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Mark's avatar


United States

Ranking: 3/10

This is my first review of a company and I'm compelled to write it almost entirely because of two things: the quality of equipment and the obvious lack of concern from the office staff regarding the quality of the equipment. We rented the 'Venturer' and when we opened it to begin our cursory inspection before signing paperwork, noticed an inhumane, dreadful, powerful stink emanating from the refrigerator. It was toxic, people. Loathsome and mean. It got sent back to be cleaned, but when it reemerged, it was just as strong as before. Once they realized that we weren't going to accept it in this condition, they (the office staff, mind you - not the car 'preppers') sighed and begrudgingly conceded to give us a different campervan. The next camper lacked the stench but offered a less-than-fun 'trick' to get into it. The maintenance workers mentioned that the slide door required a 'rump bump' from the outside in order for the handle of the door to function properly. Not making this up. The preexisting dents in the door offered proof that others before us found entrance this same way. In the spirit of 'oh, it's quaint and a fun story' and in a rush to finally get on with it, we signed the papers and off we went. There is more, of course. There was the 'dangling' piece on the undercarriage that made horrific scraping sounds on every last speed bump in the nation, drawing gawked gazes from innocent pedestrians near and far. There was the rotted-through grey water pipe held together with a zip-tie. There was the flooded toilet/shower whenever we added water to the fresh water tank. It went like this for three weeks. Complain? Well, it's vacation and who wants to drive all the way back to Auckland for yet another vehicle that may or may not be better? The engine of the MB van is exceptional. It is reasonable on fuel and climbs hills well. But the 'camper' part of the 'campervan'? I'll be looking elsewhere in the future to get my NZ fix.

Reviewed 29 days ago

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Ranking: 9/10

Campervan is in good condition with gas, microwave, sink, waste water tank, not self-contained. Handling is tops, even with wind - despite height of camper (3M). Full cooking equipment onboard. Perhaps a bit too small for 4 people but perfect for 3 people.

Reviewed 5 months ago and experienced in December 2014

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Frank Wijnands


Ranking: 4/10

Not enough staff to handle busy season: 3 hour wait to take possession of our campervan. Very poorly equipped campervan. Several booked items were not available (bicycles and bicycle rack).

Reviewed 5 months ago and experienced in December 2014

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Logan Leduc


Ranking: 5/10

Firstly Britz, Maui, Alpha and Mighty are all one company (THL) so less than real competition in the market. Second, if anything is wrong with the camper, they fix it on your time! Third, avoid the Christchurch location, booked for 10am but did not leave until 2.30pm, we lost a day because of here.

Reviewed 5 months ago and experienced in November 2014

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Angie Cairns


Ranking: 7/10

Van not in perfect state of repair considering costs but reparations attended to willingly.

Reviewed 5 months ago and experienced in January 2015

Robert's avatar


United States

Ranking: 2/10

Had bad experience with Britz.
The van had lots of things that did not work, including remotes (you can just set the station by going to the satellite receive and pushing the button)
Fuel Tank had 1/4 tank of fuel, but paperwork said it was full.
Person doing the orientation to the vehicle was unfamiliar. Had two hidden places to turn LP gas on, not documented and nobody could find until the it was sent to the back for a mechanic to troubleshoot.
Checkout did not record the starting mileage from the wheel lock so we were overcharged. When I asked for documentation, they gave the run-around and finally admitted they had none.
You are charged for by the calendar day. If you pick up on day 1 at 4 pm and return day 2 at 8 am you are charged for 2 days.
Repairs are done on your time with no refund for down time.
Staff was overworked, under trained, and stressed.
All in all a stressful and unhappy experience.

Reviewed 6 months ago

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