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Our Lodge Rooms are perfect for groups, families, sports clubs, tours and backpackers. Individual and multiple room hire is available.

Big Rooms & loads of sleeping options..

Each room has self locking internal and external doors for easy access and security. You can park right outside your door, so moving luggage is easy. Central hallways connect the rooms to shared kitchens, dining rooms, TV lounge and bathrooms, so you don’t have to walk outside at night to access these facilities. The entire lodge (14 rooms) sleeps 51 people. All rooms are identical, and tariffs are per room.

1 x Queen bed
1 x bunk sets in each room

Rooms Sleep: 4-6

The Lodge has its own bathrooms, showers, toilets, kitchen and dining room. These are in the northern end of the building, and are easy to access directly from your room through the corridors. Cooking equipment is not provided in the kitchen, but we do hire cooking equipment if required. Coin operated internet is available in the dining room, and we have a TV with Freeview channels