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Lindis Pass Historic Hotel Campsite

Nine Mile Historic Reserve


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Lindis Pass Historic Hotel


A great opportunity to camp amongst historic ruins of a by-gone era at the Lindis Pass Historic Hotel. Enjoy the experience, but please don't remove any of the historical artefacts from the reserve.

From SH 8 take Old Faithful Road (unsealed) opposite Timburn Road. This 6km road is narrow and steep in places - not suitable for large campervans.


  • No 2-wheel drive access to Lindis Pass Historic Hotel Campsite

    The 6 km Old Faithful Road to Lindis Pass Historic Hotel Campsite is currently not recommended for 2 wheel drive vehicles. The road is unsealed and very muddy.

    First published on 27 July 2022. Last reviewed on 4 August 2022.


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South IslandWanaka RegionWanaka Township


  • Basic Camping
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  • 34 Rankers Reviews

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    • Nice little spot.
    • Awesome little spot.
    • A quiet, interesting place 5km off SH8.
    • Great spot for overnighter.
    • Very basic but overal really nice campground.

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  • Reviewed 7 months ago


    It's quite a drive on a very dusty road to get to it but I difinatly was not disappointed when we got there.

    A very lovely spot to spend a night or two, the ruins are quite amazing. How ever although the toilet itself was acceptable it did not look like it had been emptied in a very long time it was so full but apart from that I thought it was beautiful...

    John Sanders's avatar

    John Sanders

  • Reviewed 10 months ago


    Couldn’t find this camp site.

    Went up and down road twice. No signage and no sign of it.

    Steph's avatar


  • Reviewed over 1 year ago


    Nice camp site (for tents and caravans), comes with your usual bag of bugs.

    There is no fee (freedom camping) and no cellphone reception.

    Great piece of history and the river blocks out the road noise. The toilet was surprisingly clean and didn't smell when we arrived in the evening.

    Some tips on getting there:

    Take the Old Faithful Rd (dirt road) turn off. You will see a yellow arrow sign that says "Nine Mile Historic Reserve". The dirt road continues for roughly 15-20mins or about 6km. The road itself isn't too bad, just watch out for nasty potholes.

    This is the only access way to the site. If you still stuck, turn on satellite images for the site and follow the dirt road to the highway and you will see the turn off.

    Happy camping 🏕

    ThatJasonR's avatar


  • Reviewed almost 2 years ago


    Nice enough camp spot, flat and thick with grass.

    Farmland, so no native bush, just weeds and exotics. Midges are a problem at dusk (as per usual NZ camps). However a new experience was with what I assume were dung beetles, or perhaps a small chafer ; if you are in a tent with a light on they will crawl/fly up everywhere around the tent fly, seemingly an endless supply of beetles. My advice is to turn the light off and they crawl back into the ground from whence they came. Kind of creepy place full of these beetles, rats, weeds and ruins. But free, soft, grassy and the sound of a nice river (road wasn't too noisy)

    Roo's avatar


  • Reviewed almost 2 years ago


    Loved this campsite.

    I have driven past on the road on the other side of the river and I never knew it was there.

    So quiet, even with the road on the other side of the river, all I could here was the river.

    Beautiful ruins, good clean long drop too. I rate this highly.

    Mike's avatar


  • Reviewed about 2 years ago


    Awesome little spot.

    Stayed here in winter after it had been raining so the road in was a bit of a mess. Had to put our snow chains on the next day or I don't think we would have got out in our van.

    Aaron's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    When you have the road, take, (just like another review) always keep to the right.

    Price: free

    Location: it's is a beautiful and special place, especially the history

    Insects: a view sandflies

    Wc’s: one longdrop toilet, it’s okay

    Douche: no, but there is a creek you can wash in

    Linda's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Really nice place amongst the ruins and close to a river where we saw many people going for a swim in the afternoon and in the morning.

    The one toilet was clean. All in all a very nice free campsite

    Maria's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Beautiful free campsite with a clean public toilet.

    Totally enjoyed the scenery, greeted by cows, bulls, and sheeps :) location is pretty far to reach from the main road, but it's near the river to enjoy and the hotel remains are interesting. It was extremely windy though, went there in January. Bring your earplugs just in case, unless you are able to sleep like a rock.

    Dinda K.'s avatar

    Dinda K.

  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    Cool place.

    Easy to get to just keep to the right. A 2wd drive car can do it and campers can make it as long as it’s not too long. Went after several days of rain and no issues.

    Nearby river is dirty so bring water. Bathroom is clean. There’s a little building with a fire place and table to cook. Watch out for the rat and mice.

    Wei's avatar


  • Reviewed over 2 years ago


    What a great spot this is!

    It takes a 8km gravel road to get there, but that is worth it. Nice and calm although you can hear the cars on the other side of the rivier. One (clean) longdrop toilet.

    Cor Dekker's avatar

    Cor Dekker

  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    Free campsite well hidden off the beaten track.

    We missed the turning initially, but soon found our way trundling up Old Faithful Road slowly. It is a bumpy gravel track but not too bad. It was bone dry when we ventured up there so can imagine it can be a bit troublesome after rain. It is also a long road, but the campsite is at the end (through two gates), so just keep going until you get there.

    Very quiet there, plenty of space to set up with the small ruins on one side (we didn't venture in).

    One very clean long drop toilet, hardly any smell at all.

    Fantastic views of the milky way on a clear night, great little gem.

    Nicky Westlake's avatar

    Nicky Westlake

    United Kingdom

  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    Very basic but overal really nice campground.

    Note that it is a bit remote - you have to drive about 6km on gravel road to the campground but you are rewarded with a pretty big and really quiet spot by the river near the Lindis Pass hotel ruins.

    QueeenBeee's avatar


  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    Big place With Clean toilets, birds, grass and lovely river.

    Perfect !

    Not So hard to find : follow the gravel road approx 6K before the campsite (on your left hand if you are coming From the south)

    Thanks new Zealand for this place. We love you !

    Boris Clémençon's avatar

    Boris Clémençon


  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    Truly amazing site.

    We were lucky enough to stay there during a full moon. The moon light brought the hotel ruins to life. A must for any travellers.

    Jennifer's avatar


  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    We turned around cause we thought we had missed it, but you just have to keep driving till you see the ruins.

    The ruins were really neat, and the toilet was clean. (No toilet paper, so bring your own) I would give it a higher rating, but the sandflys were horrible! Maybe if we had some sort of repellent it would’ve been manageable, but we had to leave in the morning cause we couldn’t brush our teeth without getting sandflies in our mouths. We had a regular size campervan and it did just fine on the dirt road. There was a larger campervan that also made it. The road was all dried up so there wasn’t any difficulties with mud.

    Inna's avatar


  • Reviewed over 3 years ago


    Really not suitable for camper vans.

    You will meet holes, mud and cows on the (long) gravels road. Not so quiet due to the main road which is just on the other side of the valley.

    Pierre et Nathalie's avatar

    Pierre et Nathalie

  • Reviewed about 4 years ago


    Beautiful spot, but road too muddy for large campervans in May.

    We got in but left early and were nervous we’d never leave again if it rained. No mobile reception. Beautiful hotel ruins tho. Will return when drier season or in a 4x4.

    Charlesbrooksphotographer's avatar


  • Reviewed over 4 years ago


    Great spot if you're coming from the south, bit of a long road if you're coming from the north as you'd feel like you were turning back on yourself.

    Nice spot with stream.

    Robyn Phillips's avatar

    Robyn Phillips

  • Reviewed about 5 years ago


    Interesting gravel road to site but most vans should be ok.

    Clean long drop. Bit of interest with the hotel & the old mine (worth a walk to). But beware---a mouse got into our van! Keep your food locked and out of reach!

    Katy Coutts's avatar

    Katy Coutts

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Cymen Crick

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