Milford Road to Boyd Creek Tops...

Milford Road to Boyd Creek Tops (marked route)

Snowdon Forest


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Time: 2hr 30 min to 3 hr 30 min

From the Boyd Creek picnic area, located on the Milford Highway, follow the vehicle track leading to Boyd Creek
Lodge. After 10 minutes a walking track enters the bush and continues to the open tops. A large clearing marks
the approximate halfway point. From the bush edge, there is a choice of unmarked routes, suitable for experienced
and well-equipped trampers only.

Contact Te Anau Downs Station for access.


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South IslandFiordlandTe Anau


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Andreas Liebe


Ranking: 8/10

Hard to find the track, track short, nice view, water very cold, less tourists.

Reviewed about 6 years ago and experienced in March 2014