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Delphoene Evenhuis

New Zealand

Ranking: 1/10

I spent 3 nights in this place, for convenience. I didn't have a serviceable credit card and the price was within my budget, though certainly not what I would call value for money. Other nearby establishments offer one's own bathroom for less than the $85/night I paid.
I booked a 4th night and was told by a woman named Gloria, that they would not extend my stay further, due to another woman having been seen entering my room. They described her as having been wearing a blue dress and having a tattoo on her leg -and "everybody saw her."
Whilst this could describe half the women in Auckland, I keep to myself and if I were to bring a lover to such a place, would have no reason to sneak her in. I paid for a double room, after all. She was alleged to have been seen entering my room, at a time I would have been sound asleep.
I was most confused and upset by these allegations, they were complete and utter rubbish! If I do wrong, I admit it, but I protested my innocence and was asked to leave immediately, because of my attitude. Please tell me what attitude I am supposed to take, when I am not only falsely accused, but lead to believe that my privacy had been invaded! I was later informed by this woman's colleague that there are no security cameras in the place, other than in the kitchen and luggage room -dodgy!
I can only conclude that this place is run by nasty people, who fail to treat their guests with dignity and respect. If a mistake has been made, they have my number and I am waiting for an apology. Even if I received one, I would not stay in this place again in a month of Sundays and would advise others likewise.

Reviewed over 5 years ago