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Ranking: 2/10

I just returned from 11 days in New Zealand - toured 6 days on North Island and spent 5 days in Queenstown.
There were lots of nice highlights but overall it was disappointing. Mostly I felt the experiences and tours we took were WAY over priced. Events were mediocre but commanded sensational pricing. Such as Waitomo caves. 150 meters down a path and ride a boat 50 meters underground, but they looped the boat in same spot twice. Then out the exit. $46 bucks a head. It seemed like everything was like that.

Even the food. Buy a steak dinner, but then you have to pay for any sides you order. $37 steak, $7 each side, $10 for bread. $5-12 for drink,. We even paid $2 dollars for catsup to eat with our fish and chips. Queenstown was even more severe. Tours ranged from $500 for 4 people to $1500. The jeep ride we took was $740 but it wasn't really 4WD it was a tour of the towns around Queenstown. Just more of the same, I just feel conned.
If I had it to do over again, NAH.

Reviewed about 7 years ago