Riwaka Resurgence Track

Riwaka Resurgence Track


Ramiro Araujo's avatar

Ramiro Araujo

Ranking: 10/10

Great cold water pool! Wakes you up better than coffee.

Reviewed almost 4 years ago

Louisa Theimann's avatar

Louisa Theimann


Ranking: 10/10

A 20 minute return walk leads to the Riwaka River and the spring of this river It is a holy place for the Maori and when you are there, you will feel a special atmosphere around this place. We respected the spring and did not swim there, but you can swim in the crystal pools down the river. The water is so blue, it is still cold but when you are there at noontime, the sun shines directly into the water. It is a magical place and I definitely recommend it.!

Reviewed over 4 years ago and experienced in December 2016

Pierre Landenne's avatar

Pierre Landenne


Ranking: 9/10

Very intense if you have a swim which I did. Otherwise, it might be too short for such a drive. But worthy, nonetheless.

Reviewed over 4 years ago and experienced in November 2016

Rose Guillaume's avatar

Rose Guillaume


Ranking: 9/10

The most short walking track I have seen but a great spot to relax and jump in a really cold water.

Reviewed over 4 years ago and experienced in November 2016

Hector Sharp's avatar

Hector Sharp


Ranking: 9/10

Nice little walk but unfortunately the water levels were high so we could not access everything but still a great walk.

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in March 2016

Jeremy Billy's avatar

Jeremy Billy


Ranking: 9/10

Great peaceful spot with insight into Maori history. Just be aware that it floods in the area and before you are there you will have to cross a few water spots. Spiritual moment indeed.

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in March 2016

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Mikkel Palleson's avatar

Mikkel Palleson


Ranking: 7/10

Cold water - really!! However it was for free and the small waterfall was exquisite to jump into.

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in January 2016

Laksmi C's avatar

Laksmi C

New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

This is very special (sacred) spot and has a beautiful still, quiet feel to it...the actual resurgence (where the water comes out of the Takaka Hill) is quite eerie and tapu to Maori...so advise swimming downstream at the crystal pool...it's nicer there anyway...at an invigorating 11deg celcius all year round. The short walk through the bush is lovely. Even further downstream I have heard was a special spot that Maori women used to go to give birth...

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in January 2016

Morgan Fog's avatar

Morgan Fog

United States

Ranking: 8/10

Well maintained walk. Quiet. Not many people. Cold water - 10 degrees. Clear water and very refreshing.

Reviewed over 5 years ago

Emily Garside's avatar

Emily Garside

Ranking: 10/10

The crispest coldest most delicious water you can imagine. It comes straight out of a cave with a surrounding so magical I was half expecting a unicorn to trot by.

Reviewed almost 6 years ago

Sophie James's avatar

Sophie James


Ranking: 9/10

Beautiful - crystal clear water, this was freezing though.

Reviewed over 6 years ago and experienced in December 2014

Paula Renton's avatar

Paula Renton

New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

Great short easy picturesque walk - great photo opportunities and well kept.

Reviewed about 7 years ago and experienced in March 2014

Martin Buchta's avatar

Martin Buchta

Czech Republic

Ranking: 10/10

Great place hidden in the forest at the foot of Takaka hills. Sacred place for Maori also. Swimming is really a challenge. :)

Reviewed over 7 years ago and experienced in January 2014

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N smith's avatar

N smith

New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

Magic little walk, the water is a little chilly, still I managed to stay in for one minute, try beat that!

Reviewed over 8 years ago and experienced in December 2012

Jackie and Brian's avatar

Jackie and Brian

United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

Absolutely magical though we were unlucky as the sun was not out but actually made it more special when the sun did hit the water, light the pool and bounce the reflections about.

Reviewed almost 9 years ago and experienced in December 2012

Richard Brijs's avatar

Richard Brijs


Ranking: 10/10

Really beautiful, only five minute walk, then you have got a beautiful pool. Stunning but if you want to swim keep your shorts on it is icy cold. :-)

Reviewed about 9 years ago and experienced in February 2011

Lorna Williams's avatar

Lorna Williams

New Zealand

Ranking: 8/10

Before Takaka Hill. Picnic area and short walk to source of Riwaka River.

Reviewed about 9 years ago and experienced in March 2012

Aled's avatar


United Kingdom

Ranking: 9/10

Stunning limestome pools in a beautiful quiet valley. Take a swim if you can stand the cold.

Reviewed over 9 years ago and experienced in February 2012

Leslie Aldridge's avatar

Leslie Aldridge


Ranking: 10/10

Beautiful crystal pool! Easy short walk with a nice park to relax in for a picnic.

Reviewed almost 11 years ago

R Traber's avatar

R Traber

Ranking: 8/10

Clear spring water rushing out of mountain as a full blown river

Reviewed almost 12 years ago