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Ranking: 10/10

Even though we returned back home from NZ couple of weeks ago - we are still keep talking about the amazing night out with Ian Cooper! It was definitely one of our NZ highlights!!! Ian just loves what he does, and so it's a pleasure to spend time with him. It is not a tour about tourist, it's a tour about Kiwis. If you are into nature and wildlife, you have to join Ian on his tours! He taught us a lot about Kiwis and how they live. And he explained that we would be very lucky if we could see ONE Kiwi during our tour. But what we experienced on hour tour nobody would have expected! We actually saw TWO Kiwis - really close - in their native habitat without them noticing that we are around. As if this would not be enough - they met to make Kiwi love! :D
It was extraordinary to experience nature as it should be.
Dear Ian, thank you so much for bringing us so close to the Okarito Kiwis Beaumont & BZ!
Michaela & Thorsten

Reviewed 5 months ago and experienced in March 2015

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Lois Harter's avatar

Lois Harter

United States

Ranking: 10/10

Fabulous experience with Ian Cooper's tour last night. Ian is a true professional - informative, engaging and passionate. He quickly had us all involved in the magic of seeing Okarito Brown Kiwis in their native habitat, mosquitoes and all! He ensured we were well prepared and did everything to optimize the chances of success. Seeing two kiwis in this manner was a highlight of our NZ journey - thank you!

Reviewed 8 months ago

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Craig Steed's avatar

Craig Steed

New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

I'm not sure how best to put down in a few words how fantastic our recent experience with Ian and the Okarito Kiwi Tours was, but it was amazing. We've recently returned from 3 weeks holiday down south and this was a definite highlight. My wife and two kids met other members of the group, had our briefing and travelled the short journey to the local kiwi habitat. Ian prepped us well and kept us engaged with the whole experience as he tracked the birds and we waited for them to emerge. It was soon after 10 that not one, but two kiwi exited the bush directly in front of us, we stood there amazed as we had this close up encounter of such a unique bird. Even as NZrs ourselves, this was our first encounter of kiwi in the wild and it was outstanding. Can't recommend this enough!

Reviewed 9 months ago

John Gray's avatar

John Gray

United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

One of my fondest memories of New Zealand is sneaking through the forest in Okarito and having the most amazing Kiwi encounter. We saw the male and female of a pair and it was amazing. I always recommend the Okarito Kiwi Tour to people travelling down the West Coast. A wonderful experience, from a very knowledgeable and experienced guide. Okarito is also a lovely little place to stay, much nicer than Franz Joseph. We saw Kiwi at the West Coast Wildlife Centre in Franz Joseph also and although it was nice and I applaud the work they do, it didn't compare to seeing wild Kiwi in their natural habitat. A must do for West Coast travellers

Reviewed 9 months ago and experienced in January 2014

Okarito Kiwi Tours responds:

Trip Date 4 Jan 2014

Thanks John for the positive review. From my diary I remember that this was a trip in a very tough location ? Fancy and Joeline were along a very very hairy track.....Ben...my co-guide did a fantastic job.

Thanks again for being part of a great team.


Award-1-24px Congratulations Okarito Kiwi Tours

Top Ranked Awards 2015 Bird Watching Winner

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Dennis Seijts


Ranking: 10/10

If you like to see a kiwi, go to a birdhouse.
If you like to explore, search and hopefully find, hear and see a kiwi, do this tour, it was amazing!
Ian, the tour guide, has now 16 years of experience with kiwis and he is a great guide that respects the birds.
We saw a female kiwi, Baymond, coming out of her shelter, heard her going through the bushes, with their big feet they are quite noisy, then we saw a beak coming out of the bushes, followed by the kiwi, it crossed the road right in front of us, just about 30 centimeters away from us, stood still for a brief moment and contineud his way in the thick bushes. It was really something beautifull and amazing!

Reviewed 10 months ago

Okarito Kiwi Tours responds:

Trip Date - 13 Nov 2014

Dennis.......I loved your attitude from the moment you climbed off your bike ! You were a pleasure to take out into the bush and share a little snippet of my life with the kiwi's.
This was day 27 of incubation.....we saw Beaumont emerge from her burrow and then appear on the track at 9.54......We saw her so well, that she had to deviate to go round us and continue her feeding journey.
Thanks for the positive review...Love it !


Patrick_Mirta's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

This tour was just amazing. We recommend it to everyone who wants to see a Kiwi in his natural environment. Ian is an enthusiastic guide and his knowledge has really impressed us. We have never expected to see a kiwi that near as we did. Thanks Ian for this unforgettable experience.

Reviewed 10 months ago

Okarito Kiwi Tours responds:

Trip Date - 22 Nov 2014

What an unusual trip....only 2 people in November !......but, what a great night....This was Day 5 of the birds incubating an egg in a breeding burrow next to the track. It meant we were able to see Beaumont very early......and what a view.....By 9.23pm we had seen her twice.

Thanks for the review