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Kate Kennedy's avatar

Kate Kennedy

Ranking: 8/10

We rented from Omega in South and North Island. The cars were not that new but both coped brilliantly with the sometimes demanding Kiwi roads and conditions.
The staff were pleasant and helpful, the paperwork processed quickly. No hesitation in recommending this company

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Simon's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

Got a very good car for little money. Totally happy with it. No problems so far for over 4000km driving.

Reviewed about 5 years ago and experienced in January 2017

Jet Henmans's avatar

Jet Henmans


Ranking: 8/10

Cheap but good value for money and excellent service. Only a strange perfume inside the car....... bit like my grandma's......

Reviewed about 5 years ago and experienced in December 2016

Veronika and Radovan's avatar

Veronika and Radovan

Czech Republic

Ranking: 10/10

Older model cars for a very reasonable price. Old cars but in good shape.

Reviewed almost 6 years ago and experienced in January 2016

Ross Holmes's avatar

Ross Holmes


Ranking: 10/10

Absolutely great, included free ferry tickets and luckily we got an upgraded car!

Reviewed about 6 years ago and experienced in January 2016

Jennifer Hoyles's avatar

Jennifer Hoyles


Ranking: 9/10

Great rental experience! Nissan Wingroad rental, was a no fuss pick up, or drop off. Car handled great on the windy NZ roads, good condition, engine, brakes and tyres all were in good condition, felt safe and comfortable. Older car but good for economy and got us all the way around the South Island 3000km no worries :)

Reviewed over 6 years ago

Regan Benson's avatar

Regan Benson


Ranking: 3/10

I recently used apexWellington for two weeks with my family. We picked up the car and chose the option to get discounted fuel and pay for it up front and return empty rental car empty. When loading the suitcases into the car we found that the boot was difficult to shut. Using the boot for a week and having to slam it meant we eventually couldn't shut the boot so we called apex and they gave us the option of putting the car into be fixed which meant we would be stuck doing nothing or drive up to Auckland from Rotorua ,we ended up driving to Auckland although it wasnt originally on the agenda. When arriving at the branch in Auckland the staff were friendly and quickly gave us a new car. Our biggest issues were the new car sounded very rattly and unhealthy and when returning the car at the Wellington branch we found our experience shocking as the man who came out was rude and condescending, asking him to give him the keys in an offensive manner, when getting into the office the same man told us we had to return our car full he continued to disagree with me even though he saw it in the contract that we had paid for fuel, he then demanded whether we returned the other car full to Auckland. I was quite shocked as we had paid for the fuel to go up to Auckland to swap the faulty car they had given us and had given up a day of our holidays to return the car. Also upon arriving used the restroom and found that the toilet seat had been urinated on which I didn't notice at first and realised after my pants were soaked having to catch a flight in an hour or so. The overall customer service from this gentleman was less than to be desired.I feel regretfully that this incident gave us a bad taste of the overall service.. The other staff were all quite helpful and friendly so thankyou. Lastly I would like to add that the Wellington branchsmelt like stale cigarette smoke and we found an empty cigarette pack in our hire cars glove box.

Reviewed over 7 years ago

Scott Yeager's avatar

Scott Yeager

United States

Ranking: 2/10

I had a confirmed reservation for a car rental, but my flight was delayed by about 45 minutes and I arrived at the Christchurch airport at about 7:15PM. When I called the contact number, there was a message that all operators were busy and to please hold. After holding for 20 minutes, I hung up and tried again. Same result. I took a cab to the car rental site. They were closed, with no contact information. I had to take a cab to my hotel. When I contacted them the next day, they offered no apologies, saying that they closed at 7. If you are expecting customer service, try someone else.

Reviewed over 7 years ago and experienced in January 2009

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