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Ranking: 1/10

Appalling treatment. Booked car from Able Rentals for a week with pickup and drop off at Queenstown Airport. Booking was confirmed via several emails. Arrived and no-one to be seen and no car to pickup. 35 odd phones calls later I finally made contact the next day. I had tried on all provided numbers (2 local) including the AbleRentals 0800 number. Left with family and baggage to make my own way to Hotel at my expense via Taxi. This was July and now end Oct and still nothing from them for Inconvenience, Re-imbursement for calls or Taxi. Would not be using them again as we missed our transport to get to Milford Cruise we had booked. Shocking and still chasing them

Reviewed over 8 years ago and experienced in July 2012

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