Rerewhakaaitu, Ash Pit Rd Campsite...

Rerewhakaaitu, Ash Pit Rd Campsite

Rerewhakaaitu, Ash Pit Rd Campsite


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Camp on the shores of Lake Rerewhakaaitu

A bird watchers paradise - grab your bino's and sit still! The Brett Road Camping Ground is situated on the shores of Lake Rerewhakaaitu. There is good swimming, fishing and walking nearby. No fires permitted any time of the year. Just down the road from the Brett Road Camping Ground.

Bookings are open for stays from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.
Book Rerewhakaaitu, Ash Pit Rd Campsite online.

A $10 service fee applies to all phone, email and in-person bookings.

Your booking will be for a site, which will be allocated or selected on arrival.
The maximum length of stay is 7 nights. Vehicles are limited to 2 per booking including boats.

There is a maximum of 6 people for overnight group reservations. Make additional reservations for larger groups.

Maximum campsite size 72m squared.


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DOC Bay of Plenty

Central government organisation


North IslandRotorua RegionTarawera


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  • 19 Rankers Reviews

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    • Lots of space.
    • Great DOC camp site on the edge of the lake.
    • Beautiful place near lake.
    • First night with our van.
    • Beautiful spot, the lake is gorgeous and warm.

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  • Reviewed 4 months ago


    Lots of space.

    Tall trees shaded most of the site in April. Longdrops toilets well built. Not water when we went. Dirt bikes went past a couple of times.

    Zac's avatar


  • Reviewed 5 months ago


    Very happy to fine this beautiful spot!

    Lovely spread out camp ground along the lake front. Lots of well maintained clean toilets. Ideal safe swimming, paddling etc for families to enjoy.

    MMM's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Big campsite- plenty of space right down to the lake.

    The management have shifted between different departments the last couple of years and hence the quality have been boubious.

    This summer a DOC manager have been present and have corrected many missings.

    There's no kitchen or wastedeposit. Water needs boiling. Only noise is from animal-life. But still 7 out of 10. Would stay there again because of view and tranquility.

    Eske's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Lovely spot by the lake far from the traffic.

    Can find shady spots or full sun. Camp manager Pierre is really helpful and has all the answers. Lots of weekenders arrived after 7 (including some guys with a sofa on their trailer) but everyone was very chilled and quiet. Water from a tapas one power outlet. Ladies not so keen on drop toilets. Nicer feel than Brett Rd next door.

    Miles Protter's avatar

    Miles Protter


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Beautiful spot, the lake is gorgeous and warm.

    Unfortunately there is no water supply despite the info listed.

    Lisa's avatar


  • Reviewed almost 6 years ago


    My fav camping spot on this lake with a long name that's hard to pronounce.....Ash Pit comes into it's own over summer.

    Swimming, boating, fishing. Let the good times roll.

    Cymen Crick's avatar

    Cymen Crick

    New Zealand

  • Reviewed over 6 years ago


    Absolutely loved this site, such a lovely spot and kept very beautifully.

    Lovely manager who really looked out for us in our tent in some rather windy cold spring weather! Tap water needs boiling to drink.

    Geoff's avatar


  • Reviewed almost 7 years ago


    This is the biggest of the 3 campsites, the views over the lake are amazing, make sure you walk back to the previous campsite on the road through the track in the forest as it is teeming with birds.

    As for facilities, the camp is massive and has water spigots, shelters and cabins to hang your solar shower in the summer.

    Ben Apellido's avatar

    Ben Apellido


  • Reviewed over 7 years ago


    This is a nice little camp site by the river.

    It's well off the main road so it is a bit of a drive but there is no road noise. There are drop toilets which were fine. There are no shelters for cooking, no sinks and no lights. We did manage to find some water however it's not suitable for drinking. $6 per adult per night. I recommend this site and would return again.

    KristinRaleigh92's avatar



  • Reviewed over 7 years ago


    Great DOC camp site on the edge of the lake.

    We were there over a holiday weekend. There was plenty of space of all of the large groups in tents, caravans and motorhomes. Toilets are vaulted or composting so live with the smell when its busy. Fresh water tap is near the on site wardens caravan. Great value at $5 per night per person.

    Judith & John Bishop's avatar

    Judith & John Bishop

    New Zealand

  • Reviewed about 8 years ago and experienced in February 2014


    Nice view, very quiet, clean toilet, water available (but quite hard to find).

    Louison Laissus's avatar

    Louison Laissus


  • Reviewed about 8 years ago and experienced in February 2014


    First night with our van.

    Good place to stay, not too many people.

    Antoine's avatar



  • Reviewed about 9 years ago


    This campground was poorly maintained.

    There was a lot of evidence of vandalism in the area...the ground was torn up by 4 wheelers and signs were knocked over or broken off. Rubbish was piled high in containers or spilling over on the ground. This campsite has loads of potential but needs help.

    ramy's avatar


    United States

  • Reviewed over 10 years ago and experienced in February 2012


    NIce, quiet camping with a lake to take a shower.

    Good spot to head to Wai-o-Tapu early in the morning. Do the round walk before 10.15 when the geyser starts. Take a bath at Kerosene Creek, lovely but with a lovely smell of kerosene.

    Marjolein Hartsuiker's avatar

    Marjolein Hartsuiker


  • Reviewed over 10 years ago and experienced in November 2011


    It was free.

    Nice location but water level of the lake was very high, so campground small. Very in the middle of nowhere.

    Elke & Charlotte's avatar

    Elke & Charlotte


  • Reviewed over 10 years ago


    December 28th and we almost had this whole campsite to ourselves.

    Men's toilet was covered in excrement over, on, as well as in the toilet. One of women's toilets was blocked (and full of the same). So we guess they are not serviced regularly during high season. But a wonderful site right beside the lake. If you're asthmatic, the kapok trees may be a problem - the ground was covered with their seeds like snow.

    Peter W.'s avatar

    Peter W.

    New Zealand

  • Reviewed about 11 years ago and experienced in January 2011


    DOC camp very peaceful spot beside the lake.

    Toilets were adequate, although a little smelly in the hot weather.

    Graeme's avatar


    New Zealand

  • Reviewed over 12 years ago


    Beautiful place near lake.

    Mieke Knoops's avatar

    Mieke Knoops


  • Reviewed over 12 years ago


    Very friendly and helpful warden.

    Swam in lake. Very quiet & very dark at night.

    Mike Brunt's avatar

    Mike Brunt

    United Kingdom

DOC Managed

Thanks to all the good people working for the NZ Department of Conservation - for all your hard work - making NZ more beautiful, accessable and healthy! Cheers 😍

Cymen Crick's avatar

Cymen Crick

Rankers Owner