Te Paki Coastal Track

Te Paki Coastal Track - Cape Reinga to Te Werahi Beach

Te Paki Coastal Track

Cape Reinga to Te Werahi Beach


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2 km one-way | 45 minutes one-way

Cape Reinga is 3km south of Surville Cliffs, which are one kilometre north of North Cape. However, Cape Reinga is the most northerly accessible point on the mainland of New Zealand. Hoards to buses disgorge tourists to see the lighthouse, but this short walk escapes the masses and gets a taste for what this place is about.


This track is the first in a trio of walks - all on the Te Paki Coastal Track.

The start of the track is signposted to Te Werahi Beach from the carpark at Cape Reinga.

Alternatively you can start the walk from Te Paki Stream carpark, which is 4km down Te Paki Stream Road, 17km before Cape Reinga.

You can also join the walk via the Te Werahi Gate to Te Werahi Beach track.


The Te Paki Coastal Track is a 48 km 3 day tramp traversing New Zealand’s northernmost tip.

The descriptions here have broken the tramp into bite size chunks, with Cape Reinga at the fulcrum.

This is the first in a trio of walks starting at Cape Reinga.
1. Cape Reinga to Te Werahi Beach
2. Te Werahi Beach to Twilight Beach
3. Twilight Beach to Te Paki Stream.
From Cape Reinga / Te Rerengawairua the wide track weaves down to Te Werahi Beach.

It takes 45 minutes to traverse Te Werahi Beach along firm sand.

The track to Te Werahi Gate departs from the southern end of the beach and is indicated with an orange rectangle on a post.


Around 5 million years ago, the Aupori Peninsula, including Te Paki, was a series of islets, an archipelago separated by shallow seas. With the onset and waning of Ice Ages, sea levels fluctuated and large sandspits formed, sculpted by the prevailing south-westerly winds. Te Paki thus became joined to the greater North Island landmass, but still retains an island character. It feels like a different land.

Polynesian History

To Maori the area around Cape Reinga is sacred. After journeying up Ninety Mile Beach, a spirit will climb a high hill called Haumu and bid farewell to the land of the living. It drinks from the stream called Te-wai-o-ngunguru (‘Waters of the Underworld’) and travels down the exposed root of the legendary pohutukawa at Cape Reinga. From there it travels to the Manawa-Tahi (Three Kings Islands), meaning ‘last breath’, and on to Hawaiki.


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Ron's avatar



Ranking: 8/10

Nice place, clean, enough space to park.

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in December 2016

Marc Reuter's avatar

Marc Reuter


Ranking: 10/10

Absolutely awesome. Quite exhausting to go back but well worth the effort. The views from the cliffs are just stunning and the beach is beautiful and we were completely alone there. Do that walk!

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in December 2016

Craig Workman's avatar

Craig Workman

United States

Ranking: 10/10

Stunning view! Really feels like you are at the top of the world. Should have done the walk leading to the lighthouse as well.

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in October 2016

Maria Korte's avatar

Maria Korte


Ranking: 10/10

Beautiful landscape, wide beaches, very good campsite.

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in October 2016

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Christopher Butcher's avatar

Christopher Butcher

United Kingdom

Ranking: 4/10

The cape reinga could do with some barriers along some of the cliff area and some of the walk ways to improve accessibility. There could be a small café and shop with views over the two oceans. The money generated from the visitors centre could help doc improve the conservation estate. This has been done by the Auckland Council at Murawai with the gannets.

Reviewed over 5 years ago

Robert Elzinga's avatar

Robert Elzinga


Ranking: 8/10

A long way to drive but the view is pretty good.

Reviewed almost 6 years ago and experienced in March 2016

Elbrich's avatar



Ranking: 9/10

Beautiful place to visit.

Reviewed almost 6 years ago and experienced in March 2016

Maike W's avatar

Maike W


Ranking: 7/10

Very nice walk with a good view around the Pacific!

Reviewed almost 6 years ago and experienced in March 2016

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Fero Saarinen's avatar

Fero Saarinen


Ranking: 9/10

Amazing landscape, nice, well prepared track.

Reviewed about 6 years ago and experienced in January 2016

Anna Lerchl's avatar

Anna Lerchl


Ranking: 9/10

The trip to the very northern part of New Zealand is a must do here in New Zealand. I would recommend doing it in your own car.

Reviewed about 6 years ago and experienced in March 2016

Jennifer Nguyen's avatar

Jennifer Nguyen

United States

Ranking: 10/10

You can feel how extraordinary this sacred place is as soon as you are at the entrance of Cape Reinga. For a quick 45 minute walk to Te Werahi beach, it has to be my favourite short walk that allows you to have epic views - and the best part, seeing between 7 to 10 sperm whales playing where the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet! Cape Reinga is a magical place!

Reviewed over 6 years ago

Pierre Gentile's avatar

Pierre Gentile


Ranking: 9/10

4 days walking, 4 wonderful days with free camps and awesome landscapes.

Reviewed about 8 years ago and experienced in February 2014

Joshua Perry's avatar

Joshua Perry

United States

Ranking: 9/10

Worth the drive!! At the top of the North Island is Cape Reinga, a beautiful place of Maori culture!!

Reviewed over 9 years ago

DOC Managed

Thanks to all the good people working for the NZ Department of Conservation - for all your hard work - making NZ more beautiful, accessable and healthy! Cheers 😍

Cymen Crick's avatar

Cymen Crick

Rankers Owner