Beach Road Holiday Park

Beach Road Holiday Park




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Van of Green Fables's avatar

Van of Green Fables

Ranking: 10/10

A gem on the east coast this camp is close to perfection. There a several spots individually nestled in amongst the tall trees and dunes and there are evne more sties located on open grass. Take your choice; protection from wind and sun or, on a cold day, all day sun to warm you up. Both secluded and sheltered with direct access to a large and beautiful beach, flush toilets, fresh drinking water and cellphone service.

Reviewed 10 months ago

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Leanna Burnett's avatar

Leanna Burnett

New Zealand

Ranking: 1/10

Very unhappy. The Porangahau Beach Road Holiday Park's website is very misleading. Nearly all of the large trees it talks about have been chopped down, leaving very little shade for campers. There is no shade at all over the children's playground. The beach is not 5 minutes walk away, but 15 minutes, which is a long walk in the hot sun when unexpected. The rocks for the children to play on are just not safe. There are signs up stating to watch out for the rips and undertow, so you can only really splash in the water, not swim. The river is okay to swim in if you can cope with the knee deep sludgy sinking sand you have to wade in first, and there is no nice place to have a picnic at the river, or even sit - the only shade is under the road bridge which isn't that nice. Cleanliness is an issue, bathrooms not cleaned frequently, toilet paper not always supplied, hand soap in toilets ran out before we got there and was not replenished for two days after. The showers take $1 coins and lasted less than 2 minutes in the men's. The kitchen has absolutely no supplies - not even dishwashing liquid, and the oven didn't work properly. The owners were rude and unhelpful. I felt extremely let down, as it is a long windy road to get there and then to find it is not what is advertised and there is no where else to go. We paid for four nights and after the second night we had run out of things to do, and the lack of shade meant it was too hard to do nothing. I asked for a refund and was bluntly refused.They kept my money even though they got it through false pretences. I feel they had a duty of care to be honest on their website, as it is not as if there is anywhere else to stay once you are there. I am someone who loves camping and have stayed at many different campsites and this one is by far the worst.

Reviewed over 5 years ago

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Deidre Williams's avatar

Deidre Williams

New Zealand

Ranking: 1/10

My husband and I, booked a cabin for ourselves, in October this year(2014), to stay for two nights here, from December 25th-December 27th of the same year. We arrived at the holiday park around 10.45am today, to find no one in the park office, so after waiting half an hour, we went up to the house. No answer, so we decided to ask other campers. No one we spoke to, had any idea where the owners were, until finally we found someone who did. It turns out that the owners had both been at the beach, the whole time, leaving the place unattended. After another half an hour of checking in, we finally got the key. And after all the waiting, being hungry, angry, and annoyed, we were disappointed to find that our cabin was as big as a walk in closet. With two bunk beds, and a small double bed, squashed in. The appliances in the room were filthy, being an old jug, and a dangerous looking toaster, and the mattress was so soft that you could feel the wooden base. I also used the toilet while I was there waiting, and it looked like it had only been surface cleaned. To cut a long story short, we got our money back , and went home(which luckily was only an hour away). The final straw was that our cabin was positioned right in the middle of two groups of rowdy drinkers, and as we don't drink, we weren't too impressed. But I think that the state of the camp, plus the blase attitude of the owners, was what made us realize that it wasn't for us. I am giving this holiday park a 1, because I have never ever in my entire life, seen such a disgraceful dump, and I wouldn't' recommend it to my cat!! It cost $45.00 pn.

Reviewed over 5 years ago