Nau Mai, Haere Mai


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We’ve spent the last 13 years gathering this Camping NZ information so you can experience the best of New Zealand. We ask that you use our information respectfully.

Proud Local NZ

There’s a proud local guardian culture in NZ. Our sense of ownership extends far beyond the property we live in, to encompass all public and natural spaces in NZ. For us proud Kiwis - it’s all our backyard.

Respect NZ

Care must be taken by all visitors to respect and look after all our backyard places. Doing so will help you connect with NZ and the lovely local folk who live here and that’s how we all benefit.

Camp with care in New Zealand.

Plan your journey. Visit an i-SITE Visitor Information Centre.

  1. Stay at a campsite.

    For the best experience, stay at one of our great campsites. With many having cooking, toilet and shower facilities on site, there’s everything you’ll need. You might even make new friends.

  2. Use public toilets or the toilet in your vehicle.

    Please respect our home and other travellers by using the proper facilities. Just look for the signs.

  3. Leave no trace or litter.

    It’s important to look after our country for future generations by leaving nothing behind wherever you go. Please make sure you put any rubbish in a bin or take it with you until you find one.


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