Hi there, we're Cymen and Nick and we are the co-owners of Rankers.co.nz.

Before Rankers, we ran a sea kayak company in the Abel Tasman.

It grew from a staff of one, to be the busiest kayak company in the southern hemisphere.

This was because we looked after people.

Because we looked after people, they got honest with us. They told us what was good and bad with their NZ travels.

Many of them were getting a raw deal because they were being fed the wrong info, full of marketing hooplah.

This gave a us a different purpose. In 2007 we moved away from kayaking and embraced Travel Reviews, unique to NZ.

Now travellers tell us that by using Rankers, they've seen a different side of NZ. Something they wouldn't have seen otherwise.

We are happy with that, but we've only just begun.