Lower Princhester Hut to Becketts...

Lower Princhester Hut to Becketts Hut track

Takitimu Mountains


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Time: 3 hr 30 min - 4 hr

Lower Princhester Hut is sited at the end of Princhester Road (gravel), which branches off State Highway 94 just over Princhester Creek. A marked route climbs gradually up the true right of the Bog Burn catchment to a saddle in the Waterloo Burn headwaters. From there it bears left and downhill, crossing the Waterloo Burn.

The route then follows the true left bank before recrossing just before open flats are reached. Becketts Hut is on the true left about an hour down the valley.


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Ranking: 9/10

It is a wonderful track, it goes through the forest, crossing a stream and river, sometimes it can be very steep. I did not have a GPS and a few times I could not see the signs of the track clearly. It was all an adventure! Beautiful views.

Reviewed almost 5 years ago and experienced in March 2016