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Your key to Aotearoa NZ's Treasure
Travel SLO (Special / Local / Organic) around NZ
Is it art? Or is it NZ's most trusted travel advice?
The more you look. The more treasure you'll find
100+ SLO and Locals tips
Get Lost and Find yourself
Companion Map with digital App


The SLO (Special / Local / organic) map is your key to unlock the goodness of Aotearoa {NZ}

SLO is a companion map that works alongside the Rankers Camping NZ app. Do you like the app? Well you're half way there. Get the map and app working together as they’re made to. That’s when the magic happens.

When you're done travelling, the SLO print map will become your fav memento. Looks great on the wall and will be a touchstone of your adventures around Aotearoa {NZ} for years to come.

Travel with your head - travel with your heart.

Content features
- Exclusive ‘SLO Rules of Thumb’ travel advice
- Advice how to be an ‘Organic Traveller’
- ‘SLO Pro’ tips
- 137 location based sensory experiences to taste, smell, see, touch and hear Aotearoa NZ!
- ‘Feels like’ location place vibes
- Other location based travel information tidbits and navigational aids
- Local species artwork with Māori and scientific names
- Some good old fashioned kiwi humour
- Eclectic assortment of NZ cultural, social, conservation and environmental experience information.

From the creators.......
We’ve been working together for 10 years. An artist, a dyselexic and a tree hugger. Our wish is we have supported you at getting lost in NZ. And you’ve had a good one as a result. Go well and much respect.
Azza, Nick and Cy

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Mike Howe's avatar

Mike Howe

New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

As a kiwi this map made be proud, it's beautiful and heartfelt. A gem to be absorbed as you travel Aotearoa. There's a lot of depth here that can take a while to digest. In fact some of it didn't make much sense until we were out on the road, then we'd have an "Aha!" moment. Thanks go to Cy, Nick and Azza.

Reviewed 3 months ago and experienced in March 2020