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Spaceships campervan hire NZ, Australia, UK and Europe!
Freedom to explore
Dream sleeper
View from the back with the awning on looking in
White Spaceship
Go where other vehicles can't
Explore New Zealand's Outerspace
Camping out near Raglan


Explore NZ's outer space in a Spaceship campervan!

A Spaceship offers you the freedom to explore New Zealand in a custom designed, award-winning camper that is like a good car to drive but with more useful features than a campervan. The compact campervans are versatile, fun and fuel efficient and backed up by a trusted and friendly customer service team. Spaceships really are the Swiss army knife of Campers - a great upgrade from a standard car hire, or a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to hiring a large campervan for your adventure in New Zealand.

Enjoy the smoother drive and better handling on the hilly and windy roads of New Zealand, access places bigger vehicles can’t, and save on fuel. These campers are easier to park and manoeuvre in built-up areas and cheaper to cross the Cook Straight on the ferry between the North and South Islands.


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    The most popular and newer vehicle with improved features!

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    Ideal for travellers looking to save money on a camper and spend more on the stuff to do around New Zealand.

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    Beta 4 Berth

    Now you can sleep up to four while still having the luxury of a great vehicle to drive.

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    Beta 2S

    Our newest camper with 40% more space!

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    Dream Sleeper Mini

    An all new travel style. Improved comfort, quality, and fuel economy.



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Ignacio  Etchechoury's avatar

Ignacio Etchechoury

Ranking: 9/10

Great experience with this camper an. The company respected the deal and gave us tons of information and a SIM card! Overall our experience with the van and exploring Aotearoa was superb

Reviewed 11 days ago

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Mikhail Theodorus's avatar

Mikhail Theodorus


Ranking: 9/10

We rent our dream sleeper mini (eros) for 10 days to explore NZ south island. It was easy to drive and smooth. You can easily park anywhere and fit into small parking space because they are not big like normal campervan. They got gps and rear parking camera too, so it is convinient to drive.

The only downside of this car is their fuel consumption. As they already quite old, they consumed a lot of petrol. (but larger campervan will cost more). Other than this, everything was perfect.

Reviewed 4 months ago

Alice's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

We feel like we had bad luck with spaceship since all the other reviews are so positive, but our experience with spaceship was definitely not the best :
- THE CAR HAD A MECANICAL BREAKDOWN LITTERALY TWO DAYS AFTER WE PICKED IT UP THAT ALMOST COST US OUR LIVES; Some bolts were missing near the motor, and the motor belt snapped, damaging a lot of things inside, and overheating the motor, wich made the antifreeze liquid explode all over... THIS MEANS THAT THERE IS NO MECANIST CHECKING THE CARS WHEN THEY ARE GIVEN TO CUSTOMERS, which is dangerous AND irresponsible.
- The car had 300.000+ Km and did 9 to 11 L /100 km (which is a LOT compared to most vehicules)
- The vehicules are not self contained, when for less price other companies offer better self-contained vehicules
- The sliding doors of the car were broken and did not function proprely.
- The car was FULL of dents, and on one side the metal was so broken it was almost dangling!
- The person in charge of our dossier, Jake in Auckland, was truely unhelpful. He litteraly gave us the key of the car, and send us our way. Thanks god we asked another spaceship employee for the information : Martin was really nice and told us how to turn on the fridge, how to open the reservoir, the hood, where are the tools in case of a flat tire, and other important information, which saved our day during the mechanical breakdown. Appart from Jake and customer service, the front staff was nice.
- Spaceship's custumer service is the worst one in the world, they laughed at us when we had a problem with our booking agent

0/10, would never book again.

Reviewed 5 months ago and experienced in February 2019

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Fred Conyers's avatar

Fred Conyers


Ranking: 9/10

Our car rental experience was very good. The only negative was that there was no shuttle to and from the airport. The Dreamliner was a delight to drive and the fridge, cooker and odds and ends were sufficient. WE will hire again on our future trips to New Zealand.

Reviewed 5 months ago

Joze Peres's avatar

Joze Peres

Ranking: 3/10

Spaceship rentals has been a huge deception so far.
I tried to book a campervan from the 22nd April, beta2s, and it took them 4 days to let me know it wasn’t available.
They offered me another model for the 23rd, however I’ve never accepted the offering. Nevertheless, they booked it in my name (model and date I’ve never accepted).
I got in touch a few times, both on line and making phone calls, and I received the information the booking had been cancelled.
However, today I received an email requiring me to make an online check in, what means the booking, which I’ve never requested, is still on!
And now, instead of being enjoying my holidays, I’m tying to have it solved.
By the way, I got in touch through the chat and they told me to wait for their “team” to contact me.
Again, the problem wasn’t solved.

Reviewed 6 months ago

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Charlie Baggallay's avatar

Charlie Baggallay

United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

No problemo - easy to drive, great service and great car.

Reviewed 6 months ago

Rike Pilz's avatar

Rike Pilz

Ranking: 3/10

- comfortable and quick rebuilding
- lots of average day stuff for cooking and sleeping
- easy handling with driving
- friendly service team with free coffee
- free gimmicks from spaceships (key chain, playing cards)

- rear side door was not working perfect ( we have been wedged painful in several times, that's an absolutely no go!!!)
- both side doors weren't fixed when open because the button hinges weren't working anymore (was painful too when not being cautious)
- no battery jumper cable or warning triangle inside (we were lost without it)
- splotchy and uncomfortable mattress (ugh!)
- bleeding expensive service fees for recharging empty battery (we had fully comprehensive insurance)
- sloppy and overhasty briefing

Van wasn't worth payment of never again!!!

Reviewed 8 months ago

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Allison's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

Vans are outfitted very well, however the company slapped a $700.00 fine on us for returning the van to Auckland as opposed to Christchurch, after we spoke with an employee who confirmed this was okay. There were no higher ups in the office to help us sort it when we dropped the van, and now the company has slowly stopped responding to emails.

Reviewed 8 months ago

Michaela's avatar


Ranking: 9/10

We absolutely loved our Spaceship campervan (Beta2S). Small and compact design with plenty of storage space. We used to hire those bulky van type campervans and always had issues with storing our clothes. Spaceship was always neat and tidy and easier to move around with. The outer tent to extend the sleeping area is a brilliant idea and gives plenty of ventilation. Easy to assemble and fold down every day. If we ever need a campervan for 2 people only again, Spaceship is our first choice.
The only issue with the car were the breaks, did not really feel that safe. We went through with the rental without reporting it but noticed the particular car we had seemed to be overdue for service (according to the sticker on its windscreen) so not sure what to think of that. Also, we ended up having a windscreen chip, which we had checked by a windscreen repair place on our way and were told a new windscreen is $450. Spaceships rentals charged us $700 for a new one. We had insurance of the bond, so it does not really matter, but a $250 price difference is quite a lot.

Reviewed 8 months ago

borha mohd zain's avatar

borha mohd zain

Ranking: 1/10

Not sincere to answer email, break down of vehicle quickly blame the hirer,immediately charge without investigate the real fault ,want to make fast buck. No vehicle replacement leaving the hirer felt being cheated

Reviewed 9 months ago and experienced in November 2018

Laura Mayer, Tobias Dürr's avatar

Laura Mayer, Tobias Dürr

Ranking: 4/10

We rented a campervan in Christchurch Orchard Road in December 2018. Before we picked it up, the rental agreement indicated that we had not paid yet which was wrong. That was handled quickly.
During pickup we had the feeling, that they want to get rid of us. I asked for listed deficiencies but I was taught that - as we had full insurance - it would not matter.
The rear door was not closing properly (when we told it, the lady just gave us the feeling that we are stupid and closed it quite rude), so we had to fix it on our own.
The van had a really high fuel consumption and was an old model, it made noises and the side mirror was shaking. That caused a bad view.
We wrote an email during our journey to spaceships, the answer was not referring to what we asked for and not that friendly.
When we gave back the car and told about our worries, it seemed not to interest anybody.
In general, traveling in a van was nice and the kitchen and bed equipment is good. However, the service could be better and the staff more friendly and helpful.

Reviewed 10 months ago

Hayley Pickering 's avatar

Hayley Pickering


Ranking: 9/10

Very happy with my spaceship! Only negatives were that I couldn’t take out the extra two seats in the back for more room (I was travelling alone) so a lot of space wasted. And also needed more bedding, so cold! Cheers

Reviewed 10 months ago

Laurent AUBERTIN's avatar



Ranking: 8/10

Très bon véhicule, idéal pour 1 ou 2 personnes souhaitant découvrir la NZ. Facilité et rapidité pour le check In et check out avec personnel parlant français. Lit confortable et véhicule puissant. Matériel mis à disposition en parfait état. Seule petite complication, ils sont situé à mi chemin de l'aéroport et du centre d'auckland, donc nécessité de taxi, transport en commun, ils peuvent tout de même venir vous chercher. Je recommande.

Reviewed 10 months ago