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Andrew Loader

Ranking: 1/10

Absolutely appalling service here today. I turned up with my 27 and 24-year-old sons after work today to by a box of beer. My 27-year-old son went in and was refused service because of a lack of ID. He does not currently drive (I was the driver) and does not currently have ID - and at 9 years above the legal purchase, age shouldn't need to provide it. He is balding, and if anything looks like he is in his 30s. Both my sons have visible professional tattoos, which of course had to be done with ID once they turned 18. Not only would he not serve my son, but he would also not serve me - a 55 greying man, who looks every bit my age!

We are not talking kids who are just over the legal limit, but people who are well past 18!

I am a former teacher of 26 years, and I know for sure that these guys (and myself) don't look anything like teenagers. Countdown's own over-protective position is to challenge anyone over 25, who they think might be under 18. Now they seem to have stretched that to balding tattooed 27 year-olds as well!!

The duty manager was obnoxious and certainly gave me no confidence that he has any idea about people's ages. If he can't tell ages of people 9 years older than the purchase limit, then I have doubts about his ability to tell people who are younger. I suspect my 11-year-old grandson would have a better chance of purchasing alcohol there than me!

I was sorely tempted to wait for police to be called, as they would obviously have a better understanding of what legal aged drinkers actually look like!

And please, Countdown, don't come back with your useless platitudes about how he should be pleased that this idiot still thinks he looks young - I am a content marketer and writer by trade, and I know the BS lingo too well!!

Reviewed almost 2 years ago

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Ranking: 5/10

I purchased a Beetroot and feta salad yesterday. I was travelling to Auckland and thought I would buy my lunch from your store. At $8.10 for a medium pot, I considered it a bit pricey but there was little salad choice. Can you imagine my surprise when I went to eat it with my fork to be confronted by golf all sized Beetroot ! Please whoever makes this,could you not have used a bit of common sense and cut the Beetroot smaller? I would like you to take the challenge and try eating it with just a plastic fork, not easy !

Reviewed over 2 years ago