Ranking Score Explained

Hi there, thanks for your interest in how we calculate an experience's ranking score. It's at the core of Rankers so I'm pleased you're curious.

The ranking score percentage is used to compare and sort experiences in ranking tables. It is not necessarily a direct measurement of the quality of a particular experience as rated by its customers. I've found it a useful tool to allow me to find the best experiences with confidence. But I've also found it important to read the customer reviews before making any final judgements!

We calculate an experience's ranking score using a multi-factor data model instead of a raw data average (mean). This model takes into account several important questions. For instance - is there a trusted body of reviews? What is the age of a review and is the review from a credible source?

Below you'll find details around some of the important factors that went into calculating the ranking score for Rotorua Rafting.

If you have any questions or comments about our ranking score calculation please get in touch at info@rankers.co.nz. We don't believe this is perfect or complete so we're always interested in ways we might make improvements.

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Rotorua Rafting

Valid Reviews

37 Valid Reviews

The Rotorua Rafting experience has a total of 37 valid reviews. There are no invalid reviews that are excluded from the calculation. Reviews can be excluded only when a reviewer is not verified or after an investigation by our team determines the reviewer is not genuine.

Below is the distribution of ratings for the 37 valid reviews:

Rating Count Percentage
10/10 20
9/10 4
8/10 9
7/10 3
6/10 1
5/10 0
4/10 0
3/10 0
2/10 0
1/10 0

90.54% Average

The raw data average (mean) for all the Rotorua Rafting valid reviews is 90.54% and is based on 37 valid reviews. This value is not used to calculate the ranking score and it only provided here as a comparison to the weighted average.

Face-to-Face Reviews

33 Face-to-Face Reviews

The Rankers team meets with travellers while they’re in New Zealand and conducts face-to-face surveys. These reviews, in our opinion, are the most trusted in the industry and represent a critical control sample. To our knowledge, we are the only travel review website in the world that has gone to this extent.

More about face-to-face reviews

Within the 37 valid reviews, the experience has 33 face-to-face reviews collected during interviews by our team.

Below is the distribution of ratings for the 33 face-to-face reviews:

Rating Count Percentage
10/10 17
9/10 3
8/10 9
7/10 3
6/10 1
5/10 0
4/10 0
3/10 0
2/10 0
1/10 0

89.70% Average

The raw data average (mean) for all the Rotorua Rafting face-to-face reviews is 89.70% and is based on 33 face-to-face reviews. This value is not used to calculate the ranking score and it only provided here for comparison purposes.

Weighted Average


Rankers calculates a weighted mean as a base average on which we can improve. Individual review's ratings are given a weight based on several factors. The weight of a review determines the overall impact it'll have on the final weighted average.

Recent reviews have more weight as they are more relevant and reflect the experience as it currently operates. Over time reviews become less relevant and loose their impact on the ranking score.

Low rating reviews carry slightly less weight. This dampens the effect of very low ratings for every experience across the board. This is especially important when the experience has few reviews overall and a single negative rating can grossly mischaracterise an experience. Consistent poor reviews will still result in the experience receiving a comparitively low ranking score.

Credible sources provide reviews that can be trusted. If we have verified a reviewer is genuine via a face-to-face meeting then the review carries additional weight.

Reviewer Rating Age Relative Weight
Antonia Ellenrieder 10/10 1840 days 100%
Benedikt Suupt 10/10 1866 days 97%
Chas Branson 10/10 1882 days 95%
Chantal Compagner 8/10 2128 days 54%
Rolf 10/10 2138 days 63%
Laura Schratt 10/10 2141 days 62%
Marie Bocquier 10/10 2143 days 62%
Stefan Thalhammer 8/10 2148 days 52%
Erika Tarant 8/10 2148 days 52%
Mikael Thyselius 10/10 2148 days 62%
Madeleine Panholzer 10/10 2153 days 61%
Luca Staudt 10/10 2155 days 61%
Severin Knegsch 10/10 2162 days 60%
Raylene Luison 6/10 2162 days 28%
Matt Irwin 9/10 2165 days 59%
Luisa Mathes 7/10 2171 days 42%
Katharina Balzer 10/10 2173 days 58%
Lennox 8/10 2174 days 49%
Sebastian 7/10 2174 days 42%
Jaquein Bucholz 10/10 2174 days 58%
Chiara 8/10 2174 days 49%
Annika Weber 9/10 2174 days 58%
Antoine Boudin 8/10 2174 days 49%
Cariotta Kemper 10/10 2174 days 58%
Karina Therkildsen 10/10 2179 days 58%
Timon Flick 10/10 2183 days 57%
Liza Braun 10/10 2187 days 57%
Alice Melker 7/10 2199 days 39%
Thomas Werner 9/10 2203 days 55%
Christian Reimund 10/10 2204 days 55%
Tom Theuer 8/10 2204 days 45%
Joshua Hortkorn 8/10 2227 days 43%
Thomas Stuber 10/10 2236 days 50%
Malin Meier 10/10 2238 days 50%
Anika and Mike 8/10 2242 days 41%
Julia Waenninger 9/10 2254 days 48%
Emma Shanley 10/10 2640 days 0%


Several adjustments to the weighted average are added to improve relevancy and credibility. These adjustments apply equally to all experiences that meet the criteria.

Sample Size Adjustment

No Adjustment

A reasonable number of reviews are necessary in order for the average to be credible and for an experience to take a prime position within the ranking tables. As such, experiences with only a few reviews have a moderated score. This does not mean that the experience or the reviews can't be trusted. The Rotorua Rafting experience has plenty of reviews and does not meet the criteria for any adjustment.

Recent Reviews Adjustment

-4.12% Adjustment

There may be an adjustment if this experience hasn't received any reviews within the last 48 days. However the Rotorua Rafting experience does not meet the criteria for any adjustment.

In addition, an experience's ranking score may be adjusted for each day there is no new ranking. After 1 day the adjustment comes into effect. The maximum number of days that can be adjusted for is 200 days. Due to the seasonal nature of many businesses, this adjustment is applied dynamically throughout the year.

The Rotorua Rafting experience has been adjusted for 200 days. Adjustments are according to the following table.

Days Adjustment
197 -4.06%
198 -4.08%
199 -4.10%
200 -4.12%
201 -4.14%
202 -4.16%
203 -4.18%

Final Ranking Score


The final ranking score once adjustments and rounding has been applied. This value is cached and recalculated each day. Therefore it may not be precisely accurate based on the other values presented.

If you have any questions or comments about our ranking score calculation please get in touch at info@rankers.co.nz.