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Explore amazing and unique locations
Enjoy a range of great activtiies
Cycle options for all fitness levels everyday
Try some of New Zealand's best hikes


Flying kiwi is the best way to experience the outdoor beauty and excitement of NZ. These trips offer more national parks, more activities, more hikes and more bike rides than any other operator with accommodation by lakes, mountains & oceans.

Flying Kiwi is the ONLY New Zealand
company to be listed in National
Geographic's "Best Adventure Travel
Companies on Earth" and the 2010,
2011 & 2012 World Travel Awards.

Here are some reasons why:
- flexible trips range from 3-28 days
- options to take extended breaks
- bikes, hikes or activity options
- unbeatable value
- tasty and healthy meals included
- amazing locations for accommodation
- discover NZ's best National Parks
- Visit UNESCO World heritage sites
- Trek some of NZ's great hikes
- Bike parts of the New Zealand Cycle Trail
- Meet like minded travelers from around
the globe


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Wendy's avatar


Ranking: 6/10

Completed ultimate explorer- I would recommend it on the basis of the itinerary & the range of activities. Good for solo travellers. I would however add multiple caveats/warnings. Some of the selected accommodation/ campsites should be, or possibly has been, condemned. You will spend a longtime on a bus and their buses are cramped and past their sell by date (prone to mechanical faults). Mostly good people but some travelers are solo for a reason (total misfits/oddballs). Most of the tour guides are great but one or two are obstructive and rude.

Reviewed over 1 year ago

Sarah B's avatar

Sarah B

Ranking: 10/10

Ski & Snow Explorer Tour, August 2018 - Really enjoyed this quick 5 day tour from Christchurch to Queenstown. The skiing was awesome and the scenery was breathtaking. The guide was lots of fun and it was a really mixed group of nationalities and ages. Would definitely do it again!

Reviewed almost 2 years ago

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Amanda's avatar


Ranking: 10/10

Had an absolutely wonderful experience on the Flying Kiwi Winter Alpine Tour from start to finish. From the moment I entered the bus on day 1 I knew it would be a great trip as all of the group were very welcoming including our driver who provided some top notch banter! The tour covered some of the most beautiful areas in the South Island, always giving us a chance to take in the views and soak up NZ at its finest! There were many options of activities to take part in depending on budget etc. I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience NZ and come away with many stories to tell and memories that will last forever!

Reviewed about 2 years ago

Sarah's avatar


Ranking: 10/10

We were part of the Alpine Explorer tour and it was great! From stargazing in Tekapo, discovering the glaciers, (attempting) to ski the slopes and being in absolute awe of the beautiful west coast that we drove up, the tour is really something I'd recommend! Great food, atmosphere and people, all eager to explore NZ with an added adrenaline and adventure! Especially loved the biking! Thanks for a great trip!

Reviewed about 2 years ago

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Sarah Geran's avatar

Sarah Geran

Ranking: 10/10

We have just returned from a Winter Tour with the Flying Kiwi. The trip brought unforgettable experiences. Being part of a group, but plenty of time to have alone. Very experienced, knowledgable friendly guides. Travelled with my teenage daughter, entertainment and activities for all ages. Plenty of optional activities. My expectations were met and succeeded. The trip was just as exciting as the stunning unspoilt and spacious country. What a fabulous family trip we have just had. A small piece of paradise that is left on earth.

Reviewed about 2 years ago

Laura Aiosa's avatar

Laura Aiosa

Ranking: 8/10

It has been a fantastic experience to travel with Flying Kiwi.
The food was freshly cooked , the schedule was flexible and with plenty of alternatives for everyone. The driver was super friendly and made the trip lots of fun!

Reviewed about 2 years ago

Antoine Bordas's avatar

Antoine Bordas


Ranking: 10/10

Perfect way of discovering this amazing New Zealand country. Friendly and professional crew, amazing tour of a month: really diversified and well thought

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours responds:

thanks so much for the kind words and review Antoine

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Jack Shaked's avatar

Jack Shaked

United States

Ranking: 10/10

As a young bird’s first step out of the nest into the open and wild air is full of trepidation, so was my first step onto the Flying Kiwi bus. In hindsight it is clear that if that bird’s wings went by the name of Tom and Shannon he would have nothing to worry about. He would glide down past glorious beaches, stunning valleys, unique cultural sites, and epic hikes to land safely amongst a campsite and a well cooked dinner.

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, Thelma and Louise, (the two from Natural Born Killers or w/e that movie is called). Tom and Shannon may not have gone out in a blaze of glory (and they did not, I repeat did not, drive our bus off a cliff despite multiple opportunities), but like those eternal pairings, they are a team in every sense of the word. They seamlessly switched off being each other’s support system and handled the many obstacles that inevitably come up with a large group with poise. When a grease fire broke out in a neighboring campsite, threatening to come into ours when the resident pig caught fire, Shannon quickly reminded Tom to use milk instead of water to put the poor animal out. And when a Kiwi Experience group decided to keep us up all night, it was Tom’s idea to play the escaped convict who threatened them into silence and Shannon who supported him by playing the parole officer in pursuit who made it all far too real for the drunk teenagers.

Harmless hijinks aside, Shannon and Tom made the whole experience super fun yet relaxed, exciting yet safe. They had a knack of packing in as much as possible without making the day feel too packed. They were the extremely reliable friends you’ve always wanted but don’t exist in real life. I couldn’t recommend them, and Flying Kiwi, more.

- Jack Shimon Shaked

P.S. I must say my favorite memories from the whole trip were Tom teaching me Maori sign language (who knew you could do the Haka in sign!?) and Shannon doing an interpretive dance set for the whole group to nothing but a track

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours responds:

thanks so much for the feedback and your comments on our awesome guides - we love them too :)

Josh Lawrence's avatar

Josh Lawrence

United States

Ranking: 10/10

A little over a year ago, November 2015, I spent two weeks on Flying Kiwi's Grand Traverse Tour. I was solo traveling, and for getting around New Zealand the structure, provided meals and transportation of a tour group seemed appealing, but I was worried a tour group could be *too* rail-roaded, not allowing enough time for exploration, etc. I was advised by someone who had also solo travelled in New Zealand to check out Flying Kiwi, and am very thankful for the advice.

New Zealand has a startling amount of beautiful and varied nature to see, and Flying Kiwi focuses on getting you to it (as well as seeing some big and small towns along the way). At each stop there’s usually the option to go with the group or wander off on your own (just be back to the bus on time). The group we had on the bus was such a excellent collection of fun people, that I ended up going with them most of the time. The locations were superbly chosen, more than I can list here. Some locales have optional add-on activities, like swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura, or even more adventerous like skydiving.

The tour guides Shannon and Tom were excellent - they were knowledgable, always on top of things, great cooks (very important for that meal we help them prepare!) and top of all of that, great fun to be around.

You will often being making a tent to spend the night in (tents are provided but if you have your own favorite tent you can bring that along instead). Two meals a day a covered, the third you get yourself, or eat with the group in a restaurant, in a town we stop in. Each day breakfast is almost always covered, the second covered meal either a big lunch or dinner that you will help prepare sometimes (on a rotating schedule).

I highly recommend Flying Kiwi as a great way to see New Zealand, with the benefit of not having to plan lodging, itinerary, meals, and transportation yourself, while still having enough flexibility to see what you want at your own pace at each stop.

Reviewed over 3 years ago and experienced in November 2015

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours responds:

Great to have you back on the bus and so pleased we matched the awesome experience of your other tour

Tina Mjn's avatar

Tina Mjn


Ranking: 10/10

I highly recommend the Ultimate Explorer Tour to anyone who is short on time and wants to see as many highlights as possible, but still wants to travel off the beaten track! It is ideal for people who are interested in the great outdoors, love hiking and enjoy camping (there are affordable upgrade options available in case the weather turns bad etc.) Be prepared to get up early most days, as there is plenty to see & do!
With plenty of space in my tent, it was awesome to wake up to bird song & the sun shining through the tent and to feel so close to nature :)
Make sure to read the Flying Kiwi pack list carefully, so you’re always prepared for unforeseen weather changes ;)
The food is good, especially considering that it is a camping trip, and there is always plenty to go round, always fresh & a good mixture of everything :)
I loved the variety of optional activities that NZ & Flying Kiwi has to offer! It is not necessary to compare the prices yourself, because Flying Kiwi always gets you a better deal if you want to do paragliding, white water rafting, sailing and so on!!! :) There are highly adrenalin activities, but also more mellow ones..
All the operators are awesome & the guides will make sure you have the best time! Really liked the insight knowledge about culture & history from the guides, that taught me more about New Zealand!
When searching for tour companies, I found Flying Kiwi is the only company in NZ, which lays its focus so much on adventure, nature & camping and this is why I have decided to give it a shot and get out of my comfort zone, while camping or jumping off the cliff to paraglide! All in all- If you don’t want to be on a drinking party bus with hostel stays, and don’t want to travel alone & see & experience as much as possible then this tour is definitely right for you!

Reviewed over 3 years ago and experienced in November 2016

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours responds:

Great and thanks for the review Tina - describes our trips perfectly

Award-2-24px Congratulations Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours

Top Ranked NZ Awards 2016 Group Tours Finalist

Varun Udayakumar's avatar

Varun Udayakumar


Ranking: 9/10

My girlfriend and I booked the 5 day tour with Flying Kiwi. We started off in Auckland and finished in Wellington. I'd never been on a group tour before so I was concerned to say the least, not knowing what to expect and who I'll be travelling with. When we eventually got on the bus and met everyone, any concerns I had were gone. Not only were we lucky enough to be travelling with a really friendly/ fun group, Tom and Shan, the tour leaders from Flying Kiwi were fantastic. They always gave us interesting bits of information as we passed something of note. They even talked to us about the history and culture of New Zealand. The activities we had lined up were brilliant, it's just a shame that we had bad weather on the day we planned to skydive. A couple of the activities were a bit too touristy for my liking, but having said that it's something you have to experience and looking back, it was totally worth it. The food was another plus point, those guys really know how to put together a good meal. All in all it was the best holiday I've ever had, an incredible experience which I'd like to repeat very soon. In fact, I've already started planning my tour of the south island with Flying Kiwi. I'm positive that all of Flying Kiwi's guide-teams are just as amazing, but we had an awesome time with Tom and Shan, so if you're considering Flying Kiwi, try to get on one of their tours.

Reviewed almost 4 years ago

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours responds:

Thanks for the kind words and yep i can assure you all are guides are amazing and make our trips expectional :) Hope to see you on the south island

James Theophilus's avatar

James Theophilus

United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

What an awesome trip! Great people, delicious food, incredible campsites and a fantastic selection of activities. Tom & Shannon were the best tour guides you could ask for and really made the trip! I'd recommend a Flying Kiwi tour to anyone!

Reviewed about 4 years ago and experienced in March 2016

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours responds:

Thanks for the review James and will pass your comments on to the guides.

MJ's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

I wasn't quite sure what to expect of this tour as I am usually used to traveling alone. But I can honestly say that this was a great experience! The campsites were all very nice, the food was great and the activities were fun! Not once was I ever bored! It didn't feel like an organized tour as we had a lot of free time to do whatever we wanted do. I would definitely recommend this tour company to anyone who is thinking of going to New Zealand and wants to see as much of the country in a short period of time!

Reviewed over 4 years ago and experienced in April 2016

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours responds:

Great MJ and thanks for the tour recommendation