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Rankers campervan bookings give you both instant and crafted quotes backed by independent reviews. Plus our discount and personal assistance - all with no booking fee! contact us any time.

Hello, Rankers campervan bookings give you both instant and crafted quotes backed by Rankers independent reviews. Plus we throw in our Rankers discount and personal assistance - all with no booking fee! contact us any time if you need a hand.



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Britz Frontier
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Go your own way, with Britz. Whether you want to head out on the road and explore the sights, surf the swell down at the beach, spot native wildlife in the bush, or even trek up a mountain range to take in the views – a Britz Campervan will take you there. With comfortable double beds, gas stove, microwave, toilet and shower, air-conditioning, and a fridge to keep the drinks cool, you will have everything you need for a fun and unique holiday. Britz is part of the largest campervan rental company in New Zealand and with branches in Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown, Britz offers many options to suit your holiday needs and budget.


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    The Voyager 4 berth campervan is set up for an awesome adventure!

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    The HiTop is a 3 berth campervan with all the mod-cons like a microwave, fridge, and gas stove, plus fold-out table from the inside, for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday experience.

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    The Venturer is a fantastic option for the couple who want to travel in comfort.

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    Venturer Plus

    The Venturer Plus is designed with you and your growing family in mind!

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    The Explorer 4 berth motorhome is perfect for a spacious trip away.

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    Britz has unleashed a new and innovative camper custom-designed for up to four people.

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    The Vista is ideal for four people to travel with ease and comfort.

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    Be the envy of other campers when you pull up in this brilliant 6 berth motorhome!


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Greg McMehen's avatar

Greg McMehen


Ranking: 8/10

Our campervan was clean and worked great. Would be 10 out of 10 except for their heavy handed insurance tactics.

Reviewed 22 days ago

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Tom Tsao's avatar

Tom Tsao

United States

Ranking: 6/10

We have rented an RV before, in Alaska, so we have a bit of comparison. We recently rented a 6 berth Britz for 2 weeks in NZ in the winter. It had 180k km on it. There were a number of issues. In the big picture, we were able to have a great vacation, and having a campervan allowed us to do this. Pros: Everybody we dealt with was professional. Interior looked nice/clean. Well stocked, including 2 warm blankets per person and an electric heater. Here are the issues: (1) Shocks/suspension were old/worn. A lot of road noise so that we could not talk between the driver/passengers. Also, after going over a bump, the van would oscillate several times before settling down. This did cause some motion sickness issues for passengers. When parked, even a young child walking across the width of the van would cause the entire van to tilt (2) Water storage - there was definitely something odd going on. After our first night, we ran out of water after doing 2 loads of dishes - probably 3-4 sink-fulls of water. At first, I thought this was the result of Britz not filling the water, but this happened several other times. So we never used the shower. This turned out to be ok, because we wound up staying at camp sites that had showers/kitchens, but I would be very concerned if we were at DOC sites with no water. (3) Kitchen bench cushions - that convert to a bed - had velcro, but the wooden slats underneath did not. This meant that while driving, the cushions would slip out constantly. The lack of velcro was very surprising (4). Fridge had a loose seal. It would detach from the door, which sometimes opened while driving. (5) WiFi through the TomTom was unusable. If traveling from abroad, I'd suggest simply buying a local Spark SIM card which works quite well. (6) Although we didn't use it much, the cruise control would sometimes not work. Not a huge deal breaker. (7) Took an hour for an agent to start with us at check-in. Bottom line: I'd probably rent a newer (Maui) van.

Reviewed about 1 month ago

Gilbert Appleby's avatar

Gilbert Appleby


Ranking: 8/10

15 days/2200km in a Frontier around North Island as a family of 5 (Dad, Mum, 21,19 & 5yo daughters). The Auckland THL staff were friendly. The intro to the van was reasonable, but allow a day or so to figure out how the vehicle works yourself. Opting for the $7500 excess WAS a stressor throughout, but I felt the hand-back was pleasant even with a chipped windscreen (2x $55 - quite reasonable). The THL share pantry is brilliant, use it and repay the favour with your leftover items.
Mercedes Sprinter: well behaved overall, easy to operate, good features. Consult the vehicle manual to figure out how it works - eg cruise/speed limiter is brilliant to use but not obvious at first. As a former truck driver I had no problems with the size, but at 2.3m wide and 7.2m long won't fit in a normal car park. No reversing camera! Honestly cannot understand why such a simple device isn't added - driver sees nothing directly behind the van. Also some caution needed when wind gusts combine with bumps to give it the wombles.
Heaps of sleeping room inside; took us a few days to get into routine but pretty straightforward. Quite cosy, well insulated. Condensation is a natural consequence of 5 breathing bodies, even with the top vents and some windows a bit open. Vehicle aircon dried it out quickly, however still damp patches behind cushions/under mattresses. The linen provided was quite adequate (our daughters did take sleeping bags though).
Kitchen and fridge is fine, reasonable range of utensils although for a family of our size the frypan/saucepan was a little limited in capacity. The cassette toilet to is actually easy to deal with (ask for more tablets so you can empty regularly). Hot water for shower never worked though. House battery was dodgy, which limits options at night (eg diesel heater is great, but needs power for fan).
Most nights were lovely free spots, with van parks every few days for showers and power (4 adults=$$$). Next time I would plan for more Campable sites.

Reviewed about 1 month ago

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Vaughn Filmer's avatar

Vaughn Filmer

New Zealand

Ranking: 9/10

Awesome service. Great camper.

Reviewed 2 months ago

Virginia's avatar


Ranking: 3/10

Very poor experience! Never again with Britz! We rented a 6 berth as we are 2 adults with 4 children and they actually forgot to include the bed pieces that convert the table into a bed! We had to actually sleep 2 + 4 and 3+3 while they 'found a place' to offer us service since we were on the lower North island! We also had scary brake problems and one headlight (4bulbs) were missing!!! We had no hot water as it was faulty. We were instructed to shake/wiggle wires to get it to work- and got shocked trying to get hot water!!! We got our brakes repaired and the service station was shocked we were roadworthy at the state of the brakes! We actually had to leave our vacation and drive two days to closest service station!!! It was deplorable! They actually told us to check in at a paid for camp site to use hot water and beds and they would reimburse and then they did not reimburse!!!!!!!' They are an embarrassment to the credibility of NZ and really leave a bad taste in your mouth! There were actually so many other minor issues to go with it that I'm amazed they can get away with hiring for out these campers! A wrecked vacation for sure and soo much waisted money chasing their repairs, not to mention, our lost annual leave days! Really disappointed :(

Reviewed 3 months ago

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Karen Cranitch's avatar

Karen Cranitch


Ranking: 10/10

Company easy to deal with. Van was what I expected. Clean tidy with every thing I needed. Van travelled well on the roads and I would use thus company again.

Reviewed 3 months ago

Daniel's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

Never ever again! Please be aware that Britz, Maui and Mighty are the same company. Maui is their so called "premium brand", which means that all new campers are rented out with a Maui sticker on it. The medium-old / second hand campers are rented out with a Britz sticker, and once a camper is run-down completely it gets rented out with a Mighty sticker. My parents made the mistake and went for Mighty. They had to visit repair shops on a daily basis - so think twice if you want to go for the cheapest offer!
We had a Britz camper for two weeks. The camper itself was ok / no major issues. However their service in Auckland was outrageous! Despite the fact that it was low-season and there was only one more family at their pick-up place, they let us wait for more than 3 hours. The customer rep we got was super unpleasant. We literally had to beg her for giving us some kind of introduction to the van. I would never ever book any Britz, Maui or Mighty camper anymore, just to prevent going through their pick-up procedure a second time.

Reviewed 3 months ago

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K Atkins 's avatar

K Atkins

Ranking: 3/10

We hired a Britz self contained campervan for 8 nights as a couple. The bed was comfortable. The gas cooker worked well. Unfortunately, there is little else positive to say about this campervan and the Britz experience. Our spare sheet was visibly dirty when we came to replace the 1st. The spare tea towel, presumably freshly laundered as it was folded nicely in a package, smelt strongly of vomit. We had to go to 2 garages during 9 days (!!) due to a waste water tank design that does not work as these are retro fitted vans rather than purpose built. The waste water from the sink doesnt drain into the tank sufficiently and backflows into the shower cubicle regardless of how recently you emptied the waste water, making the floor wet with dish water. Remaining showers were had at paid-for campsite showers. The diesel heater was temperamental making for some chilly mornings. We felt the company is aware that their vans are poorly functioning and assume that monetary compensation will suffice and keep customers quiet. We were upset by this attitude as money does not make up for lost (sunny) days of holiday spent in garages. Britz will continue to turn these vans around knowing they are ill-functioning. We were given some compensation for the time we spent in garages due to being rented a vehicle which did not do what it said it would do (i.e. allow 2 people to have short showers and do washing up for 3 meals a day if necessary) but we came away feeling cheated. The attitude of the employees did not match the very accommodating attitude we generally experienced throughout New Zealand. There is no way we would recommend this company to any family or friends, or anyone we like.

Reviewed 5 months ago

Des's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

We rented a Frontier for 6 weeks.
Our experience with Britz started by loosing 4 hours. We arrived at Britz's premises at 10:00 on 17.02.19 and could finally leave at 14:00:
Apart from a very long waiting time before we were being looked after, the vehicle turned out to be extremely dirty. It took another 2 hours before it was (not very well) cleaned.
During our tour, we had following experiences:
- One fronttyre was completely worn off. We noticed this whilst being at the other side of the South-Island.The workshop Britz chose to get them replaced (both, since we insisted both should be replaced), couldn't balance the wheels. Due to strong vibrations, we had to pass by Britz again to get the frontwheels balanced.
- The door to the cabin opened spontaneously whilst driving at several occasions (at least 5 times).
- We had to secure it with the latch, which was only possible from the inside, since Britz didn’t hand us the key for it.
- The door of the fridge was opening spontaneously whilst driving as well, we had to secure it using the drying line Britz provided.
- Of the 6 cabin windows, 3 couldn't be opened because the mosquito nets were not closing properly, so that we had to keep them closed to keep the sandflies out.
- Overall the van was in an unacceptable condition.
Of course we complained about the inconveniences and received 1 day rent as a "compensation", which didn't nearly match the trouble we had.

Reviewed 5 months ago and experienced in February 2019

colette rausch's avatar

colette rausch

United States

Ranking: 5/10

My campervan itself was in good condition and we were generally happy with it, however, the reason for the low rating was the service received by Britz. The initial walk through was very vague with little information on the how tos of running certain aspects of the van. Britz supplies you with a TomTom that has tutorials on the van, but ours did not work after the first few hours - so we were left in a bind and had to call the service number a few times. They were nice, but gave incorrect information on what our house battery would power. We tried plugging the TomTom into a different 12V receptacle and this caused a fuse to blow and left us without lights in the van even though we were plugged in at a site. When we called to figure out what happened - again they were nice - but not knowledgeable to the power system of our van and left us with no answer and seemed to have inaccurate information for the type of van we had rented. We discovered on our own that a fuse had blown. We purchased an all inclusive package that included a table and chairs, 1GB of WIFI among other things. But because the TomTom did not work - we were unable to use the Wifi or GPS and had to turn on our phone at $15/day. They also never supplied a table which was annoying because we were stuck eating inside when we really would have liked to be sitting outside at a table to eat. Halfway through the trip we were in the location of the rental so we stopped in to exchange the TomTom and get a table. We were told via the telephone we would be reimbursed for the fee of having to turn our phone on and credited due to the lack of the table - however all Britz would do was refund $35 for the Wifi - which was less than I felt was fair. When were originally picking up our van a customer was complaining their TomTom wasn't working and on the plane we met another Britz customer who said theirs was not working either - so my suggestion is before you leave the parking lot make sure it is working!

Reviewed 6 months ago

Chris Collins's avatar

Chris Collins


Ranking: 10/10

Camper van was clean and drove well and facilities at their depots across NZ were excellent and very helpful. Had a great time in NZ.

Reviewed 7 months ago

Vyt Vilkaitis's avatar

Vyt Vilkaitis


Ranking: 9/10

Rankers made our NZ trip around the north island sooo much easier. While the campervan does all it needs to, its finding those special places (including having reviews) that made the trip. Highly recommend using Rankers.

Reviewed 8 months ago

Angela Howell's avatar

Angela Howell

United Kingdom

Ranking: 9/10

Nice van with low mileage. We had a couple of technical problems which were sorted quickly and efficiently. The van handover was rather rushed but it was a very busy period. The bed mattress was very hard but otherwise everything was great.

Reviewed 8 months ago