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Ranking: 1/10

I was going to stay in the YHA in Gisborne but the manager's (or the guy who seemed to be in charge) hostile attitude really made me think otherwise. He seemed to be very bitter and kept mocking travelers who keep stealing his cutlery and dvds. My friend ended up staying there, and when he checked out he asked if they could hold his luggage for him for a few hours before he leaves town. He was allowed to leave his luggage in the unsecured garden. Cause, you know, it's such a hassle looking after people's stuff apparently? I visited the guest house on three different days because I was picking up my friend and the guy's attitude didn't change. He didn't even reply to my "good morning" when I saw him on day #2. Just appalling...

Reviewed almost 9 years ago

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New Zealand

Ranking: 1/10

When I made the booking with the YHA here, I made sure the guy was well aware of the fact we were planning on arriving at 1-2 in the morning, and he said he would leave a key out... Then we got there in the morning he had of course forgotten to leave the key out... It is rather difficult (not to mention stressful/irritating) to find accommodation for 3 people at 2 in the morning. Poor, poor management skills... We went back the next morning and he did apologise. Which was nice of him I suppose. But still, the whole situation was a mess.

Reviewed over 9 years ago