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Wayne Campbell's avatar

Wayne Campbell

Ranking: 1/10

The motorhome was picked up by us in bad condition and only got worse as out trip continued. The two side window were taped up with duct tape, the interior had several latches that were damaged or broken (fridge would not stay closed when moving, overhead latch to one bin was not even there and taped up and the door handle was cracked). This vehicle should have not be rented out for trips in areas where there are hills as it was so under powered at times we were hard pressed to do 50 klm per hour, when we started small inclines there was always a line up of people lined up behind us where we would have to pull over to let pass. After the first couple of days the brakes begin squealing and continued throughout the trip and in the last couple of days the motorhome began to jump out of 5th gear when driving. In short when we identified these issues along our trip to the owner his response was we told you this was a older vehicle its a camper not the HILTON. Be aware of this rental agency is what I am saying.

Reviewed 6 months ago

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Tori's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

The only bad thing in NZ - this company.

1) As others stated - paid for 1 advertised van and delivered another, not even of the same make.

2) No instructions or helpful hand over at all. You're given the keys and that's it. Work the rest out yourself.

Oh, you mentioned you've never had a campervan and would like some help? Well. Here's some switches. Turn them on and you're good to go. READ: The hand off person has no idea about this van and possibly any campervan.

3) No, not all necessities are provided (as advertised). We purchased basics like porta-paks and dishwashing liquid all the way to a plug for the sink... so you know... you could actually wash up.

4) While the van was somehow Certified Self Contained it clearly did not meet this criteria. Again, from things like no bin to there being absolutely NO WAY near enough water to sustain anyone for 3 days. We couldn't wash the dishes (after getting a plug) and do 1 stop-start to soap up 1 minute shower, without needing to refill the water tank.

5) The grey water tank we were told was emptied for us, but we weren't provided fresh water. Except... The grey water tank also wasn't emptied and it's clear why - because again the hand off guy has NO CLUE. The handle to the grey water tank was bent upwards and this caused the almost understandable confusion. We had a lovely local legend help us with his - and not Sweet As Campers who we had been in contact with about a related issue for almost a week....

6) The hot water was entirely unreliable. Not just bad wind, or unstable camp ground. You were just 99% likely to have to wash up in cold water, doesn't matter anyway since we were having to pay for more expensive campsites so we could actually shower... AGAIN, something we were in contact with you about for almost a week before eventually giving up o

Reviewed 7 months ago

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Patrick and Lisa's avatar

Patrick and Lisa

Ranking: 1/10

From 16 November 2019 we are travelling around the North and South Island of beautiful New Zealand with a Fiat Ducato camper from SweetasCampers which is very old (over 250,000 km!). It was handed over to us as planned, however Unfortunately without a full tank.
From the beginning we had to deal with major technical issues including:
- when it’s connected to 240V we get electrical shocks whenever opening the door with the key or touching any metal based part of the camper
- the yellow check engine light turned on
- the rpm turned higher than normal without pushed throttle (1200 rpm)
- brakesystem warninglight is on frequently
- scratching noise when changing third to second gear
- camper suddenly starts to jerk while driving with no power when pushing the gas pedal
Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach our local contact agent for days. The message on his answering machine said that he is out of Office and even out of country!
Today when we could finally „talk“ to each other, he was very angry and offensive towards us on the phone, he did not let us even say anything, repeated frequently that he doesn‘t see any major problem about these things. He told us that he is absolutely sure that there is nothing wrong with the camper. We only shouldnˋt connect it to power anymore.
He also ensured that the camper had a service recently. However, the service sticker on the windscreen says that service was due on 31/10/19 and there is a note saying that only oil was changed.
Instead of giving us useful advice or support we were taught how to release the hand brake, asked if we were familiar with manual vehicles and told that our English was not good enough to talk and so we should send an email.
We are tired of getting offensed and getting treated like we were stupid. We feel very unsafe and alone with this.
If you also think that this is not OK then we recommend NOT to book your camper with SweetasCampers!

Reviewed 8 months ago

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Disgruntled's avatar


Ranking: 2/10

Not good. Camper was tired, old and dirty. Came with no water but the waste water tank was full. Took nearly two hours to clean before we set off, no instruction manual, toilet didn't work properly, curtains missing, cupboard doors broken. Wouldn't recommend.

Reviewed about 1 year ago

Dan Roigard's avatar

Dan Roigard

Ranking: 10/10

We used a sweet as camper to travel down the east coast. The camper was in excellent condition and was fully equipped.
I found them really easy to deal with and highly recommended.
Will definitely use them again!

Reviewed over 1 year ago

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Melissa Meek 's avatar

Melissa Meek

Ranking: 9/10

We rented a camper off sweet as campers and found them super easy to deal with. We had a flat tyre at one point on our trip but AA was sent out to us nice and fast, got us on with our trip and the rest was great. Would def rent off this company again.

Reviewed over 1 year ago

Annie's avatar


Ranking: 9/10

Just arrived back from 2 blissful weeks holiday in the South Island. Sweet As staff picked us up at the airport and took us north of town to collect the van. We have two small children and they provided a baby and toddler seat for us so we didn't have to lug our ones with us. We had a six berth Fiat and it was well equipped and nice and clean, having a shower and toilet on board was a blessing with the kids! We journeyed around the West Coast which took our breath away and the van was comfortable and never missed a beat. The staff had advised us as to places to visit and their knowledge and help was invaluable. Travelling with pre-schoolers can be a nightmare but everything went smoothly. Thanks Sweet As, highly recommended!

Reviewed over 1 year ago

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Grant Buckingham's avatar

Grant Buckingham

Ranking: 9/10

Hi there, we rented a small camper in Queenstown going to picton.
Had a great time, the local agent delivered the van to our home stay and gave us some useful information on things to see and do on our drive up the west coast.
Van was a bit older but very tidy and easy to drive. Had a great time even though the weather was a bit rainy.

Reviewed over 1 year ago and experienced in February 2019

Michelle Cliff's avatar

Michelle Cliff

Ranking: 9/10

We had a fantastic holiday in a sweet As Camper. The price was great and the vans were well equipped it helped us that they supplied linen. child's /baby car seat and GPS. I found the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable. We did have a slight problem with a break down with the van which could of happened anytime anywhere. They handled it quickly and gave us a great outcome.

Reviewed over 1 year ago

Carol Boston's avatar

Carol Boston

New Zealand

Ranking: 9/10

Thank you Sweet As Campers! We had a camper booked through another company and when we arrived the van was unavailable. We found Sweet As Campers and asked if they had anything suitable for our family. The manager said he had a van coming in that afternoon and would check and come back to me. He called me a few hours later and said he could do a 6 berth camper but it wouldn't be available until the next day. We wanted a camper to go from Auckland to Queenstown but the manager said that this camper had to be returned in Christchurch in 7 days but would find something to use from Christchurch to Queenstown as well. As the camper had to be in Christchurch anyway Sweet As Campers gave us a free ferry ticket. They provided a 4 berth camper from Christchurch to Queenstown and we were able to carry on with our holiday. This was a lifesaver for us and Sweet As Campers were very helpful. We would use them again.

Reviewed over 1 year ago

Simone Little's avatar

Simone Little

New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

Initially skeptical about using Sweet as Campers due to the lack of reviews available. However all went well, some minor issues although we took into account it was an later model camper & definately much cheaper than other quotes we received. Customer service over emails was good, the locations where we picked up & dropped off the vehicle were at peoples homes that didn't provide too much assistance. Overall, it was a good experience.

Reviewed over 1 year ago

Kathy Chambers's avatar

Kathy Chambers

New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

Many thanks for the help with transport back the airport from the depot. This was enormpusly helpful at the end of our trip.

Reviewed over 1 year ago




Ranking: 1/10

The car is not in good condition.

1. The compartment lock is so hard to lock and unlock due to misalignment. It’s result in the key broken inside locker.

2. Brake fluid level insufficient when half way driving

Reviewed over 1 year ago