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Discover New Zealand with JUCY!


Jucy Coaster available for Summer 2018/2019

Jucy Coaster available for Summer 2018/2019


Fun JUCY campa's perfect for the budget-conscious, adventurous traveller.


To support and encouraging those who can travel and plan to travel as soon as the travel restrictions are removed, we have updated our cancellation policy. This will be applied to all bookings made on and after 27 AUG 2020 until further notice:
- If cancelled 7 calendar days or more prior to pick up: no fees and a 100% credit/refund can be applied.
- If cancelled between 1 – 6 calendar days prior to pick up: 50% of the total booking value or receive a 100% (if paid) credit towards a future booking
- If cancelled within 24 hours to pick up or a no show: 100% of the total booking value will still be charged

Welcome to JUCY Rentals – where you’ll find well-equipped, great-to-drive, fun JUCY campas perfect for the budget-conscious, adventurous traveller.

Covering the North and South Islands of New Zealand, JUCY can get you zipping around for a few days or touring our beautiful country for a couple of weeks or more in our selection of campervans and motorhomes.

When you go with JUCY you’ll receive helpful and friendly customer service including free phone numbers, live chat, an easy to use website and special deals on activities to ensure your journey is awesome from start to finish. Contact our JUCY Crew today!


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    Jucy Rentals

    Jucy Cabana

    The Cabana campervan has everything two people need for a road trip.

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    Jucy Rentals

    Jucy Condo

    As a fully self-contained campervan, the Condo gives you the ultimate freedom to explore New Zealand

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    Jucy Rentals

    Jucy Chaser

    The JUCY Chaser has everything a couple, a pair of friends or a group of 3, need for a road trip around New Zealand

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    Jucy Rentals

    Jucy Coaster

    Our newest camper on fleet is younger than two years old, has a well-equipped kitchen, spacious interior and a comfy double bed.

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    Jucy Rentals

    Jucy Compass

    The brand new JUCY Compass is a self-contained diesel campervan which comes with all the essentials.

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    Jucy Rentals

    The EV Electric Campervan

    A feat of innovation, the JUCY EV is a fully electric campervan. It sleeps two people in pop-up penthouse bedroom on the roof.



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Justin White's avatar

Justin White

Ranking: 1/10

I arrived to pick up the van, and they were very pushy on me buying insurance. They said that if anything happened to the van at all whether my fault or not that I would have to pay for it, even though that’s not written out on their website. I had them print out their policies, which wasn’t on the website, which said what they just told me. I was very upset because that meant that I’d have to pay double the amount that I paid for the van to insure it, or risk paying 5,000 dollars if they cam was damaged whether my fault or not. Since they sprung this on my the day that I was to pick up the van I was past the cancellation and refund date. This was a racket, but having no other choice I bought the insurance.

Once getting the van (Jucy Condo) there were several things wrong with it. The USB chargers didn’t work. The pull out bed had a crack in it, so it wasn’t stable when pulling it out, and the refrigerator had a horrible smell.

There were also a couple really annoying things in the van which showed how poorly it was made in the first place. There was a useless shelf of plastic right above the fridge that we hit our heads on several times after getting something out of the fridge because it was poorly placed. The rack that the table goes in had the water tube at the end of it preventing the table from fitting in it, so it had a loud banging noise whenever we drove. There was not enough storage for our clothes or food. The mist concerning problem was there was no trash can which made the van technically not self-contained. They are breaking the law by putting the certified self contained sticker on it while not having a trash can in the van.

To stay objective there were two positives: The van handled well and was easy to drive.

I will never use Jucy again. I would much rather have spent more money on a better van from another company or hired a cheaper van. Waste of money.

Reviewed 5 days ago

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Jonathan Cutts's avatar

Jonathan Cutts

Ranking: 1/10

Outrageously poor service. You promise after hours pick up. Don't tell me it's now not available . When I find out and want to cancel the deal want me to forfeit 20%!!!!!!!

NOT A GOOD WAY TO TREAT 10+ yr customer who will now tell everyone about your illegal (breach of contract) unfair tactics

Reviewed 4 months ago

Gillian Campbell's avatar

Gillian Campbell

Ranking: 6/10

The vehicle was mechanically sound but there were issues with doors and USB ports. The sliding doors only opened when I worked out that they could be opened from inside. The USB port with 2 outlets fell out and was non functioning for a week. The cigarette lighter port still worked as I had an adapter to fit. One of the things that lowered their rating was the adding charges for special location and chairs because I added one day to the reservation. They are charging for nothing! Same car , same location should not incur extra charges, except for rental charge.

Reviewed 7 months ago

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Ranking: 9/10

Great clean little van. Staff just wonderful!! Thanks!!

Reviewed 7 months ago

Lynette Moore's avatar

Lynette Moore

New Zealand

Ranking: 6/10

Bit small for us so next time will go next one bigger. Bed was very hard. Handled well on roads and great having a toilet in board

Reviewed 8 months ago

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Steve Simmonds's avatar

Steve Simmonds

New Zealand

Ranking: 7/10

The good bits first ,Easy to drive/park/cheap
Bad bits - toilet/shower at the cost of so much room
Lack of storage
Not suitable for large people
Bed Mattress very thin uncomfortable (10 days ) unable to double up using top mattress
I would hire one again but not with built in toilet/ shower
Just hire one with cassette toilet
Staff were all friendly and helpful

Reviewed 8 months ago

Derek Bent's avatar

Derek Bent


Ranking: 8/10

We arrived in NZ on 29th Dec 2019, and hired a Jucy Chaser from 31st Dec 2019 till 16th Jan 2020. Our plan was to pick up the Jucy in Christchurch, spend 2 weeks on the South Island, catch the ferry to the North Island, and spend the final week travelling up to the drop off point in Auckland. The pickup was smooth, and quicker than expected. However, the Jucy could have been a bit cleaner inside. And it turned out it hadn't been fully fuelled prior to us picking it up. What was in the tank wasn't there for very long, as the Jucy's thirst for petrol was astounding! It also handled like a barge, and hated going up hills. However, I found it a comfortable place to sleep (my girlfriend thought that the cushioned boards were a bit hard). The sink and gas cooker worked great. However, it could have done with a few more storage bags inside. And the shower and toilet never got used. We didn't realise that the Holidayparks in NZ are generally so well equipped. Lesson learned for the future.

The bottom line - our Jucy Chaser never missed a beat, and got us where we wanted to go. For that I'm grateful, and would not hesitate to rent a Jucy vehicle again.

Reviewed 9 months ago

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Kevin's avatar


Ranking: 6/10

The Campervan had everything you need for a simple travel. Some of the ok equipment needs to be exchanged or repaired.
The introduction should have been longer and with more motivation. So we had to find out about some features on ourselves. And we were really disappointed that for our rented dvd player the power cable was missing and when we mentioned this at the return the only answer was „ok“. No sorry our anything else.
All in all the campervan suited for us as we expected to get this with a cheap provider.

Reviewed 9 months ago

Nicl's avatar


Ranking: 1/10

I experienced the worst customer support ever with jucy rentals. We had a problem while on the road with a jucy Camper Van and they did not offer assistance in any way, left us completely on our own. We had to call their service number multiple times and they ultimately charged us an estimated amount for solving our problem without being able to give me any prove for the costs. We spent 5 days of our holiday at the same place because of their incompetence. It was my second time traveling with a Camper Van in NZ but the first time with a jucy van - because there are many on the road in NZ, I thought they’re a good company - SO WRONG. Believe me, you don’t want to have anything to to with them. I can definitely NOT recommend renting at this company.

Reviewed 9 months ago and experienced in November 2019

Heather McDonald's avatar

Heather McDonald

New Zealand

Ranking: 7/10

In general we were happy with our Jucy camper, and staff were friendly and helpful. However, the 0800 system for pick-up in Christchurch let us down - the recorded message says that pick-ups from Christchurch run until 5.30pm, but the office actually shuts at 5.00pm. Our original pick-up time for our camper van was 11am, but our flight was cancelled, and the replacement flight (at 3.00pm) was also delayed. I kept Jucy informed of delays throughout the day, but my final message was not passed on. We landed at 4.45pm - on reaching the terminal I immediately called the 0800 number for the shuttle to the depot, but this was just a recorded message. Thanks to a shuttle driver from another company, I got a ride to Jucy depot. I arrived at 5.10pm to find the door locked. Staff eventually came out from a back door and told me they were closed, and that the rentals had "rolled-over" to the next day - they were prepared to leave me stranded there with my husband and luggage still at the airport! They claimed that the 0800 service had not emailed them my final message regarding the delayed flight. They did finally let me have the van, and were very courteous and helpful once that decision was made.

Reviewed 10 months ago

Enrique JUGON's avatar

Enrique JUGON


Ranking: 10/10

We rent a Chaser and it was amazing. Perfect "all-in-one" van and easy to drive even in narrow roads. Only drawback was the small "regular 91" engine that was not ideal in the mountains and need about 15L/100km. Diesel engine would have saved lots of money.
Great product, reactive support/customer_care via phone or email, we had an overall wonderful experience in NZ. Thanks Jucy, and thanks rankerz for the quotation + great mobile app. Enrique

Reviewed 11 months ago

Nicholas Sharman's avatar

Nicholas Sharman


Ranking: 5/10

The car (Jucy Cabana) was great, however upon pick up, we encountered a rather unpleasant situation.
The pick up office was very busy and for some reason, the cars were not ready!
We had to wait for around 2 hours! Some had been waiting over 4 hours... Really annoying as many had plans for that day.
We did receive a half day refund ~35NZD but that's not worth the stress of the pick-up.
Otherwise Jucy was OK.

Reviewed 11 months ago

Avid camper's avatar

Avid camper

Ranking: 1/10

Terrible experience!! We got blood stained sheets to which w had to go out and buy our own. We got to our first stop and there was no water. Had to get to an engineer who said the tank was empty. He filled the tank up then after using hardly any water it still wasnt working. Had to stop at their branch in Wellington. There is also an issue with a utility panel that had come lose which meant we had a squealing sound as we drove. There solution to this was to shove cardboard down between the space
This made it worse so now we have to stop off at an rv repair place as they don't have a replacement

Reviewed 11 months ago