About Rankers

FAQs For Travellers

What is Rankers?

A website and offline app where you can rank and review your New Zealand tourism experiences. Rankers is about NZ Travel Reviews, by the traveller, for the traveller.

What will Rankers offer me?

If you're travelling in New Zealand you'll find travel reviews by fellow adventurers. Armed with this knowledge you'll be able to decide where to go and what to do.

How does Rankers work?

If you've experienced any activity/tour or transport service in New Zealand then you can rank them from a scale of 1 to 10 and give comment (a review). This information will go onto the site to be viewed by all and accessed for free. Any NZ activity, attraction, tour or transport business can be reviewed.

Who are the staff?

The current Rankers crew are Nick, Cymen, Mike, Katie, Dan, Greg, Kara, Stacey, Justin and Sarah.

Trusted Reviews

You’ve probably heard the stories around online reviews and whether they can be trusted. After 10 years of witnessing some less than favourable behaviour (by tourism owners and travellers alike), we can say that some of these stories are well founded. Any online review service is subject to the shady side of the online world and it’s a tough nut to combat. But we do our very best. Here’s what we do:

Every review is read by a real person - computer checks are excellent, but they only go so far.

If the facts don’t stack, then the review is suspended - if we’re alerted to incorrect facts, then the review stays suspended. Only made live again if the facts check out.

Anonymous reviews don’t cut it. Having your say goes both ways, a reviewer has to own their feedback.

Tourism operators have a right of reply. It provides both sides of the story.

On top of online reviews, you can view our face-to-face review results for further depth and transparency.

What does the ranking score percentage mean?

The ranking score percentage is made up of three key components. The average ranking score, the number of reviews and the age of these reviews. It is not necessarily a direct measurement of the quality of a particular experience as rated by its customers.

The ranking score may include adjustments for credibility and relevancy and is a useful tool to allow travellers to find the best experiences with confidence.

It's important to read the customer reviews for an experience before making any final judgements!

How is an experience's ranking score calculated?

Travellers tell us there are several important aspects to trusting online reviews:

  • The source of the reviews is genuine
  • There are enough reviews to show some consensus
  • The reviews are recent

The following points are at the core of the formula that calculates the ranking score:

Customer Ratings

The average (mean) of all the customer reviews is the primary factor for determining the ranking score.

Review Age

Fresh reviews are more relevant and as such carry a greater weight.

Number of Reviews

A reasonable number of rankings is necessary in order for the score to be credible. Experiences with only a few reviews will have a moderated score. This does not mean that the experience or the reviews can't be trusted.

The result is that experiences with a decent number of recent and high-rating reviews will have a higher ranking score.

How can Rankers guarantee the reviews are genuine?

We can guarantee the authenticity of the reviews because we're in the field collecting a good deal of them in person. Our online sign up process requires an email address for verification, and doesn’t allow anyone to place multiple rankings for one operator. We perform regular checks on reviews and may contact users to verify that a review is genuine.

How are rankings being collected?

There are three places rankings come from – through our website, via our Official Camping NZ app, and manual collection from travellers on the road.

What are face-to-face reviews?

Every year, since 2007, we’ve met the traveller, while they’re on the road, asking them about the good and the bad from their travels in NZ. Ten years later, over 50% of our reviews are from face-to-face contact.

These face-to-face reviews are as trusted as any review. To our knowledge, we are the only travel review website in the world that has done this (certainly on a consistent basis for over 10 years).

These reviews are our ‘control’. As far as we’re concerned, if a tourism experience checks out ‘Face-to-Face’ then they’re going a long way towards being a trusted operator.

If you want to go into greater depth, feel free to view the average score of just the face-to-face reviews for any experience we rank in NZ. Please note that not every experience has received a face-to-Face review.

It started with us meeting people in person, all around the country. We’re now offering a unique experience at Rankers Koha Campsite and travellers come to us 😀

Why should I rank?

You’ll be helping out fellow travellers by contributing to a trusted source of NZ travel information. Ranking and reviewing tells it like it is.

What is my email address used for?

We only use your email address for verification and in the odd case to request further information to justify your review. This way we have trust in all the information we receive from you folks out there.

Why do I have to give Rankers my email address?

We need your email address during signup so we can send you a verification/activation link.

Will my email address be secure with Rankers?

One of the main jobs of the Rankers crew is to look after information that the Rankers community entrusts us with. Rankings, reviews and personal addresses are respected and kept secure. We do not supply your email address to any third parties.

Will my email address be publicly displayed on Rankers?

Heck no. We'll never show your email address on the website apart from in your password protected profile which only you can access.

How do I make a ranking/review?

Start by joining Rankers and be sure to activate your account by following the activation link we send to your email address.

When you're logged in and your account is activated, you can start writing reviews. Search the experience you want to review, and click the 'Write Review' button on their Rankers page.

You can also browse the website and find the experience listing. Use the menus at top of the page to look for a relevant activity type or region. Once you find the experience you wish to review, click the 'Write Review' button.

Use the review form to rank the experience from 1 to 10 (higher is better) and write a full review to give other travellers an idea of what you liked (or not).

Alternatively, you can place a review via the Official Camping NZ App. Search for the experience you wish to review ('Settings' then 'Search') and click the speech bubble icon to send your review to the Rankers crew. We'll load it up on the site for you.

Who can rank?

Travellers who have experienced the activity/attraction/accommodation or used the transport service in question. Once the service provider has confirmed a booking with the customer then a contract has been formed and the operator can be reviewed.

Can I keep multiple accounts?

No. Having two accounts distorts the value of Rankers and is not allowed. While we cannot directly prevent you from setting up a second account, we will find out and take appropriate action.

What if I can’t find the experience I want to rank?

If any operator you want to rank is not in our system, please let us know. Tell us the full name of the operator, where they are based and your ranking (if applicable).

Can I change my username?

Negative on that. Once you've decided on a username it becomes permanent. Make sure you choose the right one first time!

What makes a great review?

That's a tricky question as there's no single thing that makes a great review. Simple pros and cons are good but to make a review stand out, you'll need to work out what made your experience unique. Remember you're writing for someone else, someone you probably don't know, so try and keep the information useful. Last but not least, foul and abusive language is a no go zone – get creative with your enthusiasm instead of offending your gran with your salty lingo.

Can I review my own business?

No. Rankers provides lots of tools for businesses looking to get greater exposure online, but self ranking isn't one of them.

Can I write something negative if I had a bad experience?

Of course. Learning about things that went wrong is helpful for businesses as it helps them improve their service. This does not mean you can be abusive, however; we’ve got our eagle eye on the rankings and abuse won’t be tolerated.

How can I contact Rankers?

Visit our contact us page and please tell us what you like and what you don't like, or just say hi.

Is it free for travellers?

It sure is! All the information is freely presented for everyone's benefit. Please write your own reviews to add to this resource!

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