AJ Hackett Bungy

AJ Hackett Bungy - Ledge Bungy

Closed until Winter 2022

AJ Hackett Bungy

Ledge Bungy


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Ranking: 10/10

It is expensive but definitely worth it.

Reviewed almost 6 years ago and experienced in March 2016

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Cameron Jeal


Ranking: 10/10

I loved the smell of the pine trees. The bungy itself was insane, they let me do a backflip off it which gave me twice the adrenalin rush.

Reviewed over 6 years ago and experienced in December 2015

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Ranking: 8/10

A little pricey but very thrilling! You will need to pay extra for the pictures and DVD, of course.

Reviewed over 7 years ago

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Helen Olsson


Ranking: 7/10

Bungy jump, the view was not that awesome in Queenstown - but fun!

Reviewed almost 8 years ago and experienced in March 2014

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Rosdi Kasim


Ranking: 5/10

Crew are friendly and professional, safety is not a concern at all. My jump went great.. it was fun.. I bought my jump DVD but I am very disappointed wit the quality of the video and picture taken.

The video was terrible, low quality, even youtube is better than that. It feels like the video was shot by a $50 android phone.

Not only the jump is expensive, the photo and DVD is priced separately and it is also very expensive.

If you want to jump here and dont mind the expensive price, just dont buy the DVD, it is terrible.

Just dont buy the DVD they are selling. Period.

Reviewed almost 8 years ago

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Fasto Maserati


Ranking: 7/10

Crazy but too expensive.

Reviewed over 11 years ago

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Lieve Verdonck


Ranking: 8/10

Amazing experience. Way overpriced!! Great view over Queenstown.

Reviewed over 11 years ago

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Fredrik Thornell


Ranking: 8/10

Great, oh yes so great! But expensive for what you get! But still it is worth it!

Reviewed over 11 years ago

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Ranking: 8/10

As always with AJ Hucket, safety and crew are not a question. The unique experience in this jump is that you run off a platform and queestown 400 meters below. The photos are a must.

The only drawback in this jump is that it's shorter than the bridge jump, despite being higher by potential. Non the less, great experience and lots of fun.

Reviewed over 12 years ago and experienced in February 2010

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Katie Morrow


Ranking: 9/10

the ledge was pretty amazing. the veiw unbeatable and getting to run off is really unique. all the workers made me feel safe and i had a blast! even though it only lasted a few seconds

Reviewed over 12 years ago

James O'Neil's avatar

James O'Neil

United Kingdom

Ranking: 7/10

Very expensive. Customer service not great but scenery and location is unbeatable.

Reviewed almost 13 years ago and experienced in March 2009

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Traveller Girl

New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

reccomend doing this at night when it's dark. Makes you feel like you are running into the nothingness!!

Reviewed about 13 years ago and experienced in May 2007

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Ranking: 8/10

Expensive, but worth it. The moment is over really quickly so photo's and video are useful. Discount on photo's and DVD with BBH card! Instructors make you feel safe.

Reviewed about 13 years ago

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Ranking: 8/10

Just do it!

Reviewed over 13 years ago

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Ranking: 10/10

Absolutely Unreal! Had never done bungy before and it was awesome! Couldn't take the smile off my face for the rest of the day.

Reviewed almost 14 years ago

Klaus Uhl's avatar

Klaus Uhl


Ranking: 9/10

I have bungy-d in Switzerland from 220m so the height was not so exciting, but it is really fun to run off. Have to pay for photos.

Reviewed over 14 years ago

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Ranking: 9/10

Not so much of a build up as the Nevis, but there is a great view over Queenstown.

Reviewed over 14 years ago

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Ranking: 8/10

Trees were cut to allow the bungee to be there. For me this was not good.

Reviewed over 14 years ago