Mavora Lakes Campsite

Mavora Lakes Campsite - Mavora Lakes Conservation Park

Mavora Lakes Campsite

Mavora Lakes Conservation Park


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The serenity....
Not much more needs to be said!
Mavora Lakes Camping Ground
looking across the lake to the campsite
breath taking


A beautiful place to stay with views of mountains and the lake. There is some great biking in the area as well as heaps of walks and fishing.

This is a popular camping spot with BBQ's, picnic areas and designated fire spots. There is a boat ramp here, please note though that motor boats are only allowed on the North Mavora Lake. The access to this camp site is over 30kms of gravel road.

You can find more details of activities at Mavora Lakes Park on the DOC website.


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  • Basic Camping

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This campsite cannot be booked, sites are on a first come basis.


  • 20 Rankers Reviews

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    • Beautiful area to camp.
    • Fantastic area with multiple areas to camp.
    • Fantastic.
    • Tough one to review.
    • Location: It is magic!

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  • Reviewed almost 2 years ago


    This was our first overnight stay after picking a van up in QT.

    It is a fair drive off the main roads but is worth it, in good weather we can imagine the views would be very special. Large area available for camping with interspersed basic long drops around the sites. Opportunity to have sites sheltered in/under trees or near water's edge. There are some basic facilities to help small camp fires/BBQ during set periods.

    Monkeyalan's avatar


  • Reviewed about 2 years ago


    Great DOC-run site with picnic tables, fireplaces and drop toilets scattered throughout the spacious campground area.

    Note the sandflies are thick so be prepared...

    There are a few shorter walks that you can do around the lakes or longer hikes to huts if you are adequately equipped.

    Lauren's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Location: It is magic!

    Price: $9,00 p.p for one night

    If you can, go here!

    Insects: There are a little bit sand flies and mouses

    Wc’s: Long drop toilets, but the are clean

    Douche: no douche, you have water where you can swim in

    The road is 40 km of a grind way, but... When you arrive drive to a place you like. It is a peaceful place, a rough pearl!

    Linda's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Beautiful area to camp.

    You’ll be lucky if you get a decent spot by tables and a bbq though. We found a quiet spot by the lake though and had a great night. We planned to stay for 2 nights however a truck with a large family arrived at about 9am the next morning and started unloading a quad bike, dirt bike, speakers, crates of beer and playing heavy metal early in the morning. Not our scene and they parked literally 15ft away from us when there was so much other space. Moral of the story is don’t go on a weekend in summer and pay for one night at a time in case you want to move on.

    Peter's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Tough one to review.

    10/10 for the beautiful surroundings, no doubt about that. However, the activity there is a big setback, although you should be clear if you camp further south. It is a shame that there is an offroad track right beside the lake, i.e lots of bikes, ATVs, and 4x4s making noise and creating clouds of dust. Lots of boaters as well. Someone also decided to use their chainsaw at around 10 pm to create an even bigger bonfire. The huge clouds of smoke did cover the smell from the toilets, if I should look on the bright side. One of the prettiest campsites we’ve been to, nonetheless, with few good walks (if you don’t mind engine noise). The 8 dollars pp gave us mixed feelings. On one hand we want to help with the upkeep of the environment, on the other it feels like we paid for a motor show.

    Andreas Johansson's avatar

    Andreas Johansson


  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    Fantastic area with multiple areas to camp.

    If in a 4wd access to extra areas including huts also available

    David Mckay's avatar

    David Mckay

    New Zealand

  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    The best place I stayed in, in our adventure in NZ.

    We had a campervan and went out of our way a little bit (30 mins) to get to this campsite. I’m a LOTR fan myself and actually felt the most ‘LOTR vibe’ being here - even more than Rohan or Gondor ‘areas’! You could actually believe yourself in hearing Sam say ‘MR FRODO! ... & I’m coming with you!’.

    We have a particularly special experience with this campsite as it started snowing overnight and we woke up to a winter wonderland in the morning. A truely magical experience (in November!). Campervan was fine driving back on snow-y roads as well.

    10/10 recommend. I don’t know about toilets etc because we were self contained - but I think I saw one :)

    Robin  Norris 's avatar

    Robin Norris


  • Reviewed over 5 years ago


    Stunning views.

    Lots of camp sites, fire places, toilets and untreated tap water. Strongly recommend! But lots of sandflies.

    Nicole Chiu's avatar

    Nicole Chiu

  • Reviewed over 5 years ago


    Iconic campsite!

    Amazing views being nestled in alpine lake valley. Huge area to camp, numerous firespots, good toilet availability. Excellent walks, recommend one from north to south lake across suspension bridges. We went on busy New years weekend and still found serenity. Be aware vehicle track at very end of campsite leading up mountain can get busy and noisey with 4wds and motor bikes. Sandflies seemed to

    More of an issue in amongst trees. Highly recommend!

    Brian Mycroft's avatar

    Brian Mycroft

  • Reviewed over 6 years ago


    Very lovely camping spots in the forest near the lake with lots of space in between them.

    Some fire places and tables provided - a picture book camping experience!

    Werner S's avatar

    Werner S

  • Reviewed over 6 years ago


    This is a very beautiful spot.

    The lakes are lovely and DOC have provided great campsites with picnic tables and fire boxes. However, it appears to be frequented by people (mostly Kiwis) who are not really there to appreciate the peace, beauty and wildlife, but instead have arrived with trail bikes, power boats and crates of beer. Instead of using the long drop toilets, many of them prefer to shit in the woods. Yuck. Not worth the 35km gravel road.

    Sam Brydon's avatar

    Sam Brydon

    New Zealand

  • Reviewed over 7 years ago and experienced in November 2014


    Very remote but beautiful place.

    Quite a drive, so only worth of it if you stay for a few days and you want to explore the area

    Sidney Stokkers's avatar

    Sidney Stokkers


  • Reviewed over 8 years ago


    Quite a long gravel road to reach it (37km) but worth it!

    Great sceneries with the lakes, mountains and the filming locations of Lotr. Just 6$ each but toilets could be better.

    arnaud paquet's avatar

    arnaud paquet


  • Reviewed over 8 years ago


    Beautiful surroundings in the middle of nowhere.

    Prepare for basic facilities (no shower, no kitchen) and sandflies and you'll have a great time.

    Eric and Nienke's avatar

    Eric and Nienke


  • Reviewed about 9 years ago and experienced in March 2013


    The DOC guy was so nice to us, everything was really clean.

    Or Piperho's avatar

    Or Piperho


  • Reviewed over 9 years ago


    Excellent fishing location and very well maintained.

    Wendy Ward's avatar

    Wendy Ward

    New Zealand

  • Reviewed over 11 years ago and experienced in March 2011


    Great environment, absolutley quiet and beautiful.

    Warm showers probably would be against the concept.

    Max's avatar



  • Reviewed over 11 years ago



    Beautiful nature and great fishing.

    Jay and Jenna's avatar

    Jay and Jenna


DOC Managed

Thanks to all the good people working for the NZ Department of Conservation - for all your hard work - making NZ more beautiful, accessable and healthy! Cheers 😍

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Cymen Crick

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