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4x4 Adventures New Zealand

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Amy Proctor's avatar

Amy Proctor

United States

Ranking: 10/10

I agree.. I think Bianca took a different tour. I took the 4x4 tour with my boys in April and it was fantastic. As big LOTR fans, we got to see breaktaking scenery from the movies... Helms Deep and Edoras. The tour guide stopped, we got to get out and take in the fresh air and walk into the mouth of Helms Deep! They customize the tours so if you request a stop or closer view of a location, you got it. I asked for our next tour in 2010 (because I AM doing it again) that we climb Mt. Sunday (Edoras) and was told "No problem!"

If you like the 4x4 experience, rolling through sparkling aqua rivers as you near the Helms Deep is great! We got so bounced around my son almost got sick! It was a lot of fun but comletely safe.

We were provided with refreshments several times along the way, which was great.

Even if you aren't particularly a LOTR fan, the tour is outstanding. 4x4 Adventures as access to land that other tour companies don't, so we really got to experience the place from a unique perspective. HassleFree Tours is good, I understand, but they cannot go through the private property that takes you to the Helms Deep area. You can go to Edoras but that's it.

It was a wonderful tour and I can't WAIT to come back in 2010! It's so gorgeous I want to see it again, but this time to climb Mt. Sunday!

Reviewed almost 13 years ago