Rankers Bids For Campervans

Rankers Bids is a new kind of booking system where motorhome and campervan companies compete to deliver your perfect campervan at the best price possible.

It's easy to get started and completely free to compare campervans and get quotes directly from trusted NZ campervan companies.

And when you're ready, secure your booking with a simple booking deposit - holiday sorted!

Why book your camper with Rankers Bids?

A good deal for a good product is a good time. A good deal for a bad product is a waste of money.

We've all fallen for the good deal on a product that isn't that good.

Rankers Bids gives you the best deal with a best price guarantee, but it's so much more than that too.

It's the safest place to compare all campervan options then book.

We highlight the major campervan booking issues, as voted by the traveller.

Then choose the best campervan for you. At the best price.

How can Rankers Bids guarantee the best price?

Rankers Bids is an efficient new system.

We don't waste money on:

Expensive online advertising

Third-party marketing

Call centres

Fancy offices

We pass these savings on, giving you the best price.

Rankers Bids Best Price Guarantee

We promise you the best price for any campervan quote in NZ. Guaranteed.

We can do this because quality companies have given us an assurance that best price shown on Rankers Bids, is the best price on the market.

Those companies that aren't part of this assurance have their prices discounted to at least match the best price on the market.

We match the price once all costs are included.

Send us any quote for the same branded vehicle as shown on Rankers Bids and we’ll match it.

You'll then also receive the backing of Rankers' Strongest Values:

Strongest Values

Up front - Rankers Bids highlights all the hidden costs

Transparent - No sales talk, just the facts

Independent - Reviews are free of bias toward any company

Trusted - Backed by traveller reviews since 2007

Experienced - Active within the NZ tourism trade for 20 years

What are the top five campervan booking scams to avoid?

1. Small print

Most booking sites put the important terms within small print. Travellers have been telling us about nasty surprises for years. It’s seems a cheap price upfront, but the deal is full of hidden costs.

2. Deposit for unavailable campers

Some booking sites take your deposit, even when the vehicle is unavailable. You only find out about it after the deposit is paid. They then use this position of advantage to push what’s best for them, not what’s best for you.

3. Sales talk

Most third party websites try to hook you in with ‘one off’ deals. This is sales talk built on hot air.

4. Availability

Some booking websites have a veneer of choice. Scratch beneath the surface during peak periods and you’ll realise they know that the vehicle is unavailable from the outset.

5. Vagueness

There are booking websites that are purposefully vague. They offer unbranded vehicles so you don’t know which company you'll be renting from. Your campervan will be your home away from home and it’s important that you know all about the reputation of the company you're dealing with.