For Tourism Operators

Pipeline Plan Benefits

  • All Platforms
  • Prominent Exposure
  • Direct Links

Pipeline Plan enables enhanced exposure on all Rankers platforms and direct links to your website and booking system. This could be the most effective marketing spend all year.

Three Popular Platforms

  • Website

    Rankers Website

    Travellers use this website as a planning tool - prior to their NZ arrival.

    • 1,000,000+ visits per year.
    • Connects thousands of travellers with a campervan each year.
    • Over 100,000 traveller interactions via personal email each year.
  • Phone_map

    Rankers App

    Travellers use this iPhone, iPad and Android platform while travelling NZ.

    • 1,000,000+ visits per year.
    • 400%+ above average engagement (8 mins per visit vs 2 mins average).
    • International user base with high $$ spend.
  • Web_map

    Rankers Map

    Travellers use this web app as a planning tool - prior to their NZ arrival.

    • Endorsed by Tourism Industry like
    • Distributed by Campervan companies eg. JUCY.
    • International user base with high $$ spend.

Heaps of Benefits

Feature comparison between our tourism operator plans.

Commission Free Bookings


We provide a bucket load of "Check Availability" buttons in prominent positions. These buttons point directly to your booking engine or enquiry page so customers can book with ease. We open the door to customers that are ready to take action.

Map Prominence NEW


You'll benefit from showing up on both our map platforms - the Rankers Camping NZ App and the new Rankers 'Respect NZ' Map. These tools are supported by industry giants and impressively popular.

We'll ensure you won't get lost amongst the crowd. Your company's map marker will show up earlier and larger and can appear on top of other markers. And your photo can appear when the customer clicks or taps your map marker.

Look Your Best


Customise your company profile page and listing appearance. Entice customers and show your company personality with your brand, banner, photos, map, description and tagline. Look great on any device - mobile or desktop!

Open for Business


Display all your company's contact details so customers can find you and get in touch - phone, email, website, street address and map.

Promote Your Offerings

Show our audience what you have to offer them by listing your products. These products and packages can include important details like photos, descriptions and pricing. Each product can include a link to your booking engine or enquiry page.

Manage Your Reviews

In addition to replying to reviews you can pin your favourite review at the top of the list. Proudly displayed for the world to see.

Statistics Reports

We'll send out a monthly report detailing your companies' view statistics on and website click-thru performance.

Help and Support

All this techie stuff can be daunting - we're happy to lend a hand to make you look your best.


Per month, excluding GST. Minimum 12 month contract. Paid in monthly installments via automatic payment.

  • $69

    per month

  • $59 with badge 

Motorhome and Rental Car operators please contact us for a quote.

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