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Compact Plus - This compact 2-berth motorhome will offer the lowest rates for a high quality, modern motorhome

The COMPACT PLUS is very spacious for a compact motorhome. Despite its just 7m length, it offers all the creature comforts that make the difference between an average campervan experience and a true NZ dream vacation. Treat yourself to one of two choices for your layout:

Choose one of the largest beds available in the market, the permanent 2.15m x 2m large King bed in the rear and a spacious kitchen and bathroom set up. The front seating area can comfortably seat multiple adults. Or opt for the most convenient option for anyone wanting the ease to get in and out of bed without hassles or ladders. The Queen-sized bed measuring 1.5m x 1.9m. This layout option allows to separate the bedroom in the rear from the front entertaining area with the help of a separation door.

This 2-berth comes with 4 seat belts, and is suitable for couples, single or cost-conscious travellers that do not want to miss out on having a highly reliable and state-of-the art motorhome for their holiday.

A spacious bathroom with full shower and toilet facilities, the powerful house battery, gas heating and solar panel system, as well as the satellite dish featuring Freeview will ensure the vehicle is fully usable and will perform at its best even in the cooler months of the year, or if no external power is available. All vehicles are built on a powerful 120BHP Fiat Ducato with 9-speed transmission, allowing for the option to choose between fuss-free automatic driving, or to shift gears manually. All vehicles also come with a rear-vision camera for easy handling.

Enjoy the freedom to store bulky items, sports equipment and your empty suitcases in the large outside storage of this motorhome. Keen to explore New Zealand by bike? Feel free to bring your own. We’d love to assist you. Most of our vehicles come with a bike rack mounted to the rear for your convenience with a maximum capacity of up to 3 bicycles.

Bring just what matters for your holiday- we will take care of the rest. All vehicles come with a well-equipped kitchen plus all towels and bedding. And if you find you would like an extra set for your adventure, just let us know and we will happily provide you with more at no extra cost.