Travel NZ Motorhomes

2 Berth Economy - VW

All of our VW Motorhomes are European diesel (turbo), manual transmission, completely self contained (shower/toilet), certified as such and fully equipped with everything you need for your NZ adventure.

The VW 2 Berth is a long wheel base (LWB) van which provides considerably more overall space (especially head space) and a queen size bed. In addition the LWB van allows side door entry which means you can leave the bed made up.

The Travel NZ 2 berth Motorhomes have a number of additional features and is equipped is as follows:
Potato Masher
Tin opener
Bottle opener
Gas Kettle
Coffee plunger
Bread Board
Mixing bowl
Frying pan
Large pan with lid
Medium pan
Small pan with lid
Salad / Fruit bowl
Pyrex dish
Dinner plates
Tumbler glasses
Condiment set
Small Sharp knife
Bread knife
Knives/Forks/Spoons Chef’s knife
Scissors Wooden spoon
Slotted spoon
Cheese grater
Balloon whisk
Gas lighter
Dustpan and brush
Drying/Tea towels
2 Cleaning cloth
Dish washing liquid
Toilet Chemical
Oven Mitt

Linen & Bedding
2 Bath towels
2 Pillows
2 Pillow cases
1 Queen Duvets
1 Queen Duvet Covers
1 Queen flat sheets
Coat hangers


  1. Standard Insurance
  2. Full Insurance
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