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Picturesque setting within 30 minutes of Huntly, Ngaruawahia or Raglan.


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Waingaro Hot Springs Caravan Park & Hot Pools

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  • Camping Grounds
  • Thermal Pools
  • Dump Station


  • 17 Rankers Reviews

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  • Reviewed 5 months ago


    Just made a phone call to ask a simple question.

    Guy who answered the phone was rude and offensive.

    Wish I had recorded the conversation to teach receptionists how NOT to answer a phone.

    Randomx's avatar



  • Reviewed almost 3 years ago


    Me and my family stayed at waingaro hot springs motel since march 2019, dam right robbery the owners are, cause you can pay a bond with a week in advance and the owners still say ur behind in rent and they do things half pie way and never want to spend money and don't do repairs once you tell them and don't do things by the book and doging with the money and speaks to customers real rude, owners even speak real rude and embrasse you in front of customers that come there and also talk about your personal information or business in front of customers aswell, pretty much makes people that stay their help round the park to do their work or duties.

    Owners (Chood Singh and Amrose Singh) they are really rude and they charge the godley earth to buy their food from in the shop. Me and my family are so happy to be out of their and that place pulls you right down and owners expect you to do work for them for free and not get paid for the work you have done. I could not live out there another day and no reception at all what so ever. Owners are very much racist against maori's and yes it needs a big makeover, why me and my family were there since march this year we never got supplied any towels or toilet paper and then got told we had buy our own and even when light bulbs are blown, owners will not supply a new one and got told we have to buy our own and said it's not there job to supply us with them and I would not recommend anyone at all to go there for a trip outing or even stay there on a temporary bases, owners also expect workers or customers to do their everyday home washing and owners come down the hill beeping there horn on there car just to get ur attention to help them with their work and they took a lady and her son in and pays no rent and is the highest paid worker there and does bugger all and has 2-3 hour breaks and thats BULLSHIT IF YOU ASK ME.

    Annaleah Harrison 's avatar

    Annaleah Harrison


  • Reviewed almost 3 years ago and experienced in February 2019


    We have been to the caravan park 3 times now and we will keep going back.

    We love the place. Yes it might be a bit outdated and in need of a paint job but it is always clean and tidy. It is very family orientated and we always feel welcome. The grounds are tidy and child friendly.

    To all the other reviews, it's not a 5 star hotel, it's a camping ground.

    Thanks guys, you are awesome.

    Nerida Wells's avatar

    Nerida Wells


  • Reviewed almost 3 years ago


    After having such fun here as a child I thought, 'let's have a fun family day out'.

    Sadly it seems the place is in it's original state since I was last there 25 + years ago. Completely run down and in disrepair. Everything in need of a paint and refresh.... pools not even filled right up - was this in an attempt to save money? At the water slides we are greeted by local livestock (sheep), including their excrement which was on the paths...on the way to the water slides... so that entered the slides with us. The only reason we stayed is because the kids had been so excited to go on the slides. Really, honestly not sure how these are still open from a health and safety perspective. Not worth the trip or expense sadly.

    Maria Page's avatar

    Maria Page


  • Reviewed almost 3 years ago


    Stayed here for 1 night in the Motel 1 accommodation.

    Across the road down a driveway shared property with the locals

    What a dump @ $210 per night for 3 people - feels truly ripped off

    Pools looked scummy and dirty and didn't dare enter the water

    Shower in unit had very slow running hot water

    Unit needs a major make over - had 4 new coffee cups though - price tags still on it

    Smelt of cigarette smoke

    Keith van Rooy's avatar

    Keith van Rooy

    New Zealand


  • Reviewed about 3 years ago


    Went today for a soak.

    Pools were lovely and clean. Nice and hot. Very enjoyable

    Sue's avatar



  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    Do Not Recommend this place to anyone!!!

    They are OVER PRICED, RUN DOWN, LOW MAINTENANCE and the water is DISGUSTING as if it’s not being filtered. I made a complaint to the owner regarding the water and he had nothing to say. Also got charged $15 adult (Anzac Day) for just being a spectator. Definitely will NOT go back to that place!!!

    Noeleen.T's avatar



  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    Dont ever bother staying here.

    WAINGARO HOT SPRINGS PARK IS DISGUSTING. We had booked in a month in advance for 1 night but upon our arrival, they had replaced our booking with someone else who

    was staying longer and our booking had been canceled without notification. After complaining, they put us another cabin with no blankets sheets pillows or towels as we originally were told these were all provided and we didnt need to bring any. We requested blankets and pillows and got 1 thin blanket each with no pillows, so spent a very cold night. No heaters available either. The cabins had cigarette butts on the floor, stunk of stale smoke and mould. Cockroaches were running about in the cupboards and the mattresses were dirty and stained. We had to use the shared public toilets and showers as our original cabin had been given to someone else but the shared bathroom had no soap, no paper hand towels and we had no towels. The Manager wasnt available to complain to, and we were told she was out shopping all day and had no cell phone to contact her!. The man in reception was very apologetic however. The place is rundown, old and just plain out gross. Will not return there and id never recommend this discusting poorly managed place to anyone elce either.

    Julie Cook's avatar

    Julie Cook


  • Reviewed over 4 years ago


    Overpriced and owners are racist to Māori!

    Facilities are run down place is well overdue for a makeover!!! Owners also need lessons in customer service because they are horrible people!!!

    Lavinia  Hapi's avatar

    Lavinia Hapi

    New Zealand


  • Reviewed about 9 years ago and experienced in January 2011


    I got tho agree with most comments on this campsite/hot pools.

    The pictures look better then it's real. The hot pools are clean and great but the rest needs a make over. Slidings are great fun for kids, so I'm sure your kids will have a fun day this place.

    hendrik king's avatar

    hendrik king



  • Reviewed over 9 years ago



    We picked this park for our last night in NZ because it looked and sounded so good in the various publications and we wanted to give our boys a treat for our last night. After driving 20-odd km up the winding road, we arrived at Waingaro Hot Springs Caravan Park and checked in. We were in a campervan and the site we were directed to was not so much a site, rather the end of the road.

    We looked around at the facilities and couldn't believe how terriby run down everything was compared to the photos and descriptions. The kiddie pool was empty of water, the bumper boat pool water was green and the boats themselves looked like you wouldn't trust them to keep you afloat. The "new games room" wasn't new at all, instead it was tiny with a very old and weathered pool table and table tennis table, neither of which had the required equipment to actually attempt playing a game on their warped surfaces. The children's playground was small, tired and looked unsafe. The amenites were old and dirty. There was one lonely sheep and birds in small cages.

    We felt terrible about the place and about having to drive back down the winding road in the fading light, but there was no way we were going to actually stay there for the night. So after debating the debilitated park with the frustrating owner, he finally agreed to give us our money back and we left to find a much nicer place in Huntly for less than half the price. I gave the park a 1 rating rather than a 0 because the 2 operating thermal pools actually felt warm (one rare truth from the advertising!), and the slides looked to be in ok condition, although were turned off and you needed to pay extra to use them and the bumper boats.

    Essendon74's avatar




  • Reviewed over 10 years ago and experienced in February 2012


    Very clean, hot pools price included with camp fee.

    Not too convenient kitchen location (due to levels at camp) and no stairs down to pool level - beautiful trees and green grass.

    Marilyn Mobley's avatar

    Marilyn Mobley

    United States


  • Reviewed over 10 years ago


    Expensive to visit hot pools only, although clear water.

    Private pools were ok. Kids seemed to be enjoying themselves in pool and hydro-slide. Have not stayed at camp as no dogs policy.

    Suggest you stop at Waingaro Hotel, for drink, meal or accommodation - all good.

    Peter W.'s avatar

    Peter W.

    New Zealand


  • Reviewed over 10 years ago


    This place is dire.

    It is overpriced at $42 for the facilities provided. There are two ablution blocks. The upper block has 1 timed light switch in the ladies controlling the lights in the male & female areas. Unlucky for the chap who is in mid ablution when the timer runs out or a well meaning female switches it off. There is no hot water or soap dispenser and the cold water tap has a threaded outside tap fitting. In the lower block (above the kitchen) not all the shower doors are lockable. The kitchen had only 1 sink & dangerously the only way we could get hot water was from the hot drinking water dispenser tap about 60 cms above the sink. The site has no low level lighting along the pathways to guide you & is therefore pitch black at night.

    There are some old decrepit caravans on site with faded & whole ridden curtains. On leaving the site the next day there was a large stained sheet hanging on the line - this about summed the whole place up.

    All the facilities are dilapidated & in urgent need of modernisation. The lack of investment is obvious. Happy to take good money without providing a reasonable standard of facility. The only good thing was that the showers were hot.

    Would not recoomend this site to anyone.

    Binty's avatar


    United Kingdom


  • Reviewed over 11 years ago


    Very affordable for powered camping and pool access, really friendly staff.

    Vanessa Hanzen's avatar

    Vanessa Hanzen