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Ranking: 1/10

WORST customer service EVER from KELLY.

I went to order an iced chocolate from the Obsess Cafe in New World. The worker behind the counter - 'Kelly' served the person in front of me, and two people behind me, and completely ignored me.

I maintained eye contact with her and tried to order which fell entirely upon deaf ears. For about 10 minutes, she had me standing there like a ripe idiot as she played with the receipt machine and profusely wiped down the same bench and made an order.|

After a long wait on my feet - which is ARDUOUS as a recovering cancer patient - she finally spoke back to me. I tried to order my iced chocolate; "Sorry, we're closing in one minute" met me, as she walked away and delivered someone's cold drink.

One of the first days back on my feet after several painful months of chemotherapy, I'm met with this absolutely horrible, cold attitude designed to make me feel like a nuisance and I'm not having it at all. Some manager or boss needs to give this woman a harsh speaking to.

Reviewed about 1 month ago