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In Kawakawa are NZ’s most famous toilets designed by Friedrich Hundertwasser.

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If you like diving, the Poor Knights Islands are amazing (Top 10 in cool water in the world).
Make sure you bring a torch and good shoes when you explore the Abbey Caves just out of Whangarei. The trip takes a few hours and you will see lots, and lots of glow worms, stalactites and stalagmites.
The Kai Iwi lakes are well worth a visit, three clear turquoise coloured lakes surrounded by white beaches and pine forest. In this area you can go swimming, fishing, walking and mountain biking. There is also access to the Tasman Sea.
Whangarei Falls, just 5km out of town are an easy walk through some nice bush. Very photogenic and sometimes used by trained professionals for abseiling activities.
Go to the Hokianga Harbour and walk up the massive sand dunes - impressive. Catch the ferry there from Opononi, or its a 15minute drive from Mitimiti.
In Kawakawa are NZ’s most famous toilets designed by Friedrich Hundertwasser.
Go back in time to experience the colonial birthplace of New Zealand in the small, yet very busy town in the summer; Russell, where this countries founding document the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. This little town was for a short time the capital city of NZ. Easily accessed by both road and ferry from Paihia.
If you get the chance, go boating in the Bay of Islands – the most relaxing place to be on the ocean. Surrounded by 144 sheltered islands where there are many private beaches to spend the day, or days at. Amazing.
Te Arai Point is a good place to go fishing and surfing, you can camp in the carpark on the sandy/grassy part just behind the dunes. There are a couple of toilets but no water
The Tutukaka Coast has most beautiful beaches and a good place to see the beautiful Poor Knights Islands (marine reserve). The first little settlement you get to is Ngunguru, drive on past Matapouri to Whale Bay. Whale Bay is accessed by foot only, but via a very good track.
If you are driving up north from Auckland, use highway 16, which goes out northwest to Wellsford. The roads are far more wow and scenic with less traffic, lots of beaches to see along the way.
The little town of Opononi is a real New Zealand icon, it may not look impressive to the traveller but in the 50’s this town had a resident dolphin called Opo living there that swam with people. There is a sculpture as a reminder (drive slow or you will miss it). Check out the video shown at the local museum to get the vibe why NZ loved Opo so much.
The drive out to Whangarei Heads road follows little sheltered bays along the coast, at the end of the road is Ocean Beach, a massive beach with white sand, excellent surfing, rock pools and amazing views.
If you want to go well off the beaten track make your way up to Mimiwhagata Coastal Park, managed by DOC, camping available, basic water and toilets. You have to walk a few hundred metres to get there.
If you are game to drive along 90mile beach you need to be a bit careful, only do it 2 hours after high tide and drive as close to the water as possible so you don’t get stuck in the soft sand. Lots of cars do get stuck, flooded and destroyed. Emergency services are far, far away, it is for this reason that if you are driving a rental car you will not be insured. If you are not keen to drive yourself, catch a tour bus.
At the southern tip of 90 mile beach is Ahipara, a surfer’s paradise, also very close to Ship Wreck Bay where you can see wrecks at low tide. This area is loaded with lots of history about gum diggers.
The drive to around KariKari Peninsular is fantastic. Lots of secluded beaches. We didn't stay there but Maitai Bay looks a great place to spend the night.

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62 NZ traveller reviews

Ranking: 8/10

Short easy walkway to a nice waterfall. No seal pups at this time of the year though (October).

Reviewed 4 days ago and experienced in October 2016

Bettina Enigl's avatar

Bettina Enigl


Ranking: 9/10

There is a little waterfall outside of Kaikoura, about 10 minutes to drive. The waterfall is about 10m high and 2m wide. If you are lucky you can see seals.

Reviewed 5 days ago and experienced in October 2016

Deniz Wintermeyer's avatar

Deniz Wintermeyer


Ranking: 10/10

Lovely little walk through the forest to see a beautiful waterfall and it was incredible to see the seal pups. Go late in the evening, not so many people - actually we were alone!

Reviewed 5 days ago and experienced in October 2016

Maura O'Connell's avatar

Maura O'Connell

Ranking: 10/10

This is an incredible experience that is 100% free. It is not overly crowded and easily accessible, Absolutely fantastic.

Reviewed 5 days ago and experienced in October 2016

Niall Regan's avatar

Niall Regan


Ranking: 9/10

Very beautiful waterfall with seals.

Reviewed 5 days ago and experienced in October 2016

Anmaurl Platini's avatar

Anmaurl Platini

Ranking: 10/10

Short walk to a small waterfall that is home to lots of baby seals. They are adorable and play with each other. Great stop!

Reviewed 2 months ago and experienced in March 2016

Nathalie Botz's avatar

Nathalie Botz


Ranking: 10/10

Wonderful walk to the waterfall and plenty of seal pups directly at the waterfall.

Reviewed 2 months ago and experienced in March 2016

Sebastian Bauer's avatar

Sebastian Bauer


Ranking: 10/10

Easy and beautiful short NZ bush walk to amazing experience of seal pups frolicking in the stream under the waterfall. I think Dec to Sept is the best time to go to make sure you get to see the seals.

Reviewed 7 months ago

Julia Hamblyn's avatar

Julia Hamblyn

New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

Beautiful waterfall and cute baby seals playing in the river.

Reviewed 8 months ago and experienced in March 2016

Leonie Kaufmann's avatar

Leonie Kaufmann


Ranking: 9/10

GORGEOUS! Adorable seal pups, unreal flora, well maintained path and beautiful waterfall. Downside - trail was very crowded and at points, too narrow to accomodate the crowds.

Reviewed 8 months ago and experienced in March 2016

Claire Baron's avatar

Claire Baron

United States

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Traveller Reviews

  • Ranking: 10/10

    If you can get up to the North you might as well go all the way up. Here you have magical breathtaking views that will give you a sense of fresh air and sense of location of where in the world you are!

    Reviewed 17 days ago and experienced in March 2016

    Maximilian Seitz's avatar

    Maximilian Seitz

  • Ranking: 9/10

    We hiked from the Tapotupotu DOC campsite to Cape Reinga in two hours admiring breathtaking views of the coast. The track is well indicated and comfortable. It is exciting when you first catch a glimpse of Cape Reinga's lighthouse!

    Reviewed 8 months ago and experienced in March 2016

    Sylvie Smets's avatar

    Sylvie Smets

  • Ranking: 10/10

    Absolutely awesome. Quite exhausting to go back but well worth the effort. The views from the cliffs are just stunning and the beach is beautiful and we were completely alone there. Do that walk!

    Reviewed 3 days ago and experienced in December 2016

    Marc Reuter's avatar

    Marc Reuter

  • Ranking: 10/10

    We were there early and there was nobody else. Perfect!

    Reviewed 6 days ago and experienced in October 2016

    Laura Leoekloek's avatar

    Laura Leoekloek

  • Ranking: 9/10

    A lovely sand climb.

    Reviewed 5 days ago and experienced in October 2016

    Taruo Toomsalv's avatar

    Taruo Toomsalv

  • Ranking: 8/10

    Unfortunately, we had bad weather conditions and could not see anything from the top, but the lighthouse is lovely. With good weather a great spot.

    Reviewed 3 days ago and experienced in December 2016

    Marc Reuter's avatar

    Marc Reuter

  • Ranking: 10/10

    A short walk with a very nice view.

    Reviewed about 3 years ago and experienced in December 2013

    celie Mcquair's avatar

    celie Mcquair

  • Ranking: 10/10

    The hut is a beautiful old cabin. Wooden bunk beds but worth the cramped experience. The walk is pretty tough, but worth the slog.

    Reviewed 5 days ago and experienced in October 2016

    Maia and Andrew's avatar

    Maia and Andrew

    New Zealand
  • Ranking: 9/10

    Awesome hike - good distance and great views! Not a hike everyone knows about, which is amazing, definitely a hidden gem!

    Reviewed about 1 year ago and experienced in December 2015

    Sammy Cronin's avatar

    Sammy Cronin

    United States
  • Ranking: 10/10

    Quite a bit off the beaten track and well worth a visit. Love to learn the history of the area while taking in most awesome panoramic vistas. The tracks are well maintained.

    Reviewed 16 days ago and experienced in February 2017

    Charles Kulins's avatar

    Charles Kulins

    United States

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