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747 Motel and Car Hire


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stuart white

United Kingdom

Ranking: 2/10

My wife and I hired a small car from Lucky Cars hire in Auckland.
This is the oldest and worst condition car I have ever hired in my long life - 50 years. It was in appalling condition and the lady on duty said all their cars were of this quality!! we all had to pay to be collected from the airport and for late delivery on return - nether of these additional costs were mentioned in the hire documentation on their website.
This company is a bunch of rogues and should be closed down for mis-representation
The only good thing was that the tyres looked new and there was plenty of tread on them. Mind you it looked also that they had blacked the tyres recently - for show?!
The car could hardly get up many of the hills we encountered but thankfully nothing went wrong mechanically.
I would recommend that you never consider hiring from these rogues. It is definitely worth considering a little more for peace of mind and goos service.

Reviewed about 4 years ago and experienced in January 2016

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