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    Lucky Rentals

    Lucky Rookie

    Our adorable Lucky Rookie is a 2 Berth automatic Toyota Estima and is the cheapest and funkiest in our range.

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    Lucky Rentals

    Lucky Rodeo

    One of the newest members of the Lucky fleet, the Lucky Rodeo is a complete re-design on the popular Rookie

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    Lucky Rentals

    Lucky Roadie

    The Lucky Roadie has enough room to fit 3 of you buggers. It is built on a solid Toyota Hiace which turns out is diesel

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    Lucky Rentals

    Lucky Ranger

    The Lucky Chaser is NZ's smallest camper!

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    Lucky Rentals

    Lucky Rover

    This 4 sleeper boasts a cooker, a fridge and a kitchen.

  • Standard

    Lucky Rentals

    Lucky Rambler

    The pride of our fleet is fully self contained so you can travel stress free (and get up for that midnight pit stop). This new version of the Lucky Ranger has it all in spades! Some people were born Lucky others have to rent one.



Spend your money on your adventures in New Zealand, not expensive campervans and cars.

Lucky Rentals provides backpackers with New Zealand's lowest priced campervan, car and motorhome rentals.

Lucky Rentals' campervans and motorhomes will be your vehicle of adventure. No more crowded dorm rooms and inebriated Dutchmen ashing on your pillow - this is traveling freedom.

Once you've got the keys we'll send you on your way to experience New Zealand sleeping wherever you want - at the bottom of a mountain, overlooking the ocean, or somewhere off the beaten backpacker trail.

We're the cheapest, so why look any further?

- No age restrictions,
- Late model cars (2001 - 2007),
- Cheapest car and camper rates in New Zealand,
- Only $100 deposit for campers and zero for cars,
- Zero excess available,
- Late model campervans (1998 - 2006),
- Automatic cars and campers (all) available,
- 24-hour roadside assistance,
- No stickers on our campers,
- We accept debit cards,
- Balance of booking payable on pick up,
- Depots near Auckland Airport and Christchurch Airport


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Cindy's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

Do not do it. They forgot about my PREPAID rental and left me stranded. Furthermore they are trying to charge me for tolls outside of the return date with no physical proof of return on file. It’s a Scam!

Reviewed 9 months ago and experienced in February 2020

Jesica Dalesio's avatar

Jesica Dalesio

Ranking: 1/10

This people just steal your money!! Lucky rentals you owe me $200 for the this you did give me in my car and that I PAID! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Reviewed 9 months ago and experienced in November 2019

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Dave's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

Where do I start? Worst customer experience in ANY field, not just rentals, I have had.
- Meant to pick up our campervan at 8am, wasn’t ready until 4pm (previous customer was still using until 12pm, then central locking needed fixing- which then didn’t work for the whole trip).
- Terrible customer service, staff ignoring us when we came back to pick up the van, not shown around and if my partner hadn’t checked the cooker (it wasn’t working and needed replacing) we would’ve left with no way to cook.
- Van was dirty and extremely old (570k’s!). Sticker on the inside of the windscreen tells you you’re liable if you overheat the engine and to stop every two hours. This happened to us driving much less and taking care of the vehicle.
- We advised Lucky from the very start we would be returning the van outside of office hours due to an early flight. When we arrived the gates were locked and the key drop was on the inside of a barbed wire fence. Ended up leaving the vehicle outside and were later told you are not allowed to drop vans off outside of hours!!
- $2500 bond is held for THIRTY days on your card. Whilst this is in the T&C’s it is a ridiculously long time. When you ask about this you are immediately referred to your bank.
- To top it all off we had to pay an extra $160 when we returned the van because it was diesel (never mentioned to us at any stage prior). What a great way to finish the trip!
Would go nowhere near this company again and would not advise anyone to rent a vehicle from them.

Reviewed 10 months ago

jean pierre demange's avatar

jean pierre demange

Ranking: 1/10

please run away from this company. They are milking their investment and have only old vans with basic features not working: gaz cooker not working, very dirty (the 1st car had all the sofa with big fat stains). They repaired the cover of the boxes for plates and used screws too long which were appearing on the other side (was very dangerous). The 1st day no electricity in the van: two problems electricity cable broken and more important battery for pump and lighting out of service; Had to spend one day to go to a garage to repair everything ( of course we could not go to cap ringa); they forgotten to give us a piece of wood to complete the bed and we had our feet hanging down a hole. We had to spend a lot of time on the phone for getting garage address and we lost 127E of phone cost. Their manager said they will reimbirse us but he never did it and never apologize. On the south same issues, gaz cooker not working, we had rain in the car going through the sliding door. All the people we met using same companies had the same crap than us. Saw many people complaining at their offices.

Reviewed 11 months ago

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D.G's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

The worst experience Ive ever had in my life. They deliberately changed my rental doc and charged another cars parking violation fee from me. Definitely unluckiest rental. 100 percent do NOT recommend the company. It is the worst.

Reviewed 11 months ago

Andreas's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

This is the most unprofessional car rental company I have ever worked with. It all started when I wanted to pick up the car. The car was supposed to be ready at 11am and I got the keys at 2pm. Later, I had an issue with a flat battery on the road and called the road assistance. They told me that I was only responsible for the payment if there was no technical issue. The mechanic that came to see my car said that it was an old battery and things like that could happen but there was no evidence that it was my fault. To my surprise, the road assistance charged me NZD 140 (for kickstarting the battery btw). I talked to the road assistance and lucky rental but there was no agreement possible. Without further evidence they claimed that there was nothing wrong with the car, despite the fact that the mechanic said something else. I continuously asked to contact the mechanic himself but they refused. Instead, they wanted me to go to another garage and get the battery tested. Furthermore, I had to deal with false accusations. My words were twisted and turned. Eventually, they just hung up and told me to "get my ass to the car".
Lucky rental car showed a tremendously inaccurate approach.

Reviewed 11 months ago

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Joseph's avatar



Ranking: 3/10

Friendly and helpful staff, but when we experienced issues with our campervan (significant) the call centre was not helpful or proactive in getting them resolved.

Reviewed 11 months ago

Tuomas Saarela's avatar

Tuomas Saarela


Ranking: 7/10

Cheap, but cars are almost falling apart (500k km in the meter!)

Reviewed 11 months ago

Emily Payne's avatar

Emily Payne


Ranking: 3/10

Cheap price compared to other companies,I can now see why though, I wouldn't recommend this company. The vans are very old, and have multiple problems - our door wouldn't open and shut on the first day, and the company did a dodgy fix up job which only got us through for 1 week of our 3 weeks journey. Our clutch on the side door wouldn't release with door handle, and lucky did a shit fix. Hence we had multiple times of becoming frustrated trying to open and shut door. Then the other door you couldn't open from inside of the van. Our fridge which we paid extra for stopped working - leaving us having to pay extra for ice every few days. In addition with about 1 week left on our journey our electronic system would cut in and out and effect the windows - this meant we could only do windows up and down when radio was on. When the radio/electronic system cut out so to did the ability to power the windows - left us multiple times at destinations waiting for the electronic system to kick in, often waiting 20+ min. Bare minimal cutlery and pans. When we thought we had a crack in our windscreen, we did the right thing and notified the company, in which we took the van to their provider, whom explained that the crack was an older crack and had already been filled in, and Lucky rental didn't sound convinced on the phone when we reported what was said by their provider, there response was that we would have wait till we got back to the base site but we would likely have to get the whole screen fixed. Need to update vans and be better off making them all self contained (on road we saw multiple cars the exact same as our small camper and smaller who were self contained. Also need to more assistive in regards to DOC passes - they are passing on incorrect information to customers - we were not a self contained camper but were assured by a Rankers representative that we could use these passes. When i called multiple times and email - they were very unhelpful in this regard

Reviewed about 1 year ago and experienced in November 2019

Your neighbour 's avatar

Your neighbour

Ranking: 1/10

Lucky rentals (yucky rentals)
On pick up our camper was 1.5hrs late.
The van was rusted in multiple spots, the interior swabs we slept on were filthy, the chairs were stained, the roof had old splatters of who knows what all over it.
The key jammed 50% of the time that we tried to open the front drivers door.
Not to mention there was probably 1/2 a can of toilet spray emptied into the glove box, it was dripping 😑.
They overcharged me $100 and tried to palm it off as an overhead fee and when I asked for it before we took the van they asked us to do it on our return.
All round amateurs.
I will actively advise everyone I know never to use “lucky” rentals.
10days cost me $1700+

Reviewed about 1 year ago

Major big bear's avatar

Major big bear

Ranking: 9/10

We had a Toyota Estima (old Jucy car) and it was great !! In the Netherlands we already paid for GPS one way , second driver , but they charged us that twice !! When I found out, they promised to pay back the 150 dollars , so I hope they will.and yes , they need to be more informative about the insurance options

Reviewed about 1 year ago

Sarah Plack's avatar

Sarah Plack


Ranking: 1/10

Lucky knowingly gave us a broken van with nothing to attach the grey water hose to. Once we realised it, the support claimed that no one on the whole South Island can fix this (yeah...) and refused any support. They knew it by the time they gave us the van that it must have been broken because I had even asked them about whether these loose cables at the grey water tank are normal. After checking they confirmed that everything is fine (which it was not). Also, or stove was broken and so was a door of the cabinet (it constantly opened and closed on it's own. Oh, and the van had 450.000km already and started stinking whenever we drove a mountain road. It was a Jucy Campervan before, easily visible by the green color everywhere where the color was already chipped off. Terrible car and terrible customer service - would NEVER do it again!

Reviewed about 1 year ago

keke's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

Lucky rental the worst compagny you can find.

1) Problem with the driver key door. We need to open it from the passenger door.

2) Dirty van, gaz not full up when de take it.

3) The pots were breaks. Missing some cutelery

4) We call the assistance who swnd us à Guy who fix the problem but told us that Lucky gonna call us To go in a mechanical area To fix it definetely. After 4 call they just told us drive like that and call us again if you have any trouble. We needed to call them each 3 days.

Worst experience for a rental van.

Reviewed about 1 year ago