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seek the secrets and the scandals
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Twilight Tales Tour

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Ellis's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

I had heard that Twilight Tales Story Tour has been giving visitors ‘unprecedented access’ to some of the buildings in the historic precinct for the past five years, but I had not taken the tour until last evening. It is full of stories about the past of Colonial Victorian history and ‘told’ by master storyteller Annette Knowler. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the atmosphere of darkened buildings in which to imagine and absorb the Victorian ‘his and her’ stories.
I just loved it!

Reviewed over 12 years ago

ketchup's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

I am giving this event 10/10 because I first read about it in an article by Amelia Norman – see an excerpt below

“In the vast shadowy emptiness of this century-old building, Annette continually morphs before our eyes: one moment she’s ‘Word Weaver’, master storyteller, whose intensely dark eyes dart between our fright-stricken faces as she resurrects history with her unique recipe of fact and fiction. Then, she becomes Annette Knowler, chatty, gentle, practical and fount of local knowledge
As we stroll, Annette enthrals us with her detailed knowledge of this town’s past. She recounts the days when Oamaru was dubbed “a hive of iniquity”, and brings to life a time of horses, carriages and pocket-watch-wearing businessmen as crooked as the paving stones beneath our feet”.

and I wanted to see it for myself! I was not disappointed!

In fact, I was enthralled!

Reviewed over 12 years ago

Twilight Tales Story Tour responds:

I am so pleased you enjoyed seeking secrets and scandals!

Thank You - to the thousands of travellers that have contributed to our Top Voted NZ Activities Map - it's free from Rankers.

Gjk's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

A most enthralling tour, which soaks up the atmosphere of the Old Grain store unlike any other tour I have been on. Being able to go into all these old buildings only adds to the atmosphere. I especially like the strange stories about the Criterion hotel, I can almost feel the eerie presence.

Reviewed over 12 years ago

cherrysontop's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

Twilight tales is an amazing experiance. taking a look at the historical memories of oamaru.

Reviewed over 12 years ago

hector's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

I am giving this top marks because I didn't really want to go. Storytelling is for kids, I thought. How wrong I was! This brings history to life and I was carried into the past with such a great storyteller! I tell you, I was mesmerised.

Top marks for converting me to storytelling!

Reviewed over 12 years ago

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denimdon's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 9/10

Well, what a gem. history, mystery, and story, all rolled into one.
Add this to the whole atmosphere of the historical area, with the beautifully restored whitestone buildings, this experience is a must. While obviously well researched and extremely authentic, I was not sure at times where the line between fact and fiction should be drawn. When asked "was that a true story?" There was the slightest twinkle in the eye of our host Annette as she replied "Would I lie to you."
Education with entertainment, which I thoroughly enjoyed

Reviewed over 12 years ago and experienced in October 2009

mammamia's avatar



Ranking: 9/10

This was one of the best experiences of my whole trip to NZ. Perhaps there should be more like it? The stories reflected the heritage of the colonial Victorian times. The storyteller made history come alive by adding characters that participated in the events that occurred around those times - and she (the storyteller) helped us understand how events like the finding of gold influenced the people and history.
LOVED IT! thanks so much!

Reviewed over 12 years ago

voyageur's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

My visit to Oamaru was highlighted by this experience.
Well worth and the atmosphere great.

Reviewed over 12 years ago and experienced in August 2009