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A Martin

Ranking: 1/10

This company is dodgy and untruthful. Given the current climate with catching covid and having to isolate as mandated, this company will not honour a refund (even when I offer medical proof). Instead, 'Henrik' will remove your transactions so that they can claim that nothing has taken place. I am $225 out of pocket for a service that I wasn't allowed to access. They supposedly don't have a phone number so you can't contact them, they have multiple emails to direct you to supposedly different parts of the company (when it is one guy) to 'avoid' talking to you. They blame google gmail if I never receive emails (yes I know how to check my spam) but Henrik says' 'everyone else has no problems so it's your email problem'. I provide alternative email addresses and a phone number for them to contact me. NOTHING. They will not explain why they won't credit or refund. I worked in IT and am very angry that I have been scammed by this website. I would have stayed away if I had scrolled further down in their google reviews for the actual reviews. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE.

Reviewed 2 months ago

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Bex Hornblow

Ranking: 4/10

The car itself was fine given the price we paid to rent it, which was very cheap.

However, there was a massive lack of communication from Henrik, who we were renting the car off. Before collecting the car, we weren't given any instructions on how to collect it and had to call Henrik for this information. This was frustrating but thankfully he did respond quite quickly and give us the information we needed.

The main issues were when returning the car. After touching base with Henrik the day before returning to confirm what we needed to do to return the car, he did not respond to any messages on the day we were due to return it. This meant we were forced to pay for our own uber to drop us to Auckland Airport. This was really disappointing given this should have been covered in the rental fee. We have still not heard anything from Henrik hours later to apologise or offer to set things right.

So, this company is cheap, but really you do get what you pay for. Would not recommend if you want great service!

Reviewed 10 months ago

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Devraj Singh

Ranking: 9/10

Simple process. Easy to use. As I expected.

Reviewed about 1 year ago

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John Porteous

Ranking: 10/10

I just collected my car back from its first rental through My Car Your Rental. Very happy. System works well

Reviewed about 2 years ago

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Sam Brown

Ranking: 10/10

Air BnB of vehicles - site not so polished but does what you need and some great vehicles at great prices.

Reviewed over 2 years ago

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Maya Ratana

Ranking: 10/10

I rented a Toyota Prius from Mikalai from 1/01/20-17/01/20 and the price was awesome. I had a couple of personal issues but he was very understanding and his communication was fast and easy to deal with. The car was very economical and the boot is roomy enough to nap in while driving. I would highly recommend these guys.

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Gerome Durainayagam's avatar

Gerome Durainayagam

Ranking: 10/10

My car your rental is great and I love it. I want more people and more renters to rent my car so that I can get good business. I want more car renters to rent my car

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Elizabeth's avatar


Ranking: 10/10

Awesome communication with Barkha.

Reviewed almost 3 years ago

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New Zealand

Ranking: 1/10


They now owe me $3,765 from completed rentals. For two months, all my messages, emails, text and calls were ignored by the owner, Henrik. He finally acknowledged that he was in financial difficulties and promised to come up with a payment plan in another month the latest! This date has now passed since one week and it's radio silence again despite several reminders.
Please message me on +64 275135016 if you're experiencing something similar so we can get together for legal action.

Reviewed almost 3 years ago and experienced in March 2019



Ranking: 10/10

My first time using rent my car and hiring a car, and it was a great experience, Henrik made the rental transition from start to finish smooth and easy, I highly recommend him,

Reviewed about 3 years ago

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Ranking: 10/10

Easy to deal with and user friendly

Reviewed about 3 years ago

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Ranking: 9/10

I have used this company to rent my car for 2-3 years, they had a bit of trouble paying right away, a year ago but with a delay got my money. Have heard the same story from a friend but other then that there is no problems. Rented my car this year and got the money very promptly. Recommend.

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Jean's avatar


Ranking: 10/10

This was my 2nd time using and with the same person “Henrik” and I highly recommend this website especially Henriks cars. He has afew cars on the website so if you see his name pop up with an available car, I recommend you choose him. Amazing service and he makes the entire process from beginning to end very easy.

Reviewed over 3 years ago

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Ranking: 1/10

This company is worst if you are a car owner and renting your car with them. They are dodgy and don't pay you. i have been chasing them for more than six month for my rental income of $1040. they are not responding to my calls not replying to my emails and completely ignoring me.

Never deal with them...

Reviewed over 3 years ago and experienced in August 2017

Fredrick Wijesurendere's avatar

Fredrick Wijesurendere

Ranking: 9/10

I've been renting my car twice through My Car Your Rental and just had another car returned today by a happy customer to a happy owner (me). All up I'm really happy with the service the website offers connecting private car owners to people looking for alternatives to the regular mainstream rental companies. The extra income from renting out my cars helps me a lot.

Reviewed almost 4 years ago

Sandeep's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

Dodgy company,not paying my outstanding amount $728. I rent my car 2 months ago, called them more than 10 times but they took my details and no body call me back. Is any car owner faced or facing this problem please contact me at 021828022.

Reviewed about 4 years ago

Carl Anton Barlev's avatar

Carl Anton Barlev

Ranking: 10/10

I've been renting out cars through My Car Your Rental since 2016 and just had another car returned today by a happy customer to a happy owner (me). All up I'm really happy with the service the website offers connecting private car owners to people looking for alternatives to the regular mainstream rental companies. The extra income from renting out my cars helps me justify keeping one car in particular that I otherwise couldn't afford to own at all - a shiny new Tesla Model S!

Reviewed about 4 years ago

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Ranking: 10/10

my car your people top company hendricks went over an above to make sure i was mobile affter hours on vallentines day even. top people 10/10 without a dout

Reviewed about 4 years ago

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Sonia Stovring


Ranking: 10/10

We rented a car in Christchurch for 10 days, for traveling around the South Is. Halfway through we started having some battery trouble but the help given from both the car owner and the rental company was great! Locals helped us jumpstart the car until we got to Queenstown where we got a battery booster, which was refunded when we gave the car back. We had a great time going around in the little Nissan! Communication with both company and car owner was prompt and smooth, which gave us high confidence. Can highly recommend My Car Your Rental - great service, also when things get a bit challenging :-)

Reviewed over 4 years ago and experienced in November 2016

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Marco Fiordellisi


Ranking: 10/10

I've rented a car for 2 weeks after 2 friend came in New Zealand for a month or so, and Henrik was kind enough to show us some option for our budget (very low, I must say), explaining how to book on his website and also gave us some tips for the roadtrip. We ended up booking his car (a mazda mpv) and we were quite happy about it! Good value, lots of space and easy to drive.
Also the process of booking the car was super easy: the price it shows you is the price you pay, just select the car you think is best for you and pay for it. Simple as that. No hidden cost or tricks (it was the first time for me, renting a car, and I was a bit overwhelmed by the other companies).
Definitely recommended!

Reviewed almost 5 years ago

My Car Your Rental responds:

Hi Marco,
Thanks for your feedback - glad you had a good time!
Henrik, MyCarYourRental

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