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    Welcome to New Zealand's most comprehensive database of freely available camping information. This is the only travel map of its kind in NZ and is proudly brought to you by:

    • Over 700 holiday park managers

    • 80+ trustees, representing over 500 freedom camping locations

    • In association with Camping our Way, the Department of Conservation and i-SITE

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    • Every camping location is shown on this free map - a first for NZ.
    • Backed by all council representatives, DOC asset managers and holiday park owners. If the camping site is on the map, the relevant authority has approved it.
    • Well informed travellers can relax in the security of knowledge, while still enjoying their freedom.
    • Over 500 freedom camping spots spread around the country, plus hundreds of well equipped holiday parks.

    New Zealand is a campervan nirvana - a small, sparsely populated country with friendly locals and scenic serenity. This unique travel mix has led to a large upsurge in motorhome travel over the last decade.

    When it comes to freedom camping, a lack of respect in some instances has tested many local's patience. While a lack of information has left the traveller feeling confused. This map helps us all.

    Remember you have the freedom of choice - enjoy and follow these 'I Respect NZ' golden rules:

    • Please don't stray. Only camp in the designated locations shown.
    • If your vehicle isn't self contained, please stay where toilets are provided.

    If you respect New Zealand, the locals will respect you in return, and good times abound!

    Have a great time exploring and feel free to give back by leaving your independent feedback on www.rankers.co.nz.

    The Rankers Crew

  • Top Voted Activities + Tips

    Welcome to another great resource for exploring the best of New Zealand. One map packed with great kiwi activities, attractions and traveller tips.

    • Top voted activities and traveller's tips

    • Local visitor information centres

    • Based on five years of traveller feedback

    • Over 50,000 reviews and ratings

    • Free and paid experiences

    • In association with the Department of Conservation and i-SITE

    Designed and built in New Zealand by Rankers.co.nz

    This map gives you FREEDOM!

    • The top voted activities and traveller's tips in NZ - on one map.

    • Results are based on five years of traveller feedback.

    • Over 50,000 reviews. Independent feedback from people that have been before.

    • Free and paid experiences.

    • Look for the tips provided by travellers and locals alike.

    Thanks to the thousands of travellers that have contributed to this map. Without those good folk, we wouldn't have this great resource. Keep in touch with your feedback and Enjoy!

    The Rankers Crew

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