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Travel Safe...Our Campervans have no sign writing! Family owned and operated.

Family run business offering low cost, two berth campervans from Auckland and Christchurch. Two models to choose from, Micro Campervan and Economy Campervan.

Micro Campervan - Contains curtains, folding double bed, awning for standing room, holiday park power connection and hanging light. Sleep with rear door open and awning attached, or all the doors locked. Mosquito net fits over passenger window for fresh air. Micro campervan comes gas cooker, kitchen set and water container for preparing meals outside.

Economy Campervan - Features carpet on the floor and curtains all around. Day sofa converts to a double bed, or two single beds at different heights. Cabinet with fold down table, two gas cookers, holiday park connection for power and awning for standing room. Prepare and eat meals standing inside the awning or while sitting on the sofa.

Optional add-ons include Zero Excess Insurance, fridge or ice box, outdoor table/chairs and GPS hire..


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Rental Car Village

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Showing 8 reviews of 131.

Nina Golnar's avatar

Nina Golnar

Ranking: 6/10

We rented our campervan for 1 month, starting in Christchurch and ending in Auckland. We had Nissan Vantte 2008. Fuel consumption was around 10, car itself was automatic and okay to drive, although not recommended for taller people. First of all, we were a bit dissapointed in experience with people in both branches, very unitnerested, after trying to ask a few things about the car, they said we have a manual in the car (usually when we rent campervans they show you the car, etc.). Car is in okay condition, but don't expect to travel fast, as these cars are slow in general and extra slow uphill, which can be very annoying in a hilly country like NZ. The interior is okay although it could be planned a bit better, especially with extra space under the bed. Storage is very limited, they don't provide any boxes for your food or dishes, you get them in a sack?! I think we were dissapointed as we paid for all this additional things, but in the end we had to buy additional things(coffee plunger, coffee cups, sharp knife, storage containters, etc), which we had to leave behind as we couldn't take them on the plane. We rented their fridge as well and it worked well on 120W, but didn't cool that good on 12V,even after driving for few hours. PAlso bring your own usb adapter for the phones, as they don't provide one. Also, radio almost doesn't work, except around the big cities, so keep that in mind, bring your own music.
They were very responsive when our tyre blew up, which was a very nice thing. Overall, they are not a bad company, also cars are okay, but just be prepared, that you don't pay much, you don't get much.

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Arturo Yague's avatar

Arturo Yague


Ranking: 7/10

It was a great experience but quite expensive for an old camper.
No information at the check out
Very expensive service to back at the airport

Reviewed over 2 years ago

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Pamela Johnson's avatar

Pamela Johnson


Ranking: 9/10

Really nice, chill staff, no logos, great insurance and no one way fee. Excellent experience, thanks!

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Glendha Kreutzer's avatar

Glendha Kreutzer

Ranking: 10/10

Very thoughtful and professional

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Jordi Marin's avatar

Jordi Marin

Ranking: 3/10

Can't recommend this business. Awful customer service and a very old van in a poor condition.

Our plane was delayed and we arrived to pick up our car one hour after the working hours which would appear to be a kind gesture, however, we were greeted with bad manners by a manager/store owner? suggesting he should have been at home by now. To our big surprise, as we never had issue during our travels, none of our 9 credit cards, including two travel ones, didn't work with their payment machine. We were advised to come back again in the morning as it was too late. Left without internet and accommodation we spent an awful evening making additional arrangements only to find out that our cards work in other stores. We made active an additional travel credit card as a backup option which thankfully worked the next morning. After leaving the rental, we were forced to come back a few hours later due to faulty power socket which was fixed. No apology or compensation was offered for all our lost time.

Furthermore, on our 4th day we were left a flat battery on a lookout. Being pretty sure we didn't leave anything on, just doing a lot of short drives that day, we called the rental company and were only advised to call AA which we ended up doing and paying a pretty heavy fee. They didn't even test it and just advised us to do some additional driving to charge it back. After this, we were very careful with the short drives and had troubles to start the car after a cold night anyway.

The cherry on the cake was the fuel consumption which was insane, over 11l/100km. This was even worse when driving up a hill when the car wasn't able to do more than 45km/h.

We've addressed all the issues to the rental and all we got was a bunch of excuses with no apology or compensation offered.

Even though the credit cards were kind of our mistake, this is not a way how to treat your customer. Plus all the added expense of fuel and AA. The worst rental experience so far.

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Harshal Patil's avatar

Harshal Patil

Ranking: 10/10

Excellent service

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Beth's avatar


Ranking: 9/10

I rented a campervan for three months and it was a good choice. The campervan was old and a bit dented, but it was doing it's job very well. I was on my own and had enough space, with two people, you probably need to be very cuddly (2 x 60 cm bed ). I never had a breakdown and was be able to drive almost everywhere. Really good fee, too. Highly recommended.

Reviewed about 3 years ago and experienced in February 2019

Tomas Muller's avatar

Tomas Muller

Czech Republic

Ranking: 9/10

good price, older cars, but well maintained, extra camping equipment available (gas stove, dishes included in rental price)

Reviewed about 3 years ago

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