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Scotties have a great range of vehicles for all your transportation needs.


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Office hours are 9AM to 5PM however after hours pick ups are available on request.

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This review was selected by anniescottie of Scotties Rental Cars on Sat 26 Aug, 2017.

david song's avatar

david song


Ranking: 1/10

Beware. The dodgiest car rental company I have dealt with. Also known as Economy car rentals
Firstly, I booked saying I arrive at 6 pm. They called me just before I tooked the flight saying that I am arriving 'late'. They close at 5 pm. There will be extra charges, that wasn't disclosed earlier. Argumentative on the phone, no apologies for not mentioning this on booking on their website.

Wait there is more.

They asked me to fill in an online form at the airport, a form where you couldn't scroll down and unselect the expensive options.
They booked a GPS at 10 dollars a day, that I didn't want. I protested and called back on my cellphone from the airport, which would have cost as much as the GPS call.
They relented.
Once I got there they charged insurance which cost nearly as much as the car, despite me not choosing that option on their online form. Once I got back to the airport to drop this off. I brought this up, the guy insisted it was my mistake until he looked at the online form. He emailed Wotif to give me a refund, still waiting for it.
I am not hopeful.

Reviewed about 5 years ago

Scotties Rental Cars responds:

There are options for after hours pick up. When they book they are told to contact us for out of hours options and are given a link to the after hours options. This is so we get the best option for the customer. Most people have no problems with our form. You do not have to untick the options but write which option you want. As soon as Dr Song told us he had not wanted the insurance it was refunded. It was a simple mistake. Why would we email Wotif, it's nothing to do with them? Confused.

R Cookson 's avatar

R Cookson

Ranking: 1/10

Appalling presentation of Nissan Sudan that I picked up on 8th,March 2022. Ripped seats, filthy stains on the seats, high kilometres and only quarter of a tank of petrol on pick up. Who do these cheap people think they are to have the nerve to rent out cars in this low standard to customers?

Had a near miss tonight because headlights weren't working. Road rage incident as a result. Stressful and awful.

Scotties Car Rentals are crooks in my opinion. Laying a formal complaint to all authorities I can find.

Reviewed 5 months ago

Shayal Singh's avatar

Shayal Singh

Ranking: 10/10

Very good deal best customer service

Reviewed almost 2 years ago

Catherine thompson's avatar

Catherine thompson

Ranking: 10/10

The cars are pretty much the same as other companies but the service was excellent

Reviewed almost 2 years ago

Edmund Hillstone's avatar

Edmund Hillstone

Ranking: 10/10

I have rented cars all over the world and Scotties is up there with the best of them. Their city location in Auckland is very convenient. The car I had was a Toyota Corolla and I had no problems.

Reviewed almost 2 years ago

JaJa's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

I strongly recommend to stay away from Scotties: Good price came with a hefty price tag for gas for me (16l / 100 km!) for a badly maintained old, small car.

Please note, I tried to contacted them directly, but no response, hence the warning.

Step by Step:
I picked up a gold Nissan Tiida on a Saturday morning in February. Car was pretty worn down and old like all cards on their lot that day. Short overview: Mileage over 150.000km, cuts in the seats and scratches all over. But I was assured the car had just passed official inspection. As I don't mind old cars, I went my way. After half a day I realized that the smell was permanent and the car moved to the left whenever I let the wheel go for a split second. Then the door seal came off. I called and went back to Christchurch the next day to pick up a replacement.

After much apologies I received another Nissan Tiida, with similar scratches, mileage over 150.000km and "optimizable" tires (btw their cars only speak Japanese, because they are direct imports). When I asked about the inferior condition of the cars, I was told "you booked a cheap car". I did not want to argue that cheap and small does not equal crappy and small, because the car seemed old but alright and I finally wanted to leave town. The woman assured me she test drove it herself.

Fast forward a few days. Found a few broken things, but nothing major. BUT: I realized the car was using a lot of gas. Instead of the usual 8-9l I ended up with AN AVERAGE OF 16L/100km. For a Nissan TIIDA. For a 2.000 km/10 day trip this equaled in roughly another 350-400NZD for gas.

The rental price was cheap though.

Reviewed over 2 years ago and experienced in February 2020

Uma's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

Worst car rental service ever ! Our bags got delayed at the airport and we were stuck at airport for longer. When called later for pick up , we were asked to fill up a long form, the guy was on the phone was extremely rude and dint help. Later next day when we went, we came to know we dint have to fill any form , also we were not informed earlier that there is no after hour pick up. To top it all, they tried to overcharge us , we came across some more people who had similar issues. Please do not rent from this place.

Reviewed over 2 years ago

Awesome Starters's avatar

Awesome Starters

Ranking: 8/10

I had an Awesome Customer Service at Scotties. Shabir was very helpful in guiding meand kept me updated via text msges. Thank you Shabir and Scotties Car Rentals for your excellent service. I would definitely recommend Scotties to anyone looking to get a rental car.

Reviewed about 3 years ago

Peter Kohler's avatar

Peter Kohler

Ranking: 10/10

Wellington- they [icked me up at a moments notice from the airport, helped me through the payment process, was booked at the last minute, I extended my mirage easily and the drove me back as well. The service was delightful and I will use them again.

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Jon's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

First off we land at the airport in Aukland and cant find their kiosk anywhere. I ask customer service, and I tell them I booked with Scotties and they laughed at me. We had just arrived on a marathon trip from Canada with two small children, and found out that we were after hours and no one was at the offsite office. We had to go through an online form to get our car, none of this information was relayed to us prior to landing. Through the online form you have to submit a copy of your drivers license except it would not accept the format of the photo. We went back and forth with someone on the phone long distance. Anyways the worst part was that after its all said and done, I find a charge from scotties for 500 NZ on my credit card, even though it was all paid for through air miles. I figure it was a deposit and would be refunded, that was in November 2018, we are now at April 2019 and still it has not been resovled!!! I go back and forth through emails with them (since I can't seem to find a number that will accept international calls) then they just stop responding. I start emailing back and forth again and they forward it to someone else, then crickets again.
Its a joke stay away!! Your better off paying full price at a legitimate rental company.

Reviewed over 3 years ago and experienced in October 2018

Wolf G's avatar

Wolf G

Ranking: 10/10

Good service for a fair price

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Doris, Hamburg's avatar

Doris, Hamburg

Ranking: 10/10

Again great Service, I am a frequent renter and been alway very satisfy with the service and Backpacker car.

Reviewed over 3 years ago and experienced in January 2019

Nit Zys's avatar

Nit Zys


Ranking: 10/10

Everything went very smoothly for our 1 month car rental from Christchurch to Auckland. The car was in great condition, communication easy. To us the perfect experience. We would definitaly come back at Scotties.

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Phil's avatar


Ranking: 10/10

I collected my car from Christchurch airport. I was picked up at the terminal way quicker than any other rental company I have used before and taken to the Scotties depot where the paperwork and handover was very quick and easy. It was Anneka who collected me at the terminal and did all the paperwork and handover--- she could not have been nicer and is a great ambassador for Scotties.
It was equally quick and easy to return the car at Auckland airport. The car was an older model which is to be expected from a low-price rental company, but it ran like a dream and everything worked like new for the 1000km I covered.
This was my first experience of using Scotties, but I would definitely be happy to use them again and recommend them to friends

Reviewed over 3 years ago

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