not see - and there was no way we were opening the doors or shining torches again. eventually got some sleep but still in the morning there was very suspicious and strange activities with similar looking cars. Absolutely beautiful spot though, just treat it like the purge - stay in your van after sundown!!

Reviewed about 1 year ago

Rachel Leghorn's avatar

Rachel Leghorn

New Zealand

Ranking: 9/10

Great spot. Beautiful lake side view with fresh running water in the toilets. Plenty of parking and rubbish bins available so please don't leave litter.

Reviewed over 1 year ago

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Bug's avatar


Ranking: 7/10

A great spot to break up our journey. Lovely views of the river, where families enjoyed water sports. A bit noisy due to the boat ramp, plus it's right off the road. Nice picnic table and clean flushing toilets with running water+soap.

Reviewed over 1 year ago

Steve's avatar


Ranking: 8/10

awesome view but road noise was quite high at night

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Sue's avatar


Ranking: 10/10

This is a great spot. We were only 1 of 2 campers. It’s just off the road but really quiet with a beautiful view of the river. I was surprised more people weren’t camping there. Toilets were clean.

Reviewed almost 3 years ago

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Jackie Ellis's avatar

Jackie Ellis

Ranking: 8/10

Lovely spot right by the Lake. Woken early by the rowers gliding along the water. Public toilet access - ladies was fine, men's not so good. Easy to get to off the highway.

Reviewed over 5 years ago

Thomas Nix's avatar

Thomas Nix

Ranking: 10/10

Highly rate this spot. It is incredibly scenic and easy to access just off the main road. Get here for sunset to catch a great view over the lake. Average facilities and no bins for rubbish though.

Reviewed about 6 years ago

N smith's avatar

N smith

New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

Lovely spot beside the river, plenty of nice space to set up camp

Reviewed almost 9 years ago and experienced in June 2013