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Susan505's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

Thank you,Tanks for everything. And thank you MATT. You`re like a tank encyclopedia. Tour was great. Getting hands on with the military vehicles and the tanks was just, top`s. Love it, love it, love it, Thanks

Reviewed over 7 years ago

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United States

Ranking: 10/10

In March 2010 my family (six adults) took a vacation to New Zealand. One of the things that we had decided to do while in Christchurch was to go to Tanks for Everything. Three of us decided to drive a tank and crush a car. Before we drove anything, we got a tour of all the vehicles. We were able to crawl in all of them (some required more flexibilty than others!) and Matt told us a lot about what they were used for and where they came from. It was very interesting information (even for me who isn't normally that interested in history or military stuff). After the tour, those of us who drove a tank got a tutorial on how to drive. After learning how much maintenance is required to keep the tanks running, I was a little nervous I was going to do something wrong. That didn't happen, however, because Matt rode on the tank next to each driver to instruct us when we forgot what we were doing or had a hard time with driving. Driving the course was really fun! So much different than anything I've ever driven before! The car crush came at the end of the course. Jonathan was there to guide us so we lined up just right with the car. It is so easy to run over a car in a tank!! We took a bunch of pictures of everything, and video, too. All of us had a great time. I think it was well worth it. Matt and Jonathan are great guys and make the experience great. I can tell they enjoy what they do! I would definitely choose to do this again!!

Reviewed almost 8 years ago and experienced in March 2010

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Sammo's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

My partner bought me the experience for my birthday. Since I was a young boy I've always had a fascination with tanks and these were the real deal. There is a selection of armoured cars, armoured personal carriers and main battle tanks to climb all over, and more importantly... to drive!

We chose to drive the Centurion and it was awesome, Matt took both myself and my partner for a guided tour of each vehicle. He's very knowledgeable and was able to answer most questions and more. I got to move the turret, try out all the sites etc, move the gun. How often do you get this kind of opportunity????

My partner has never liked tanks or anything like that but she said she had a fantastic time which says a lot. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone with a slight interest in this type of thing - but make sure you drive a tracked vehicle as it's the most fun. Just wish I had the time and money to drive them all.

Reviewed almost 8 years ago and experienced in January 2011

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New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

Did the Birthday thing with my Son a couple of years ago He loved it as did all his frends & Fathers Thanks Heaps

Reviewed about 9 years ago and experienced in October 2008

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New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

my boys had their combined 9th and 11th birthday party here.
I must say I wish I could hold the boys attention the way the the guy there did. He was very knowledgable and patient with the kids many questions.
When we arrived they were given army helmets to wear and were then shown around and inside about half a dozen army vehicles with the level of information given being just right for their age.
The highlight of the visit was a ride in one of the vehicles with each child having a turn at being commander and standing behind the driver so they got a good view. .
Afterwards they had time for a play inside two of the large tanks moving the (unarmed) gun barrells around and climbing in and around the tanks.
The kids were all very happy at the end.

Reviewed about 9 years ago

sandman31's avatar


New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

Had an AWESOME day there yesterday! Absolutely loved, it, great set up and to drive an actual 50+ tonne tank is mind blowing and something everyone should do! Go and have a go at this wicked and unique experience - totally worth it!!!

Reviewed over 9 years ago