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There's so much noise in the online travel space now.

Independent reviews break through the noise.

Travellers trust independent reviews.

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Independent Reviews:

Has been with me for a whole year in NZ and had almost daily use. With this app probably more money saved than spent this year.

Sven Gulay April 2015

Just had 11 great days in NZ (far too short) used your app every day all I can say is BRILLIANT !

Rodney May 2015

Waka helpful app. Can't even imagine how to plan journey without it. Thank you!

Marie Kondrateva May 2015

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    It's clear there's a direct link between independent reviews and increased booking conversion. Reviews provide the confidence that converts lookers into bookers. The key to generating regular, fresh and positive reviews is to send a follow-up email to every customer. We've put together a bunch of tips and resources (including a sample email) to help you out.

    How to encourage reviews

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    Rankers' widgets display your Rankers reviews and ranking score live on your website for travellers to read. Displaying your independent reviews shows the traveller you’re proud of your business and have nothing to hide, allowing them to book direct with confidence. You must sign up for our Free Plan in order to install widgets.

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  3. Join the conversation and engage with customers FREE

    Responding to reviews is a great way to build trust with your customers. This is especially true when dealing with negative reviews. Classy replies show potential customers that you'll make things right - turning a negative into a positive.

    Learn about your 'right of reply'

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