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Get further off the beaten track!

Get further off the beaten track!

Experience Maori culture on a real Marae

Experience Maori culture on a real Marae

See the best of New Zealand!

See the best of New Zealand!

Meet like-minded travellers, find secret spots...

Meet like-minded travellers, find secret spots...

Get closer to the action!

Get closer to the action!

Expert guides to show you the kiwi way of life!

Expert guides to show you the kiwi way of life!

New Zealand's Hop-on Hop-off Bus Network for Adventurous Travellers

Stray's mission is to get travellers "further off the beaten track" into unique and awe-inspiring places that even the locals haven't heard of. Founded in 2002, we've spent over a decade scouring our beautiful country for experiences unlike any other.

Our "hop-on hop-off" attitude gives you the flexibility to jump off the bus anywhere along the route and explore, before jumping back on again when you are ready. Our travel passes are valid for up to 12 months.

Every bus is captained by one of our awesome driver-guides, there to provide you with invaluable local knowledge, book your bungy jumps and basically be a good mate along the way.

All ages 18+ welcome.

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Websites: Stray New Zealand
Stray on Facebook

Phone: +64 9 526 2140

Auckland Address:
Stray Travel Shop, 50 Fort St, Auckland CBD


The Stray Travel Shop can be found in Auckland city centre - come say Kia Ora to Gaz and the team, get handy travel advice and make good use of the free wifi!

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Jodie's avatar


United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

I spent 5 weeks travelling around the whole of New Zealand with Stray. From day one we were greeted by drivers who were incredibly informative about every aspect of New Zealand in particular the Maori heritage and the stunning scenery and sites we would come across throughout our journey.
The drivers enable groups to form bonds quickly and make the bus a welcoming, friendly and enjoyable place. The buses I travelled in enabled me to meet an amazing bunch of people and form our own little whanau for the duration of our travels.
Throughout New Zealand Stray offers a wide range of activities in every location, catering for all budgets and all travellers. In addition to this Stray is true to its motto of travelling off the beaten track, staying in remote locations such as Blue Duck Station and Gunns Camp, but also in locations which allow tourists to visit cultural locations that they may not have been able to visit alone such as Mourea and Lake Aniwhenua.
An amazing experience, with fantastic people and stunning scenery! A must for anyone visiting New Zealand!

Reviewed 4 days ago

Tom C's avatar

Tom C


Ranking: 10/10

I booked a Stray trip around the North Island last minute before visiting and it was the best decision I ever made. The trip takes you away from the tourist trap destinations where you get to really experience everything New Zealand has to offer. In my week I went from Visiting film sets from Lord Of The Rings to Hunting in a forest to playing in snow right under Mt Doom. The group of people on my bus were amazing and we became a little family welcoming people on as we went as you get the option to jump off and stay longer if you find somewhere you really like!

The flexibility that Stray offers you along with the great support staff and drivers as well as amazing activities and sights on the way make this the perfect option for any traveler looking to see everything New Zealand has too offer! I have no doubt I'll be back soon to do the South Island with Stray!

Reviewed 18 days ago

Stray is open for business… Visit Website …now's your chance to take a closer look.

Theodore Trozinski's avatar

Theodore Trozinski

United States

Ranking: 9/10

Absolutely loved Stray, with very few hiccups.
I found it to be by far the perfect choice for the lone traveller (like myself) to meet others while travelling around the country.
It does get fairly crowded during peak season, and they don't warn you that you may need to book onto your next bus days in advance to ensure yourself a spot. Hopping off is easy, but simply "hopping back on" isn't as easy as they like to advertise... a very common flaw with these bus tours.
Aside from that, I absolutely loved Stray and I would highly recommend it.

Reviewed 3 months ago and experienced in February 2016

Christin Ossege's avatar

Christin Ossege


Ranking: 10/10

I had an amazing time on the Stray bus exploring the North Island of New Zealand! It was a fantastic week with awesome people and experiences I will never forget. :) Especially, those unique stays were unforgettable. Who can tell from himself that he has slept in a Marae and helped a local community to give food to their kids? These memories will always be with me and I am happy that I have chosen Stray to commence my travels around New Zealand.
The whole bus became like your small Kiwi family and you were never alone! It is a great way to meet people from all over the world.
Thank you Stray for this great journey!!! :)

Reviewed 3 months ago

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Phil Hartmann's avatar

Phil Hartmann


Ranking: 10/10

I was lucky to be traveling the Deep South with Stray. We had 7 days and managed to see the most pristine and breathtaking nature I've seen in a while.
Starting in Queenstown, we made our way to Milford Sound, a beautiful river starting somewhere in the Mountains heading towards the ocean. With sea lions and massive waterfalls, snow capped mountains and good company this was one of my highlights.
We traveled further South, staying in an old miners camp that is exclusive to Stray and a really cool spot with little huts and a community meal to get everyone entertained!

Our group of roughly 20 people was well balanced and our tour guide, Seagull, was an absolute legend, making sure everyone got to know each other. He created a well balanced group atmosphere and everyone got along well with each other.

I would definitely recommend to everyone to experience Stray at least once, while in New Zealand. I liked it so much, that I will be heading over again in August this year!

Reviewed 4 months ago and experienced in September 2015

dana forrest's avatar

dana forrest

United States

Ranking: 10/10

Although my nickname was Mother Goose on my Stray Bus, I had an amazing time! I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought my Stray pass but the experience was above and beyond any expectations. The bus was clean, roomy and very comfortable. My driver was very knowledgeable, accommodating and did a great job of making everyone on the bus feel like a family. Their consciousness of the environment is great to see from a company that can have such an impact on their native land. The itinerary was DEFINITELY "off the beaten track", I can't even count how many times I said "Are we in the middle of nowhere?". The Stray bus in New Zealand was the only part of my 'Around the World' trip that I had purchased a guided tour for and after that experience I started searching for Stray-like tours in all of my other countries. When I come back to New Zealand to do the South Island I will be using Stray for sure!

Reviewed about 1 year ago

Abbi Smith's avatar

Abbi Smith

United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

Went on a Stray tour with the best driver out there - Splash! There wasn't one boring day, always smiling, laughing, singing, making jokes, making me smile. I had the trip of my life with this man, the best two and a half weeks of my life. I learnt so much about New Zealand while on his bus, from the Maori culture to the "oreo cows" and that ducks do actually fly! A man of many talents and the most inviting, loving, fun and amazing personalities you will ever come across. I can honestly say I couldn't of picked a better driver to travel New Zealand with, in one word this guy is EPIC! I've made a life long friend and memories that will last a life time, Splash is AWESOME! To the guy who saved my life, I love you heaps.

Reviewed over 1 year ago

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Nicko Wong's avatar

Nicko Wong

Hong Kong

Ranking: 10/10

When we started travelling with Stray, we didn't have much time or money left to travel New Zealand. Thanks to Stray we were able to depart on an unforgettable adventure at the heart of Middle Earth, meet so many wonderful travellers and really impressive locals with a will to help their community and share their culture through tourism.
From a Marae in Mourea to the lost world of Blue Duck Station, from the wonders of Abel Tasman to the glacier of Franz Josef, from the adrenalin-packed city of Queenstown to the dolphins of Kaikoura,...
We will never forget our trip with Stray and it is in major part thanks to their extraordinary drivers : Lolly is a super star, bubbly, always happy person who will make you smile even on your worst day. She always had new ideas of games and ways to bring us all closer together. We would have stayed on her bus forever as we had so much fun with her. Skins always went the extra mile for his passengers in order to make their trip unforgettable ( sometimes finding himself with 40 cameras and having to take a picture with every one of them ), organising the best group dinners and being always attentif of everyone. Possum also helped everyone well outside of her prerogatives and helped us find a place to wwoof when we found ourselves out of money. Anna has a great personality and made us laugh so many times.
You'll never find people more devoted to their job and their passengers, they are excellent ambassadors for New Zealand and more precisely Stray.

Thank you so much for all the memories
We are so glad to have spent those moments in company of the Stray crew.

Nicko Wong and Minnka Ferrandez,
Crash Palace interns

Reviewed over 1 year ago and experienced in March 2015

Samuel Berwick's avatar

Samuel Berwick

United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

Had an awesome time on this Stray tour, going to places that i'd never thought of going to. The highlights are surfing in Raglan, the Waitomo caves where you can see the glow worms, getting to eat a traditional Hangi and Blue Duck station. Great guides, great places and the bus was full of like minded fun people. Can't wait to go on one in the South Island

Reviewed over 1 year ago and experienced in February 2015

Anna Elden's avatar

Anna Elden

New Zealand

Ranking: 9/10

I joined the Stray 'Tom' Pass on a tour around the North Island in November 2014. Stray promotes themselves as 'off the beaten track' adventure travel company which appealed to me. I can confirm for the 6 days I travelled with them they completely lived up to these expectations. We visited lots of cool places including a cool west coast surf town (where we learnt to surf), a lakeside lodge (where we learnt about Maori history and ate traditional Maori foods), an awesome high country station (Blue Duck) where we had options to hike, horseride, hunt or just relax. Stray offered lots of different activities along the way (I also went caving and skydiving) which you could opt in or out of. I feel like I saw a lot more of New Zealand than I would have travelling around on my own. Leftie (our Driver) was a dude. He was always up for a laugh but had lots of great insights to share about New Zealand. Thanks Stray. I had such a blast!

Reviewed over 1 year ago and experienced in November 2014

Stray is open for business… Visit Website …now's your chance to take a closer look.

Jodine 's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

Stray was a great way to see New Zealand. My pass only covered the North Island and when it ended and all my new friends were continuing to the South Island I was gutted I didn't buy both - the fun was only just beginning! Stray is awesome because you don't have to worry about where you were going, navigating the roads yourself, and where you would stay. If you want accommodation that night, you write your name on a clipboard and the driver books it for you! If you want to do activities, write your name on another clipboard and that's all booked too - at a Stray discounted price! It's a nice no-stress way to travel around and meet great people who are wanting the same kind of experience. Our driver was fantastic, always sorting things out for us, packing our bags in and out, telling us interesting facts along the way and stopping off for photo opportunities. It really was a great tour. I'm already saving up to do the South Island next summer!

Reviewed over 1 year ago and experienced in February 2015

Charlotte Wilson's avatar

Charlotte Wilson

Ranking: 10/10

I loved my time going down to Rotorua with my tour guide/driver Golum, he was fun and enjoyable. It was about 4-5 days and i wish it was longer! Stray is a great way to experience a country, i recommend it for all types of people.

Reviewed over 1 year ago and experienced in March 2014

jason beinstein's avatar

jason beinstein

United States

Ranking: 9/10

I really enjoyed my time on Stray. I spent 3.5 weeks traveling across both islands on the Max Pass. I wish I had more time for sure.

I'd highly suggest this trip for anyone 18-30 looking to travel alone or w/ a small group of friends.

I have an in-depth review of my experience at my blog.

Reviewed almost 2 years ago and experienced in February 2014

Stray Products


Maximus: National Hop-on Hop-off Bus Pass

Jump on board this epic adventure from Cape Reinga in the far north to Stewart Island in the deep south. This pass will take you to all the hot spots around NZ as well as some more off the beaten track destinations you wouldn't otherwise know about!