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Rally Drive NZ Ltd

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Michael Simonsen's avatar

Michael Simonsen

New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

This was fantastic... was a fiftieth birthday present from my darling partner to me, her two boys and two mates... All of us had a ball... we were taught how to drive in rally fashion and then able to do 3 laps each, whilst listening to instructions from the knowledgeable and professional instructors. - Some were better listeners than others! This was much better fun than your typical birthday party. The missus had to change cars cause her posterior couldn't fit into the first car (much hilarity ensued over this!) we all had safety gear and safety briefings with communications and go pro type vids of our runs! We all thought we were going flat out and bought back to earth with hot laps with the pros... O for awesome... the best fun with ya pants on!! Money well spent and raved for at least a week afterwards.. keep up the good work. From Mike, Vicky Antz, Jamie, Andi and Adrianne. Sorry for the length of time it took to write this review!!

Reviewed over 8 years ago and experienced in July 2013