The Top Ranked Operator Deals Plan

Our commission free booking system is a free and easy way to get your products in front of our ever expanding audience through our apps and website.

Access our engaged audience and take control of your bookings and receive greater revenue.

What are the Rankers' Official Coupons of Aotearoa?

They are deals you can offer an extensive audience of travellers, via our website and integrated Apps - all at no cost and commission free!

Join 70 other tourism businesses that have already signed up to Rankers’ Official Coupons of Aotearoa.

What’s the distribution of the Official Coupons?
3 million annual user sessions
Rankers’ Apps
Tracking at 50,000 downloads per year!

How does the system work?
 1. A traveller purchases the Rankers’ Official Coupons of Aotearoa online from us, giving them access to all Coupon deals.
2. They ‘clip’ your Coupon via our Website and Apps.
3. They book directly with you!

How do I offer an Official Coupon deal?

1.Sign up here

2. Enter the type of deal you would like to offer (from as low as 10%).

3. Your deals automatically show up as Coupons on our Apps and website!

Am I locked into this?

No, you can cancel your deal at any time!

The traveller can clip a Coupon (your deal) up to 60 days before using it, so it’s fair that you honour direct Coupon bookings for those 60 days.

Can I contact a human?

Absolutely, email us and we’ll be in touch!
“We make our money from the traveller, not forever tapping
the tourism operator...
Official Coupons... are the easiest, most operator friendly system out there...”

- Nick Morrison, Rankers of Aotearoa
See what all the fuss is about.

Download Rankers' Official Camping NZ App here.